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Want some Audiobook Narration Practice? Try LibriVox.

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 24, 2008

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Jodi KrangleThe audiobook industry is worth billions of dollars with an ever-increasing number of titles being recorded.

Have you thought about recording your voice for audiobooks or narrating other projects?

Read this interview featuring a voice actress who has used LibriVox to help her do just that.

One of the ways voice acting has hit the mainstream is through the recording of audiobooks. There is an amazing amount of opportunity and this sector of the industry is just bursting at the seams.

For those of you who are interested in becoming narrators for audiobooks, there is a wonderful resource and community that will foster your growth in that area called LibriVox. You might recognize that name because I've mentioned LibriVox before in previous VOX Daily articles.

A little while ago, I was in contact with Jodi Krangle, a vocalist and voice actress who has found LibriVox to be hugely helpful where attaining further demo material is concerned, particularly for narration voice over work.

Having read books on to tape for the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) back in the mid-90's, Jodi finds that this is very close to the work she encountered before.

Since becoming an active member of the LibriVox community, Jodi has also learned more about what kind of narration projects she prefers. Instead of recording full-out audiobook narration, she focuses her attention on projects that are less than an hour to record such as short stories, trailers, and teasers.

LibriVox is a good place to start experimenting and testing your limits. Good to know!

Jodi also shared that narrating pieces through LibriVox is fantastic practice because a of the volume of narration work coming her way specifically in the areas of book trailers or reading snippets of books in to MP3 format as teasers for the authors.

"I find doing projects at LibriVox to be a low pressure way to practice. It's a lot like the auditions at Voices.com in that way although I actually end up with a final product I can *promote* (because I realize promoting auditions for others is a faux pas). Every audition is an opportunity to practice - not only with my voice, but with my home studio equipment."

To learn more about how you can get involved, check out their website at LibriVox.org.

Best wishes,


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    I am happy to learn about LibriVox. Trying to find my niche in the VO industry I realize that documentaries, audiobooks and any form of information that educates and enlightens others is where my heart is . The teleconferences have been very helpful and now I am looking to LibriVox. I am thankful for the progressive information that I always find on voices.com.

    Karen Woodbury (KMarie)

    Posted by:
    • Karen Woodbuey
    • May 3, 2010 12:53 PM

      I love books on tape and would like to learn to narrate. I am very good with southern dialog and different accents. How do I begin

      Posted by:
      • debbie Scott
      • September 9, 2010 5:37 PM

        Thanks very much because this is some very useful information for me. I have yet to get started have no home equipment but really would like to focus my talents in VO. This is something that I definitely need to move towards. Thanks

        Posted by:
        • danny danielson
        • September 12, 2011 12:53 PM

          O K.
          Lets say I Practice for LibriVox. Not a problem. How do I get credentials of a narrator or voice over person? How can I by pass this avenue. I would like to get to the nitty gritty! I would like to get some formal training.

          Posted by:
          • Benjamin R. Medina
          • January 5, 2012 6:16 PM

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