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Pat Fraley ADR and Looping Training Event, March 8-9 in LA


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 29, 2008

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Pat FraleyAs you may have heard, Pat Fraley along with some friends have an ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement) and Looping Event coming up soon in Los Angeles.

I've got the scoop on the presenters and what the lucky participants will be up to.

Here's a great opportunity to study with 2008 Lifetime Achievement Voicey award winner, Patrick Fraley.

ADR and Looping Training Event in Los Angeles

Here's an invitation from Pat Fraley to sign up for the most meaningful ADR/Looping Training Event ever presented scheduled over two days, March 8-9, 2008, Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles.

Participants will be trained by the country's Masters of ADR/Looping, Voice Matching and Replacement to possess all the skills ADR Supervisors, Post-Production and Casting Houses and desirable Agents.

In every major city in America, there is ADR/Looping, Voice Matching and Dialogue Replacement Work available to those who have the skills for union or non-union industrials, feature length films, and TV.

Conducted by a team of Masters who know how to deliver the training you need:

Terri Douglas: Leading Casting and ADR Session Queen, casts and conducts sessions for films like Disney's "Enchanted," "College Road Trip," "Wild Hogs," "Chicken Little," and ON and ON and ON. She'll be guiding the participants through the exact methods she uses on the ADR stage at Disney.

Patrick Fraley: Voice-Over Talent/Teacher, will be teaching his approach to voice matching and replacing. Pat recently supplied voices for Sony Picture's "I Am Legend," Paramount's "The Spiderwick Chronicles," and Disney's "College Road Trip."

Eric Thompson: ADR Engineer who will guide the technical side of the event with
the expertise that can only come from over 21 years of experience. Eric has engineered the ADR for hundreds of diverse films and TV projects, ranging from "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins," "27 Dresses," "Hysteria," "The Golden Compass," and "Rambo."

Ned Lott: Casting, Producer and ADR Supervisor. Having cut his teeth at Disney on "Cars," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Chronicles of Narnia," and many more, Ned is now a freelance producer and the Executive Producer for Denison Entertainment.

Andy Morris: Audio Engineer and Producer at Buzzy's Recording, has over 40 years experience recording talent. Andy knows how to get the job done. Andy engineers ADR sessions continually and has perfected the most sophisticated technical system in the country. Buzzy's is the home away from home for James Earl Jones, Linda Hunt, Liam Neeson and David Keith.

Day One - March 8

Hollywood's Famous Buzzy's Recording Studio

12 Participants will be taught how to recognize their personal sound print and effectively adjust to match those on the screen, supplying voices for Movies, TV and Industrials. Learn how to "lip sync" with critical accuracy in the booth while sound and picture are rolling.

Day Two - March 9

LA's Premiere Professional ADR Sound Stage, Wildfire Post-Production Studio

Participants will work with Terri Douglas on group ADR/Looping Techniques, with a collection of FRESH animated and live action feature films splashed up on the screen.

Learn Advanced ADR Techniques, Insider Tricks and Invaluable Ensemble Work.

Cost: $1200. Check, Cash, Credit Cards
Payment schedules arranged upon request.

When: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday, March 8-9, 2008

Saturday: Buzzy's Recording. 6900 Melrose Ave., LA, 90038
Sunday: Wildfire Studios. 640 South San Vicente Blvd., LA 90048

Event is limited to 12 participants.

To Enroll: Email patfraleyteaches@aol.com or call 818.400.3733



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