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Exotic Locales for Voice Over Workshops


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 10, 2008

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Like to mix business with pleasure?

More and more voice acting study opportunities are offering edutainment or travel as components of their workshops.

What's your ideal destination for a voice acting workshop?

Cruise Ship

Voice acting workshops, at one point not so long ago, were confined to a local recording studio or hotel conference center.

Within the past several years many voice acting coaches have been offering a different sort of experience wherein the actual workshop participation is just one aspect of the package.

Some of these events now include social activities and travel to studios nestled in the mountains of Utah by the lake shore, a stone's throw from a beach on the coast of Hawaii and even on cruise lines sailing up the Pacific coastline.

A voice over workshop, for those who haven't attended one, is an opportunity to learn a new skill, technique, or side of the voice acting business that is usually offered over a weekend by instructors of voice over.

You could think of it as ongoing education (which it is) and a chance to realize talent that is just waiting to be explored.

Many veterans attend these workshops annually as part of their professional development, confirming that these educational events are not just for aspiring voice actors trying to make it in the biz, but for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and learn something new in an industry that is changing every day.

Going to a voice acting workshop is educational, good for your brain, helpful to your voice and as a very satisfactory fringe benefit, exceptionally fun!

That being said, is there anywhere you'd like to see some sort of voice over workshop / event take place?

Leave your ideal location here as a comment on the blog.

Thank you,


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    Hi Stephanie,

    St Thomas, USVI or Grand Cayman might be nice as weather is nearly always perfect and great for divers and snorkelers.

    Nice sunny thoughts on a dreary winter morning.



    Posted by:


      While I am a sucker for a tropical destination, one important aspect of voice over seminars is making them affordable enough anyone could take them.

      With so many grand and beautiful places here in America, a destination seminar is very possible!

      I nominate North Carolina.. heheh.


      Posted by:


        Voice over works shops in the Utah mountains, New York City, near a beach in Hawaii, in L.A., or on a cruise ship may be attractive. But I believe the answer is close to home. I don't want to sound like a grump but the time and money spent traveling has real value. If I could drive to a seminar in town I'll have an extra grand or two in the bank for microphones or new demos, computer upgrades or a web site.

        Posted by:
        • Mike Forrester
        • January 11, 2008 11:38 AM

          I vote North Carolina also. I'd like to tour several studios I work with there and meet folks face to face.

          Nancy McLemore

          Posted by:

            Hi David, Kara, Mike and Nancy,

            Thank you for your comments!

            Keep up with the suggestions. I originally thought of the material for this article when observing the trend of glitzy locations for workshops, but not everyone can get away for a number of reasons to places more than a few hours (let alone a plane ride) away.

            There's always the dream of a far away place to mix business with pleasure, but we also must be practical too ;)

            As I said, if you have a location you'd like to see a voice over workshop in, let us know by leaving a comment.



            Posted by:


              I LOVE a tax deductible vacation!

              I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a workshop in Lake Tahoe in June... and it didn't cost much more than if attendees went to a city to learn. And I LOVE Hawaii. I'll teach there again anytime... I might just move there!

              Cruises are also fun, and an affordable vacation. I'd take or teach a workshop on a tropical cruise any time! Not too much into cruises or vacations to cold places, though.

              Posted by:
              • Julie Williams
              • January 15, 2008 2:30 AM

                Hi! I nominate Hokkaido, Japan.

                Posted by:
                • Briell
                • September 4, 2008 8:00 PM

                  I am trying to find a voiceover or voice acting seminar in Hawaii and there is NOTHING! An untapped market. PLEASE bring something our way!

                  Posted by:

                    Hi Yisa,

                    Thank you for your comment and remark. I believe Julie Williams from California has held a workshop in Hawaii once (last year) and she may do so again. You can contact her and ask about future classes in Hawaii.



                    Posted by:

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