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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 6, 2008

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Duckling hatching from eggTo bring some closure to the posting I wrote earlier this week, I have an announcement to make regarding the topic of daily themes and voice over workshop listings.

One of the many freeing benefits of blogging is that so long as there is consistency, there is structure.

That being said, there will be one day a week that has a predictable theme.... oh, the suspense!

Want to learn more?

From all the feedback I have received (thank you!) I was able to sit down and discuss your ideas and make a couple of wise decisions.

The first one being that we are adopting one theme day per week; the second being that there will continue to be voice over workshops posted on VOX Daily as per Bobbin's suggestion of grouping a few classes together in one article.

A bonus third is that there will be critical news posted on VOX Daily but all other news related stories will be covered on Voice Over Times.

The most exciting of these decisions for me to make was the first one.

It's something that I had been thinking about for a long time and feel that it is very important and is beneficial to all.


Each Friday, the topic of voice over work will be up for discussion, giving you the chance to share on the blog and let us know what you've been up to.

Starting tomorrow, Friday March 7, 2008, this will become a regular fixture that you can look forward to.

Why am I doing this?

Here are just five reasons:

1. These features will allow you to participate more
2. It will be interesting to hear about the kind of work being done in our community
3. Your comments will demonstrate the diversity of voice over work
4. By reading the comments, you might discover answers to the "who won that job" question
5. You'll have the opportunity to congratulate your friends and also be recognized by your peers

Each week, the article will have a slightly different twist, providing room for discussion on various facets of voice over work and fields of work within the industry, of which there are many.

Now, this is important:

To participate, you don't have to openly say the company name in your comment, in fact, you may have signed a nondisclosure agreement and can't. In those cases, simply describe the kind of work it was without giving away details that would identify the client or job.

What do you think of these changes?

Looking forward to writing the first voice over work feature tomorrow! It will be posted first thing in the morning.

Best wishes,


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    Hey Stephanie! I'm sure you put a lot of thought into the changes you are going to make, and just wanted you to know that I appreciate the blog very much and fully support you. I don't always post, but I am going to make it a point to provide input where I can. If you ever want the perspective of a new guy trying to "make it" - I'm your guy. :)


    Posted by:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I am truly flattered you are adopting one of my sugestions. Many of us have become so inundated with emails, announcements, auditions, etc. that the consolidation of workshop postings may make cataloguing our information a bit more efficient, in my humble opinion. You Rock!...and thanks for listening.

      Bobbin Beam

      Posted by:


        I'm a little late to the party, but I think what you've instituted are some very good changes. Kudos to you.

        Be well,

        Posted by:

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