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Who Got the Gig? Get on the Bus!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 28, 2008

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What have you been up to this week?

I spotted a few of you updating your MySpace and Facebook feeds with recently won voice over jobs and hope to hear from you here and spread the good news!

What have you been up to this week? Read this interview first and then comment with your news.

tour bus

Hey Doodlebops!

Earlier this week, I happened to read an update in one of our voice talent member's, Scott "Scooter" Fortney's MySpace feed that said he had just accepted the role of Bus Driver Bob in a new audiobook series about the Doodlebops.

I am quite familiar with the show and immediately asked if I could feature Scott Fortney here on this week's edition of Who Got the Gig. He agreed and I have this interview to share with you.

VOX: How did you get the job? Was it through an audition, direct contact via search, etc?

SCOOTER: I found the job in my Voices.com leads. The Velocite Group and one of their affiliated companies, Toybox Innovations, posted a job for several characters for their newest children™s read-along book. They were looking for voices for all of the Doodlebops, as well as Jazz and Bus Driver Bob.

VOX: Did you need to do a voice match or custom demo or did they hire you based upon one of your demos?

SCOOTER: Velocite was looking for voices close to Moe, Rooney and Deedee (the Doodlebops); however, they asked that voices for the other characters suit the images in the PDF version of the book which they attached to the job. I always make a point to view or listen to any attached files, because that effort will be obvious in a custom demo. When I looked through the PDF, I felt most comfortable auditioning for the role of Bus Driver Bob, so I created a custom demo with several takes. Never knowing for sure just what the client is looking for, it™s wise to give them several choices. Velocite liked the first take, and Bus Driver Bob was off and running “er, driving.

VOX: Was it hard to do or did the voice just come out of you?

SCOOTER: When I sit down to do a new character voice, I have a general idea of what I think it should sound like. In most cases, I just start reading with œthat voice in my head, and, yes, it does just kind of flow out of me. Before I go œlive, I usually spend some time talking in that voice (drives my wife and kids crazy). The trick is to recreate that voice when you™re chosen several days or even weeks later. To do this, I open the audio file that won the job and hit the loop playback button; after several minutes or much longer, the voice comes back to you. Then, of course, you hear it in your head when you're trying to get to sleep at night. Seek help if your characters enter your dreams and interact with each other!

VOX: Were you familiar with the character before you auditioned? Did you audition for Bus Driver Bob specifically?

SCOOTER: No, I wasn™t familiar with Bob, but I was a little familiar with the Doodlebops; at least knowing something about the show gave me a clue as to how to approach the job.

VOX: When are the audio books going to be available on the market? Will they be sold through Audible or will they be released on CDs in stores?

SCOOTER: It™s still early in the game, as far as my relationship with the client, but from what I understand the CDs will be in stores worldwide; they also sell them on the Toybox Innovations website at www.toyboxinnovations.com.

VOX: What have you found to be the most interesting / satisfying aspect of this job?

SCOOTER: Most importantly, I love doing character voices, especially for children; so just the thought that I™ll be helping to entertain and teach children is the most valuable part of this job. I™ve been doing character voices and impressions since I was a little boy, so these sorts of jobs are a great pleasure for me. An added bonus: I have a 2-year old little girl for whom I can™t wait to play these audio books!

VOX: Is there anything else that you'd like to share, Scooter?

SCOOTER: Relating to this particular project, no, I don™t think so. However, I would like take this opportunity to tell you that while I have been with Voices.com, I have tried one other voice over site. That site made me really appreciate Voices.com. Without mentioning the site, I will tell you that I was bothered by their practice of discouraging voice actors from auditioning for œtoo many jobs! To me, that makes no sense. I can honestly tell you that about half of the jobs I have won were jobs that I thought I might not œfit. I tried anyway! That™s because I believe in the notion that you have to go to bat thinking positively every time. I used to have a sign in my office that you may recognize: œBabe Ruth struck out 1330 times, but he also hit 714 homeruns. I added two words to that: œKeep swinging.


That's excellent advice... keep swinging!

If you have something you'd like to add please leave a comment!

Best wishes and happy weekend,



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    This week another Voices.com lead came through for me. It was imaging for the Independent Comedy Network (www.icn.tv) for a faux internet newscast. We will touch up the first of five scripts tomorrow and then release the video Monday. Watch for it on my blog: http://HasTheVoice.blogspot.com

    My last entry there (March 25) has a link to 4 recent MSG-TV openers for the Buffalo Sabres. I voiced 3 openers for them this week and am holding out hope for the playoffs as the regular season ends next weekend:)

    Last night I voiced a corporate video for Edifi Media for the Covenant Network. I did an e-learning project this week for NogginLabs in Chicago and will be spending the weekend on a banking tutorial for a mid-west bank. I have 17 topics to do and am currently in topic 3. I love deadlines! Monday morning for this one - and then I will hopefully have some work from Corus Custom Networks. Monday is my scheduled day but this week I helped them out on Thursday.

    Earlier today I also confirmed my return to the radio airwaves in Kelowna. Country music fans can here me weekends on B-103 (www.b103.ca) beginning next month! Saturdays from 1 - 5 pm and Sundays between 9 am - 1 pm. It will be a great fit so I can keep busy with voiceover work as usual during the week! You heard it here first...

    Posted by:

      GREAT interview--and so positive! I believe mindset is right up there with talent for having success in voice acting, and Scott's obviously got both happening. Right on!

      It's been a great week here at our studio too. My partner and I both registered (him) and renewed (me) our Voices.com profiles, and bumping up our names on the front page definitely helped us to land a new client for 2 radio ads and a TV spot.

      And using the criteria derived from the '08 Client Survey, I've changed a lot about how I do auditions. Thanks so much for that resource!

      Posted by:

        Nice... Kudos to Scott!

        I've got a couple things in the works, but each one has an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), so I can't spill the beans yet.

        I did record a little "Good News Blues" number to vent my joyous frustration:

        Have a great weekend all!

        Posted by:

          Hi Stephanie,

          A Swiss company called Tech Lab has created a special Software Program to help assess risk levels for certain types of Cancer. They advertised on Voices.Com for a VO Artist to record a short script describing the product/program.

          After reading the short script, it became clear, it was written by a non native English speaker. It was short enough so I made some simple corrections and then recorded it both ways....the original and the corrected. I included my corrected script in my Bid. Because Voices.Com allows a large file upload I was able to submit both recordings in one file. Who knows, but I hope spending a few minutes and going the extra mile made the difference.

          What I am finding on Voices, the level of quality competition is high and it's maybe the tiny things that can set us apart when the race is close!!

          Thanks again for all the lessons from your team of Creative Canadians. It is indeed a virtual world.

          David Rodwell
          Silver Tongued Angels

          Posted by:


            "I got those gigs, and you know they're sweet!" That was an awesome line.

            Keep it up!

            Posted by:
            • David
            • March 29, 2008 9:22 PM

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