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Book Review : Step Up to the Mic


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 16, 2007

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Step up to the MicLooking for an uplifting, empowering and nourishing book to read?

Rodney Saulsberry's "Step Up to the Mic" is a book all about stepping up to life's challenges from the perspective of a voice actor.

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Why Read "Step Up to the Mic" by Rodney Saulsberry?

If you need a pat on the back or encouragement, Rodney Saulsberry's new book Step Up to the Mic gives loving spoonfuls of it that will inspire and remind you of just how valuable you are and what you have to contribute to those you come in contact with.

Successfully navigating the hills and valleys of everyday life, both home and professional, is integral to leading a meaningful and directed existence.

That being said, Rodney has pinpointed what you need to do to acquire success, and in his generous way throughout the pages, Rodney reveals that success is easily achieved by having a positive attitude.

When should you read this book?

When you are feeling challenged, in need of inspiration, in need of affirmation, when you're questioning your career choice, if you need advice, and especially when you are feeling sorry for yourself.

You can also read it in times of happiness and prosperity.

Step Up to the Mic, while motivational, is also a good reference tool full of social and studio etiquette, reminding us that it isn't just about "you", but about the other people you work with.

Now, you don't have to wait to have a pity party to go out and buy this book - the advice and concepts discussed are relevant at any and all times in your career.

"Step Up to the Mic" is one of those books that you'll want to keep handy in your bedside table, at the office or in the car for both business and personal consumption.

In Step Up to the Mic, you'll discover what to do to succeed and why taking the high road with your peers and those with whom you work will yield regular employment and opportunities from unexpected people and places.

Rodney encourages you to embrace positive thinking, set priorities, and count your blessings. Providing examples and real life situations, Rodney demonstrates how to nurture relationships - both with yourself and others.

The 135 page book (including the Glossary and final words), also gives you "Ten tips to ignite your voice-over career" and a bevy of tips you won't find anywhere else.

The many exercises, specifically, the illuminating "Random Questions", a voice-over quiz / survey is good for setting goals and self-assessment is a must for any voice actor, regardless of level or experience.

Words of wisdom from the pros, including greats such as Don LaFontaine (King of the Movie Trailers), Nancy Cartwright (Voice of Bart Simpson), and Rob Paulsen (best known as Pinky on Pinky and the Brain) to name a few, are liberally sprinkled near the end of the book, sharing their thoughts on how positive thinking has impacted their lives and careers.

Lastly, Rodney has included a glossary, defining terms used through the course of the book to reinforce and solidify words of empowerment.

Are you ready to "Step Up to the Mic?"

If so, please add a comment with your thoughts! I'd especially love to hear from people who have read this book.

Best wishes,


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    I found this book to be exactly what I needed. I have Mr. Saulsberry's other book, "You Can Bank On Your Voice." But what this new book does is inspire you to actually do the things the first book teaches you how to do. In other words, his first book gives you the know-how; "Step Up to the Mic" gives you the inspiration and spirit you need to carry out your dream.

    Posted by:
    • Les Black
    • November 17, 2007 1:22 PM

      Rodney Saulsberry's book, "Step Up to the Mic," is a revelation -- a truly great, informative work. Rodney is as good a writer as he is master at voiceover. The reader is truly lucky to have such an incredible talent give so much of himself, both in explaining his technique (which has made him one of the top voiceover artists in Hollywood), and in coaching an overall work ethic that will generate success in just about any career. This book should be a fundamental part of anyone's library as they embark on a career either in the entertainment business, or just in life. Bravo!

      Posted by:
      • John Semper Jr.
      • November 17, 2007 8:28 PM

        As a former writer for many years in the animation business, I know from personal experience working with voice actors that having talent is only part of what gets an actor called back. Attitude is the other important factor. Rodney's first book can help you cultivate your talent; this one will help you cultivate the right attitude. Once you've got that covered, you're really ready to step up to the mic.

        Posted by:

          Hello Stephanie,

          I too read this book just recently and emailed Rodney right away suggesting I needed many copies to sell to my students.

          This book is great for anyone in the arts industry. We live in a very insecure world and this helps to realize that even the top concern themselves on a regular basis of their security. Rodney teaches us to follow positive thinking. It couldn’t be better timing to follow such greats like “The Secret” and “The Peaceful Warrior” I know first hand that the more positive thoughts you put out and the more goals you set out to achieve, the more you put your desires into reality.

          This is a great short read; read it on the plane to and from Toronto, but it’s a powerful one. You’ve covered much of what the book offers. I walked away feeling wonderful about the path I was heading on. For some, it may be affirmation, for others this could be life changing if you really listen the message. We are able to know a little more about Rodney and his importance as a family man, a spiritual heart and a positive thinker.

          I would recommend this book to ANYONE. I found it engaging from beginning to end. Many will relate to their lives already as they read Step Up to the Mic, and many will discover new practical tools to make positive changes in their goals

          There are great animations and quotes and even the most creative poems written by Rodney himself. He shares so much and I know he’s very proud of this great little read.

          Glad you wrote a review, and I’m more than happy to put in my recommendation. This is a must have in your Arts and Entertainment Library. Great Christmas gifts.

          All my best
          Debbie Munro
          Voice Talent/Instructor/Host/Producer

          Posted by:

            "I thoroughly enjoyed Step Up to the Mic. I found it to be totally uplifting."

            Thank you Mr. Saulsberry! -- Yale Franklin

            Posted by:
            • Yale Franklin
            • November 26, 2007 6:53 PM

              It seems I already have all the tools. But many time I just need a swift kick in the pants to either just get started or to get inspired. I NEED this book!

              Posted by:
              • Kera
              • August 3, 2008 8:46 AM

                this is serendipitous. i've spent the weekend trying to find a copy of this locally with no success. after first reading about it on bob souer's boblog (and now here), it sound like just the tonic i need.

                while i believe it's quite true that self-promotion and self-marketing are harder work than actual performance...many times just maintaining the confidence to present oneself is even more daunting. i find it especially true in a "business" where one is solitary so much of the time.

                it's to rodney's credit that he focuses on this aspect of freelance voice work. so many books on voice acting barely acknowledge this major, major challenge in their efforts to be positive.

                so...if i don't win this in a drawing, it's off to amazon.com for me.

                thank you for letting more know more.

                Posted by:

                  Hello, Stephanie,
                  I know how much Voices.com's "Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors" has helped me market myself--and it's working! I so appreciate comments, tips and suggestions from people like Rodney Saulsberry who have been there for a long time. We can never stop learning! I relish every opportunity to learn more, do more and BE more!

                  Posted by:
                  • Robin Rowan
                  • August 3, 2008 8:51 PM

                    As a newcomer to the exciting world of VO, I have been studying, reading, and seeking advice from many people in and around the business. This book would surley help me on the way to my new career. I'm 61 and just getting started!!


                    "There are no magic words...There is only magic in your words." -w.t.dunn

                    Posted by:
                    • Thomas dunn
                    • August 3, 2008 10:44 PM

                      What a great idea, Stephanie! Rodney is a very dynamic motivational speaker. Sad to say, this book is not already in my library, but I would love to have it. (pick me pick me)
                      All the Best,
                      Bobbin Beam

                      Posted by:

                        While I have not yet read the book, only the article and the blog comments, I would really like to win the book and if not would probably go and buy it based on the article and comments I have read. As a new comer to the voice over world I plan to be in this for the long haul and want to learn all I can from the pros. I do believe that a positive attidude can take you far. I trained with the folks at Voice Coaches and I know that persistence and a positive attitude is what's helped me to get the work I've been involved in so far.

                        Looking forward to reading "Step Up To The Mic"

                        Paul Hernandez

                        Posted by:

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