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Marvel's Ultimate Voice Talent Search

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 31, 2007

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Want to be the voice of a Marvel character in their upcoming animated film release on DVD? Here's your chance!

MLG Productions 1, Inc., in association with Marvel Enterprises and Lions Gate Home Entertainment, presents:

The Ultimate Voice Talent Search

The Ultimate Avengers are coming to life in a brand new animated movie, but they need your help. From coast to coast, talented actors and actresses are assembling to voice Earth's mightiest heroes, and according to the folks at Marvel, you can join them!

Marvel wants to know:

Have you perfected your spicy Black Widow Russian accent? Do you think you sound like Nick Fury, or Thor, or Captain America?

If you've ever wanted to hear your voice come out of a Marvel Superhero's body or if you are looking for a chance to break into the world of voice acting, Marvel suggests that this is your chance to do so, stating that you could be part of one of our animated movies or appear in bonus material on a DVD.

How do you get started?

Pick out a character from the list at Marvel, download a script, and then read the full instructions at the bottom of the page.

If any of you land a role, come back and comment here on this article so that we can congratulate you.

Best wishes,


Image © Marvel.com

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    Looks like this is an old article. The fine print says:

    "package must be postmarked on or between September 7, 2004 and November 1, 2004"

    ... and I was all excited, too.

    Posted by:

      Hi Dave,

      I think there is a bit of confusion going on with the dates, but also the Marvel website says that page was recently updated this week...

      I found this interview online published yesterday about a sequel (possibly to the Ultimate Avengers) called The Next Avengers...


      Who knows - I'll shoot them an email. Anyway, perhaps the auditions are for this straight to DVD? I'll leave this post up so that we can get to the bottom of it :)



      Posted by:

        Hey everyone,

        Update: I emailed the media contact at Marvel shortly after leaving my previous comment and they have not got back to me yet... thought I'd let you know in case you are reading this a week later :)


        Posted by:


          Be very careful to read the agreement attached to the Character sides!

          You will find that the contest is open to anyone 6 years old and up, SAG and AFTRA members are prohibited from participating and they don't have to pay you anything while using your performances for promotional purposes.

          It is my opinion that this is strictly a promotional tool for the producers and I'm guessing the real voices have already been cast and or recorded.

          Posted by:

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