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Website Referrals : Where Do You Send Your Clients To?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 6, 2007

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When you're getting ready to market your voice, which of your web properties (or websites) do you send your prospective clients to?

First impressions are key when you're promoting your voice so I thought I'd ask how you incorporate psychology into direct marketing.

Does the website you send your clients to make a difference to you?

If you're reading this article, chances are you have a website or a place where people can view your profile and portfolio of work online.

My question for you is this:

Are all websites you join the same, or do you prefer to send traffic to one in particular over any of the other web properties you have acquired?

For instance, if you have your very own website, i.e. http://www.yourname.com, you likely will be sending people there first as the website is your own and you control everything that the client is able to do, see, link out from, or consume.

For many of you, this is the case, although, you also have additional websites such as your Voices.com voice acting website where you can invite clients to listen to your voice samples and hire you for work opportunities.

One of the mantras of online marketing is to be seen everywhere; be found everywhere. While that may be good for search engines and the like, inevitably, there is a website that you prefer people see or listen to your voice on for various reasons.

Reasons to direct traffic to a particular website may include:

- Personal taste
- Overall impression
- Interface
- Usability
- Professionalism
- Quality of audio and presentation
- A means to accept payment

So, where do you drive your traffic to?

List your first and second website choices - it's a great exercise and you'll likely get some business too!


P.S. You can also reply via MP3 to air on the VOX Talk podcast! If you are recording your answer, send your MP3 file to stephanie (@) voices.com

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    I like to direct clients to both my personal website http://www.movietrailerguy.com and http://movietrailerguy.voices.com .

    The Voices.com site is great because the traffic is there and my website also has quite a few actual work pieces they can look at and listen to.

    A combination of the 2 work really well.

    Posted by:

      Great topic!

      I'll have to agree with Eddie. My business cards and promo materials all have http://www.JoeActor.com on them. It's best if it is an easy to remember name, and a clean, easy to navigate site.

      A personal website is a great first stop on the tour.
      Voices.com is definitely my second choice, but for those without their own site, I can easily see how it would be number one.

      Posted by:

        It depends on what the client needs.

        If it's long format, audio books or MOH I send them to my own site http://www.BigJohnSmall.com

        If it's a radio station I send them to http://www.GreatRadioAds.com or http://www.GreatRadioSpots.com

        If it's a TV Station I send them to http://www.GreatTVSpots.com

        If it's a car dealer I send them to http://www.GreatCarDealerSpots.com

        If it's any other business wanting help with a marketing campaign I send them to http://www.GreatSpotCompany.com

        Posted by:

          I like to direct clients to these personal websites http://www.poetikvoice.com and http://AnthonyWilliams.voices.com .

          Posted by:

            Send people to your personal website - if you are doing this work professionally, a personal website with a your own domain name is a given.

            However if you want people to find you without the personal invitation and you haven't been on the web very long, and aren't spending lots of money buying keywords, then sites like Voices.com will help raise your level of visibility as they do so much Internet marketing.

            Posting to public forums, blogging, writing articles, posting press releases, etc. - these also will help people find you.

            But if you have a marketing plan, include your personal domain.


            Posted by:

              On marketing materials -I always direct potential clients to my company site http://www.mccoyproductions.net

              I prefer to advertise this site because its customized to McCoy Productions. The site gives demos, contact info, forms to fill out for requests, etc. Visitors are most likely to have come because I contacted them, they heard a demo or someone told them about me.

              The voices site: http://jasonmccoy.voices.com/ has also proven to be very effective! Visitors that come to my voices site are most likely searching for 'the' voice, and have somehow found my name (probably never before hearing my work). This site is also customized, and provides a direct link to me via phone or email.

              Both sites are extremely helpful to my business!

              Posted by:


                I have my "shingle" hung on a lot of places on the web, like the pay for play voiceover communities, like voices.com, and various associations to which I belong, but primarily from my own site, http://www.bobbinbeam.com .

                From there, I have a links page on my site at http://www.bobbinbeam.com/links.html where I exchange links with others, and link to other sites that I have registered on, and I also direct folks to my voiceover business intensive blog site at


                Posted by:

                  Hi Stephanie,

                  I also send them to my talent website http://www.dorisLauerwald.com , where they will find samples of my voice over work, on-camera acting and moderation, audio production as well as examples in session singing like jingles, image films and other songs. I might put some native voice talents in different languages on my site as well, as I need different native voices - female and male - for my production work on phone greetings, voiceovers, on-hold and other audio productions frequently. Whoever is interested in being part of my selection, please send some demos in your native language along with a pricelist and a list of your recording equipment.

                  Thanks and greetings from Munich, Germany.

                  Doris Lauerwald

                  Posted by:

                    Hi Stephanie,

                    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to post our site here! I send them to www.voice-overs.com most of the time. But I am also in process of making a separate site, www.voiceoverchocolate.com. On auditions I submit, I often refer people to that site... because it reinforces my branding to do so.

                    At present, that URL will take you to www.voice-overs.com, but in the future there will be a separate site at www.voiceoverchocolate.com that's just for MY voiceover services... and www.voice-overs.com will be a place for talent... with a store of VO resources, the forum (already up at www.voice-overs.com/forum) workshop calendars, helpful articles and podcasts... and undoubtedly--a link to Voices.com! :)

                    Thanks, Stephanie!

                    Julie Williams "Voice-Over Chocolate"

                    Posted by:
                    • Julie Williams
                    • September 7, 2007 2:53 PM

                      Hey Stephanie! Thanks for the chance to promote our sites :)

                      Yes, I usually send folks to my personal website. http://www.karaedwardsvo.com

                      My blog site would come next, followed by my voices.com page.

                      In the future I hope to create a second site to promote the on-camera stuff I do. To be honest, I choose to promote my VO career, and have up until recently kept the on-camera work in the background. Why put up a site now? Because an actress with my same name has her pictures up in the search engines... great for her, not great for me. I want to be sure I also have images online that match my name to prevent that in the future... time for new headshots!

                      Posted by:

                        Hey there Stephanie,

                        Yup! I'm with everyone so far! I direct folks to my website http://www.kellicasey.com , but I also offer up Voices.com since all of my demos are posted there as well. Investing in your own name is one of the best things you can do along with a great logo if you have one. I have my site on my business card and it works great!

                        Posted by:

                          Without question, sending people to my personal domain is of utmost importance as a mental check is placed in the "professional" column of the potential client's mind. Then, when they find that you are affiliated with other services as well, it just adds to the impact and further serves to establish one's appearance of credibility. The initial foundation in my opinion should be built off of your own domain.

                          Brian in Charlotte
                          Blog: VoicePro.blogspot.com

                          Posted by:

                            Hi Stephanie et al.,

                            I'll echo the thanks for the opportunity to share here!

                            I, too, have my own name website that I frequently direct people to, http://www.alexisadair.com. Currently, this is geared toward my acting, though I have my voiceover demos there as well. Eventually, when I get some proper branding done, I'll launch the subdomain "voiceover" .alexisadair.com (don't try to go there - it doesn't exist yet! :) ). On my home page, I do link to http://alexisadair.voices.com, as well as my page on that other site, although that link's getting deleted when my subscription expires Monday. I have occasionally used my Voices.com page when submitting for voiceover only auditions, to avoid the "distraction" of the other material on my personal website.

                            It is getting to a day and age now where, as someone else commented, you need your own website just to look "legitimate". Because a decent site really isn't very expensive, it's a necessary business expense if you want to be taken seriously. Plus it's just a very easy reference point to direct people to.



                            Posted by:

                              Yep, like most, my own voice website: http://www.bobworthington.com.

                              I also list my http://bobworthington.voices.com site as well in all my correspondence...it works well!


                              Bob Worthington

                              Posted by:

                                I always direct them to my own website first http://www.rossdouglas.com. They can hear all of my demos there and as I'm also a songwriter they can get a more complete sense of the kind of guy I as they can read another part of my history and sample my albums if they want to . It's amazing how many people comment on the tunes when they hire me.

                                And some of them, at least, are mildly complimentary.

                                Posted by:

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