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Branding 101 for Voice Talent

By David Ciccarelli

February 13, 2008

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Light bulb with money insideDespite that the majority of your working day is consumed with auditions, emails and delivering finished work, time should be set aside to make sure that you're consistently putting the best foot forward.

Smart voice talent take a few minutes every so often to polish up a few key areas of their career online.

This isn't hard to do and the results will be immediately evident.

So with that in mind, let's explore the five (5) key "touch points" that you will likely have with prospective clients.

Today, we're joined by David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices.com. Enjoy this great article on branding!



1. Website

Having your own website isn't absolutely necessary, but highly recommended. Register www.yourdomainname.com at GoDaddy or Network Solutions. It can cost as little as $9.95 to register the name, but that's just the first step.

Next, you'll need to work with a graphic designer to build a website the represents you and the type of work you can deliver. Use the yellow pages to find someone local, or simply Google "graphic designers your city name". In my experience, I've had the best results by meeting with the designer first to convey my ideas on paper. Then, it's the designers job to translate the napkin sketches into HTML.

Finally, you'll need a web hosting provider. Likely you can use a "shared" or "virtual" environment and share the server space with other people. iPowerWeb is a web host we used in the early days, then we switched to ValueWeb. Packages run around $20/ month to $100/month.

2. Voices.com Website

Creating a profile at Voices.com is free, however as you know, you can get access to other services with a monthly subscription.

Your profile should be complete with a description, at least 3 voice-over demos and an image that will help set you apart for your colleagues. Furthermore, you can pick a theme to help build a visual identity.

3. Social Networking Profiles

Interact on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to connect with people and hopefully new clients.

Use a common avatar (small thumbnail picture) to identify yourself. Depending on how active you are, people will come to identify a particular avatar with you, just like the Apple logo is representative of Mac computers or iPods.

4. Email

Email is a hidden gem and often forgotten when developing a branding strategy. Create a unique email signature, use large font, and add your client list or current projects you're working on to impress your recipients.

I'd recommend refraining from including too many graphics or flash animation within your email and keep it clean.

5. Telephone

If you have a telephone line dedicated to your business, consider purchasing a small telephone system to handle incoming calls and route to your mobile phone if you're not in the office.

A simple phone system, or even virtual IVR service will allow you to even have on-hold music, giving you yet another opportunity to show off your work and inform your callers of the many ways you can service them.

Finally your voicemail message is your last shot at making a positive impression.


Remember, branding is about the customer experience and not just the logo or colors.

Give your customers the experience they deserve by spending a few moments to update your Voices.com profile, email address signature and voicemail message if you haven't done so lately.

Good luck!


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