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What Kept Your Summer Kickin'?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 5, 2007

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Summer Vacation

What did you do this summer?

While many likely experienced business as usual, some of you might have been off seeing the world and recording your voice in exotic locations, European hotels, or on a cruise ship.

Where did you, your voice and your portable studio go this year? Tell us all about it at VOX Daily.

Did you go away on a vacation via plane, train or automobile?

Don LaFontaine was traveling this summer and happened to criss-cross the US several times, went to Great Britain, had a European vacation (as did Joe Cipriano holidaying in Italy), and also found that even the King of the Movie Trailers' luggage (specifically his mobile recording studio) could be lost during an overseas flight - not a fun 24 hours for the Don, he assured us all, but it came back safe and sound.

While you may not have temporarily lost your portable studio, you probably have some other stories to share about the summer that was, where you vocalized and the joys of working in places other than your own home recording studio.

For instance, did you have clients with emergency projects they needed you to record while you were away? Did you have to find a studio with ISDN in some remote locale? What kind of studio or Internet rates did you run into abroad?

For some of you, perhaps you had to record on the waves, literally, on the green, or maybe you battled with partying locals and needed to record during siestas.

Looking forward to hearing from you (and bring some of that heat back with your answers!).

Best from moderately autumnal Canada,


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    Well, Voices.com sure knows I was on vacation this summer. I had a job from a new client, and thought it would be done prior to my leaving for Chicago over July 4th (for 9 days). The client didn't get the memo that he needed to put funds into escrow prior to me receiving the script, so it was all delayed by a few days, so I found myself in Chicago with my mobile studio... and the software froze! No matter what I tried, it would not open a new file, an existing file, it wouldn't record or play. It was worthless!

    It was desperation time and the clock was ticking. I e-mailed Laurynda for advice on my parents snail-paced dial-up and told her my situation, then I went to the Voices.com keyword search and typed in "Chicago," looking for voice talents with home studios--yes, really!--and started calling around..."you don't know me, but I'm here visiting and need a studio..." ugh.

    Since it was a holiday week, many people were just not available, some thought I was a nut case, and actually NO ONE I called could help me out. Production studios were just too expensive for what I was doing (web site narration)--and I would have been in the hole had I paid for studio time. SOOOO.... fast forward two days.

    A miracle occurred and the software started working (I never knew why), so I recorded a "temporary" v.o. for the client until I could get back to my regular studio (the soundproof quality in my parent's basement was just not good--did I mention they live 5 minutes from O'Hare airport?--and it all needed to sound the same).

    But that's not the end of the story.

    When I tried to send the file over my parent's dial-up AOL, it took an hour and a half and THEN an error message told me the file was too big. So I drove the neighborhood looking for a wireless connection! No luck. I went to a Starbucks, whose wireless wasn't working properly. I finally found wireless service by sitting in my van in front of some stranger's house. I must have looked very suspicious in the driver's seat with my laptop!!!!!!!!!! Glad no one called 911! But I was on a mission, and after nearly six days passed with the client tapping his foot, he got the file, which I immediately re-recorded about an hour after I drove the 16 1/2 hours home!

    Now THAT'S dedication! Of course, the client didn't know about any of this... and somehow, miraculously, he's hired me for another job.

    Some vacation!

    Posted by:
    • Robin Rowan
    • September 6, 2007 10:45 AM

      Well done Robin! A TRUE professional. Reading your post is very encouraging and a learning experience!

      Posted by:

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