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Movie Trailer Voice Actor Don LaFontaine On The Mend!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 4, 2008

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Don LaFontaine News HeadshotI have some great news to share!

The King of Voice Overs, Don LaFontaine, is getting ready to jump back into his work and is rearing to go!

Yesterday, I received a very nice email from Don thanking me for posting his story on VOX Daily last month.

Don writes:

"I have read the responses and I am moved beyond description by the kind and thoughtful comments. Please pass along my deepest gratitude to all who took the time to respond. I am still recovering, and hopefully will have a real handle on the problem tomorrow or early next week. This inactivity is making me nuts!"



If you know Don or have any idea of just how much work he does on a regular basis, you can certainly imagine how frustrating this hiatus from his voice over work has been.

I want to thank all of you who sent in your thoughts and well wishes for Don and am confident that those comments are helping him to get better. Many of you also prayed and are praying still for Don and I thank you for that on behalf of Don and his family.

One of the best families to be part of in fact is the voice acting family. Although this small industry is growing at a rapid pace, the purpose and spirit of those who join remains the same. We are all very blessed and privileged to be part of it and experience this era together.

Take care of yourselves and each other,


Image © Don LaFontaine

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    It's wonderful to know that Don is on the mend. I continue to pray for his full and complete recovery each day.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Aw crap! Now all the Hollywood movie trailers and GEICO commercials I've been doing while he's been out are going to dry up cause he's back at work!

      Darn! ;)

      Voice on, Don!

      - PKO'C

      Posted by:


        We well-wishers in the VO community will happily take all the credit for your recovery. ;)

        Best wishes for continued healing, hope you're back at the mic ASAP.

        ~ David Houston

        Posted by:

          Don: Great news! So glad you're on the way back to full power. I'll keep sending "healthy thoughts" your way. ... and be sure to keep those lungs away from any sharp objects!

          Stephanie: Thanks very much for the update. You're so right about the VO community. It's gotta be the most supportive group of actors I've had the pleasure to work with.


          Posted by:

            Thanks for keeping us updated, Stephanie! Hopefully, complete health will come quickly!

            God Is Love-

            Posted by:

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