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100+ Industry Resources for Voice Over Talent


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 15, 2008

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To wrap up our week of online resources, tools, services and hidden gems we've put together an exhaustive list of industry-specific resources that we hope you'll enjoy.

Groups and Message Boards


Voice Acting Hub
Voice Acting Alliance Facebook Group
Voice Acting Alliance
• Voice-overs.com Forum
Yahoo! Voiceovers Group



Voice Over Times
Hollywood Reporter



100% Organic Podcast
A Voice Above the Crowd
BigBry's Weblog
Bob Souer
Bobbin's Blog
Brian Haymond
Dave Courvoisier
Do That Voice!
Doc Phillips
Has The Voice
Hip Chick Voice Blog
Jeffrey Kafer
Kara Edwards
Liz de Nesnera
Lou Zucaro
MCM Voices
Purrs 'n Roars
Rognog Blog
Voice Over Studio
• Wayne Henderson



10+ Podcasting Resources, Tools and Services
Voice Over Experts
Vox Talk
Voice Overs On Demand
Avi Melman's Cartoon Podcast



Definitive Guide to Voice Over Success on the Internet (Stephanie Ciccarelli)
The Art of Voice Acting, Third Edition (James Alburger)
The Voice Actor's Guide to Home Recording (Harlan Hogan)
Secrets of Voice-Over Success (Joan Baker)
Voice-Overs, A Practical Guide (Bernard Shaw)
How to Make a Million Dollars with Your Voice (Gary Owens, Jeff Lenburg)
Talking Funny for Money (Pamela Lewis)
Step Up to the Mic (Rodney Saulsberry)
VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor (Harlan Hogan)
You Can Bank on Your Voice (Rodney Saulsberry)
Making Money in Voice-Overs: Winning Strategies to a Successful Career in Commercials, Cartoons and Radio (Terri Apple)
Voiceovers (with CD): Techniques and Tactics for Success (Janet Wilcox)
Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever Smuggled Out of Hollywood: Audio CD (Pat Fraley)
Word of Mouth: A Guide to Commercial Voice-over Excellence, 3rd Edition, Completely Revised and Updated (Susan Blu, Molly Ann Mullin and Cynthia Songe)
• Proven Voice-Over Techniques(Julie Williams)

Training and Coaches


Bernard Shaw
Bettye Zoller
Bob Bergen
Connie Terwilliger
Cynthia Songe
David Bourgeois
Debbie Munro
Deborah Sale Butler
Elaine Clark
Ellie Devers
Frank Frederick
Joan Baker
Johnna Gottlieb
• Julie Williams
Marc Cashman
Marc Graue
Pat Fraley
Penny Abshire
Peter Rofe
Rodney Saulsberry
Sunday Muse
Voice Coaches Network
Voice Over Coaches

Business, Advertising and Marketing Resources


100+ eBusiness Resources for Voice Over Talent
80+ Online Marketing Resources
Internet Marketing Plan for Voice Actors
Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors
Creating a Visual Identity for Your Voices.com Website
Branding 101 for Voice Talent
Running Metrics : Are You Returning Profit to Yourself?
Report on the Voice Over Industry 2007



Voice Over Rates
Download the Voice Over Rate Sheet PDF
Non Union Rates in Canada

Unions and Industry Affiliations


An overview and the history of SAG
An overview and the history of AFTRA
An overview and the history of ACTRA
An overview and the history of EQUITY

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    Stephanie, what a gold mine! Thanks so much for this compilation - and I appreciate the link, too!

    Best wishes,

    Mary McK.

    Posted by:


      A gold mine indeed. And, thank you for the link.

      Be well,

      Posted by:


        What Mary said. Many thanks for the link to Do That Voice!

        For those new to VO: This is a real treasure trove of information. It took many of us a good deal of searching and stumbling to gather just part of what's here, so take advantage of some one-stop shopping --- and give the voices.com folks props for putting it together.


        Posted by:

          This is absolutely marvelous. Thanks for putting it together. I also really appreciated that 'voice-seekers' survey result which you published. I'm very happy to be a member of the Voices.com talent brigade! :D

          Posted by:

            Excellent work on this! This is a great resource for all in the Voice Over community and very much appreciated.


            Posted by:

              As voice over work is essentially a freelance business where you need to market yourself, I recommend


              It's a great site that has a lot of ideas about marketing yourself and has built a great community that is always willing to help.


              Posted by:


                Thanks for the tremendous resource. Great job compiling this.

                FYI, for those seeking a voiceover coach, there are about 150 listed in the Resources area of voiceacting.com.

                Also, thee other books you should know about:
                1) Demo & Marketing Magic for Voice Actors - Penny Abshire
                2) The Voice Actor's Guide to Professional Home Recording E-book - James Alburger
                3) How to Get Jobs for the Voices in Your Head - James Alburger

                Thanks again.

                Posted by:

                  This is a goldmine of information! Thank you for giving us out in the trenches, the ammo we need...

                  Thanks again,

                  Best Regards,

                  Martin Drayton

                  Posted by:

                    There are some great resources on voice acting here, not to mention some interesting articles (do you know anything about voice acting behind this year's Super Bowl commercials?) http://voicecoaches.com/blog

                    Posted by:
                    • Tim
                    • February 9, 2012 2:59 PM

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