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Marc Cashman Opens Private One-on-One Voice Coaching

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 3, 2007

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Marc Cashman Voice-Acting teacherOne of the best in the business of voice over education has decided to kick it up a notch!

Marc Cashman of The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques and pundit on the Voice Over Experts podcast is now teaching private voice lessons via telephone and through email coaching.

After years of teaching V-O classes in L.A., and after many requests, Marc Cashman is launching his One-on-One Voice Coaching!

I hail this as a great opportunity for all voice actors regardless of their level experience. I've known Marc for years now and am beyond ecstatic that you now have the opportunity to learn so much from him without having to attend his classes in person.

If you're someone who lives in an area where there isn't a voice over coach to be found or anyone in neighboring cities, Marc has a couple of services available to you now that only require a basic home studio set-up and a desire to study with an award-winning L.A. producer, director and voice actor.

Here are the two services as described by Marc Cashman:

1) Telephone Coaching

This would be a one-hour session where I would direct you over the phone. I™d send you three scripts in advance, schedule a time (I™d call you wherever you are) and would œput you through your paces, so to speak. In this scenario, you™d be getting immediate feedback, performing a number of takes of each script until you™ve œnailed it. My in-class students can attest to the fact that my feedback and direction is very focused, specific and constructive. It would be nice if you could record everything"the session and my feedback (if you have a decent phone-patch connection"ISDN not necessary). But the critical thing you™d need is a decent phone connection, so that I could clearly hear your articulation. You can also use a headset or a portable/cell phone.

The cost: $100/hr.

2) Email Coaching

This would be for those of you who would like my feedback and constructive direction when you have the time. I would email you scripts for you to record when you can. I™d get back to you in a timely manner (usually with 24-48 hours) with very specific comments on your performance. If you hit a œhome run, I™ll tell you so. If you need to re-do it, I™ll tell you why and what you need to do in subsequent takes; you™d have up to three attempts for each script. This scenario is great for those of you who have deadlines and last-minute demands from their clients. It would take as long as it takes"depending on our schedules, holidays, illness, vacations, emergencies, whatever.

The cost: $300 for 5 scripts, $500 for ten scripts.

Marc Cashman™s One-on-One Voice Coaching will give you the tools you need to:

• Analyze any script in minutes
• Direct yourself effectively
• Determine appropriate delivery in any copy
• Perform consistently on each and every "take" and much, much more.

As mentioned earlier on in this article, the One-on-One private coaching services are for anyone with a home studio set-up. It doesn™t matter whether you™re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

If you™re interested in either of these services, call Marc at (661) 222-9300 or email him at cashcomm@earthlink.net.



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