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Will You Be My Friend? : A Guide to Social Networking


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 15, 2007

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cocktailsThese days it's not just about who you know, it's about how many people you "know" that matters.

Are you part of the global online network yet?

Find out how to get connected on VOX Daily where a world of opportunity waits for you.

Will you be my friend?

In a literal sense, being a friend usually entails knowing someone and engaging in activities or community on a regular basis, whether through an organization or personal relationships formed over years of being acquainted.

Usually there are common interests, bonds and even shared relatives or mutual friends.

In recent times, acquiring virtual friendships has entered into our society within the open doors of the Internet by means of social networking sites, sites whose users beg the question, "will you be my friend?"

How many millions of people have experienced the phenomenon of MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other websites created solely for the purpose of facilitating relationships between people with similar interests and business goals?

The Guardian reports that even relatively unknown social networking sites like Bebo have 80 million people signed up. To put that in perspective, that's one in every three Americans.

If you thought 80 million was huge, MySpace, the first mammoth social networking site (now owned by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch), boasts 205,447,293 members around the world.

How Do You Network Socially?

1. Go to any social networking site
2. Sign-up for a free account
3. Create your profile
4. Start adding "friends" with similar interests
5. Approve people who add you as their "friend"
6. Start communicating!

You'll find that the people you meet and befriend become acquaintances as well as business prospects or peers, possibly even friends in the classical sense.

Many of the team members at Voices.com have online profiles at a number of prominent social networking sites.

We'd love to be your friend. Will you be ours?

You can start by adding David, Erica and I if you like:

Stephanie Ciccarelli


David Ciccarelli


The more of us out there on these sites from the voice over industry, the better.

For example, we can all vote on each others submissions at social networking sites like Digg and raise more awareness for voice acting as well as have a more unified voice on the world stage.

People love learning about voice acting and voice overs, so what are you waiting for?!

This is the perfect mixture of networking for business and pleasure.

Will you be our friend?

Best wishes,

Stephanie, David and the Voices.com Team


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    I'll be your friend!

    StumbleUpon (my favorite!)
    Netscape / Propeller

    Be sure to add me at these sites.


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