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Accidentally Heard Yourself Anywhere?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 6, 2007

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Asian child earphonesVoices are literally everywhere...

On TV, radio, grocery stores aisles, malls, kiosks, podcasts, video games, mobile devices, GPS systems, talking toys... the list goes on!

That being the case, as a voice actor, you may have unintentionally heard yourself when you were least suspecting it!

Do you have a story to share?

Where have you accidentally heard your voice over work?

While visiting one of my MySpace friends, Julie James (known on the site as redheadiva), I happened to read a note she jotted down on her blog there called "I Accidentally Heard Myself in Best Buy".

Intrigued, I emailed her and asked if I could share her story with you and received an affirmative reply. I think she describes the feeling of hearing her own voice in a big box store very well:

I Accidentally Heard Myself in Best Buy

Ran in to buy a CD I needed for a gig, happened to pass by the Sirius display on my way to the check-out. Someone was listening to the demo station where you press the button and there are demos of the different stuff you can get on Sirius, and I heard myself! A voiceover I did about a year ago that I totally forgot about.


Last week when Josh was sick, I went on WebMD for some ideas, and also ran into myself on the "Symptom Checker".

It's sorta like having an out-of-body experience. Your voice is out there doing things without you.

Kinda cool!

And weird in a way.

Julie James


Have you had one (or several) of those experiences? I can only imagine what it is like to run into your voice performing without you!

Looking forward to hearing your stories,


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    Greetings! I hear both my husband and myself regularly around town--in stores, businesses, on TV and radio stations, at our IMAX Theatre, and whenever I call one of our hospitals! My husband and I met when we were both voice talents for a local agency back in 1982. He works for our PBS affiliate, but still occasionally does narration and spots. While we have encouraged our daughter, who is 17, to try her hand at voiceovers, she wants no part of it and tries to act disinterested when one of her friends hears her mom or dad on TV or radio!

    Posted by:
    • Robin Rowan
    • November 7, 2007 10:17 AM

      I used to voice in-store specials for a discount store chain called Solo-Serve. So when I'd shop in there I'd be minding my own business... and all of a sudden my voice would come on!

      And, of course... it's happened hundreds of times with commercials.

      The nice thing is that we aren't "stars!" We can go to the grocery store without makeup! Even local TV newscasters can't do that! :)

      Posted by:
      • Julie Williams
      • November 7, 2007 11:57 AM

        I was hosting a party when a man told me I was on his phone. I said he was joking but he hushed everyone and dialed in for his voicemail. There I was. Evidently, Sprint repackaged some prompts I did for their corporate clients for the PCS users too. So I kind of served as my own party entertainment.

        Kim Snyder

        Posted by:

          Hi Stephanie,

          This VOX Daily has me laughing. Yes, I accidentally heard myself - without realizing it.

          The TV was on one night as I read the paper and a commercial started. The voice was familiar. Without looking at the screen, I thought, "Gee, that sounds like me. I should have done that spot, not this guy."

          As the commercial continued I mentally critiqued the read - still without looking at the screen - and concluded that indeed, I could have done a better job than him. The commercial ended with the company name - and I suddenly realized that damn it, that VO WAS ME!


          Posted by:


            I had an experience similar to John's. Since I do quite a bit of local VO work, hearing myself isn't unusual. Plus, with a show in re-run on the Cartoon Network and another on PBS- just flipping channels on the TV often surprises me.

            One day I was cleaning house when a commercial came on the radio. Like John, I thought- they totally should have hired me for that. An hour later, it came on again. That's when it hit me- that WAS me! It was a spot I had recorded the year prior that had been brought back for a second run. Of course, the only thing better than being surprised by own voice, was being surprised by a second paycheck! Ka-ching!

            Posted by:


              My most memorable such experience was while walking through a shopping mall in Pittsburgh several years ago. As I walked past a kiosk a video started playing... with my voice as the narrator.

              Also, it was great fun during the 10 years that I served as the "in-flight" voice for US Airways, to hear my voice pouring out of the speakers overhead, when I would travel on their planes.

              Be well,

              Posted by:

                I turned on ESPN watching football on Sunday and on in the background --- I heard my voice as a golf announcer character for a national spot for Old Mutual Insurance!

                Kinda cool- considering I wasn't in a great mood after my Bears lost - hearing and seeing the spot nationally - made my day!

                Posted by:

                  I have two long time clients.....I recently voiced some updated spots for both. One is a local spot, the other is regional. Although I hear each of them throughout the day, it was kind of cool to hear them back to back during Jeopardy yesterday...first a :10 second bumper for the local, immediately followed by the :30 regional spot, and then a :15 for the local again. When they were over, the two people with me looked at me with a crooked smile and said "Are you done now?" "Even when your lips aren't moving, we can hear you!"

                  Posted by:

                    I worked in media sales representing five radio properties in the St. Louis, Missouri, market. I absolutely loved developing my own creative for my local clients. One in particular was a Beltone Hearing Aid, script. As a joke I began to read the copy, in a raspy rough voice, while in the production studio. The production director liked it so much he said let's go with it. We did. The client loved it. Hearing the spot in my car, I actually forgot it was my voice! This was over ten years ago. The spot still comes on from time to time.

                    Posted by:

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