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Break Into Voice Over Teleseminar Wednesday Night with Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 12, 2007

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Join Nancy and Anna on November 14th at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific for Acting for Advertising Part 3.

Ad Copy, Annouceriness, how you can benefit from the WGA strike, pointers from DLF - It's amazing just how much can be packed into 70 minutes... want to learn more?

Anna Vocino Don LaFontaine VH1

This is not a sequel.

Nancy and Anna sent me word of their Advertising teleseminar and I'm pleased to present it to you for consideration.

Each of these Teleseminars reveals a chapter from Nancy's core curriculum, provides you with useful Q and A from your peers, plus more marketing and business tips that you can put to use immediately.

You'll also get to experience "behind the velvet rope of the agency / casting scene" advice not available anywhere else. As a former agent, Nancy has the inside track on getting hired in VO and knows what people in the casting chair really want to hear.

What Do You Get?

70 minute lecture, 20 min Q and A... that's right, even more time for Q and A than before, so bring your questions and notebooks!

Just $39 gets you on the call.

Nancy and Anna recommend that you load up Skype. They have lowered their cost (used to be $49) because they don't want money to be a deterrent to you joining the call.

Here are just a few of the topics to be covered:

Align / Escalate / Solve

This is the most common skeletal pattern you need to come to expect in ad copy.


You don't need another lecture on what it means, or even yet another coach's opinion on how not to be that way. Instead, Nancy and Anna will drill down to the studs on WHY you're still being too announcery even when you know you shouldn't be.

Pointers from The Don

What the great Don LaFontaine taught Anna when he guest starred on her new TV series a few weeks ago.

The WGA Strike

How it benefits secondary market talent and how to jump on the opportunities.


Sound like a way that you might want to spend your Wednesday evening?

If so, pop by the BreakIntoVoiceOver.com website and register to reserve your spot on the call.

The date and time again is November 14th at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.



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    Hi guys,

    I received an email asking for clarification on the cost of the teleseminar and also if there was a cost associated with using Skype.

    To participate in the teleseminar, it costs $39 (fee for attending the lecture) and the Skype application is free so long as you are calling another Skype user.

    Many people use Skype as an instant messenger as well as a device to telephone others who either have Skype or have a traditional land line.

    If you are calling a regular telephone line, as is the case with this teleseminar, then fees will apply to use Skype as you are not calling another Skype user.

    Should you opt to use Skype to call in to the teleseminar, I believe the product is called "Skype Out". You can buy minutes for this purpose.

    Of course, you can always just use your own home phone to call in with regular long distance charges - this is likely the easiest option :)

    Hope this has helped,


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