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Voice Talent Evacuated because of Southern CA Fires


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 23, 2007

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California wildfiresHave you seen the footage of the devastating forest fires in southern California?

As thousands are being evacuated, among them are voice actors, maybe even someone you know or work with.

Monitor the status of voice talent affected by the fires at the Voice-Overs.com Forum and learn more here about how you can help at VOX Daily.

Breaking News

Moments ago, I received an email from Julie Williams about the fires in southern California and how they are affecting voice talent.

She asks that prayers are said for the following voice talent. Here's a message from Julie:

Bobbin Beam, who recently built her custom-made home studio, has been evacuated from her home. I'm told that Greg Allen has been evacuated as well.

Kelli Casey is also dealing with the smoke issue, but is OK.

Frank Frederick reports that Jim Sutton has also been evacuated.

I spoke to Connie Terwilliger, who tells me she believes James Alburger has probably also been evacuated from his home ( confirmed by Penny Abshire - James is to return today to his home ).

Connie says she is safe for now... but, of course, all the smoke in the vocal cords is not good either! There is so much smoke that it can actually be seen from space!

If you know of another talent affected by these fires, please post their name on the thread at the Voice-Overs.com forum in the Chit Chat section.


How You Can Help

Once everything has settled down a bit, Julie would like to pull all voice talent together to raise funds to help fellow voice talent get back on their feet and rebuild studios. She indicates that support from voice over marketplaces, organizations, and individual talent will be very helpful.

If you would like to help them get back on their feet, please contact Julie at julie (at) voice-overs.com so our community can begin planning how we can offer our love, support, and concrete assistance to those affected.

Once an action plan has been determined, Julie will post it in the V-ZINE (coming out soon), and coordinate endeavors at www.voice-overs.com/forum.

You are invited to show your support by leaving a comment here on VOX Daily.

Thank you for caring about fellow voice talent!

Julie Williams and Stephanie Ciccarelli

P.S. If you have a blog, please post about this and direct people to Julie's forum so that efforts can be made to help out. They would like to centralize the aid and are considering opening a bank account for relief purposes.

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    GOOD NEWS I am home. My home is OK. Never thought NORMAL would feel so wonderful.

    Thank you for the kindness and support. It has been difficult to communicate with the outside world for the past, very long three days!

    Bobbin Beam

    Posted by:

      Hi Bobbin,

      Welcome home! I am sooo glad to hear that you, your family and your home are all intact.

      Warm Regards,

      Posted by:

        Glad to hear that Bobbin, Jim and Penny and our other friends in San Diego area are okay! I am in San Diego in Mission Valley and was very lucky to have relatively little smoke and ash, but still woke up in morning feeling it in my throat, not to mention headaches and red eyes.

        I've been active doing volunteer work with the American Lung Association and spoke with my friend Ross Porter there. He explained that after the fires die down and it seems like the air is better it is really more dangerous because there is fine particulate matter in the air that is more damaging to the lungs than when you see all the ash in the air. Even though most people are walking around without a mask it is not a good idea to be out and it is smart for those of us who make a living with our voices and depend on healthy lungs to protect ourselves by wearing a mask.

        I couldn't find any masks and Ross informed me that you can go to any fire station and they are giving out N95 masks free to anyone that asks for them. My advice is to get a few for now, wear it, and keep them on hand next time disaster strikes.

        Be well - Breathe easy and
        Have fun
        Marti Krane

        Posted by:

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