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Meet Reed Rudy

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 20, 2008

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Reed RudyI'm always happy to hear from VOX Daily readers whom I haven't yet met.

Yesterday, I received an email reply to VOX Daily from Reed Rudy, a voice acting instructor in California, letting me know about his upcoming workshop this Spring.

So everyone, I'd like you to meet Reed Rudy. Please make him at home :)

Voice over online is such a small world and one would think that you know everyone in it already, but every once in a while, I hear from someone who is a voice over coach or casting director who reads VOX Daily whom I didn't know before.

It's exciting to hear from all of you, by the way.

When I got Reed's email, I was thrilled to hear from him. Today, I want to introduce Reed and ask for your help welcoming him to the community.

Meet Reed Rudy

Reed Rudy has been an actor for film, TV and commercials for twenty-three years and has worked in voice acting for fifteen years voicing campaigns for companies the likes of Polaroid, Hagar, McDonalds, State Fund, Alfa Insurance. Reed is currently the voice of Al, for Osh and also has a talent for narration, including work recorded for numerous music shows on VH1, HGTV, and most currently the long running series for Encore, "Cinenews".


Reed Rudy has taught voice for the past five years, both privately and open classes. Currently he coaches many of KCRW™s (Los Angeles™ NPR affiliate) radio hosts and also teaches voiceover classes at various levels which leads me to something that may be of interest to you.

Twice a year, Reed holds eight-week sessions for voice actors, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

The most popular is called "Introduction to Voiceover - Exploring the Voice".

It™s a class focused on the craft of Voiceovers, with lots of booth time and all session-work is burned onto a CD for you to take home. According to Reed, the class always proves to be a wonderful experience for both his students and for himself.

The next class in Los Angeles will be from February 26th to April 16th at one of the coolest studios in L.A., Ravenswork, in Venice. To learn more, visit Reed's website.

Are you a voice over coach who doesn't know me yet?

Leave a comment so that we can get connected so that I can post your workshops and classes on VOX Daily, too.

Best wishes,


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    As Reed's former VO agent, I would like to be the first to congratulate him on this post!!! Reed Rudy is not just a wonderful actor but also a patient, articulate, and all around LOVELY guy.

    Posted by:

      As the former booth director at Reed's CURRENT talent agency, I'll totally second Nancy.

      Reed's a great guy, with a great ear for VO.

      Posted by:

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