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Who Got the Gig? All in Together Now!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 18, 2008

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Spring cleaning and yellow tulips

Welcome to another wonderful Friday!

Up here in Canada, we're enjoying fantastic weather (24 degrees celsius, oh yeah!) and I'm blogging this from outside thinking about the green green grass of home.

Before you run off for the weekend to plant a garden, do some spring cleaning, take a drive in the country or get the boat out for a pleasure cruise (well, you might be doing that!) , be sure to leave a comment about what you have been up to this week in the wonderful world of voice over.

Ladies and Gents, who got the gig?

I really hope to hear from a lot of you. Spring seems to be kicking opportunities into overdrive and I am eagerly awaiting your comments to learn more about what you've been up to.

Add a comment below!



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    Stephanie, I can't even believe I'm indoors right now, it is pushing 80 degrees F and brilliant blue skies here in New England.

    Work has been flowing copiously. Lots of real estate tours for a company that has recently partnered with the U.S. National Association of Realtors to provide video tours, and I'm their exclusive voice (w00t); an old client for whom I've done phone prompts for years is rebranding and now making lots of Flash animations that need VO (yay!); I recently finished a huge medical elearning project for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Now, I'm waiting to hear from a production company that requested reads in the following sorts of accents: British, Irish, German, Polish, Italian, and Dominican. The job is for a museum installation about immigration. Museums and accents - some of my very favorite things! So I have my fingers crossed.


    Posted by:

      Boy, Stephanie, the weather today is beautiful in Charlotte as well. As I type it is 77 F. I have personally found March/April to be very slow compared to record months in Jan/Feb.

      Obviously, I'm happy anytime work comes in, but there have been a few jobs that I really liked, for example:

      -NFL's Tennessee Titans (web brochure)
      -Joe's Sports & Outdoor (2 commercials)
      -SnoopDetector.com (web commercial for new software)
      -First Guard Insurance & M-Tabs (commercials for XM Satellite Radio)
      -Whisperings Solo Piano Radio on iTunes (concert promos)

      The normal on-hold messaging for my client in Atlanta that provides these services for a 430 store chain and work for the humanitarian relief organization Samaritan's Purse.

      Thanks again for all you and your team do...blessings on your weekend!!

      Brian in Charlotte

      Posted by:

        Well Stephanie,

        For a change, the weather is better in eastern Canada than here in the west. Today I have been working on on-hold messaging for Canada's largest houseboat company:

        This week also saw an e-learning project of 90 screen shots finished for a Canadian institution, more promos for the latest round of WHL hockey on Shaw TV featuring Calgary and Lethbridge in the Eastern final and the fun news intros for W4 News. Have a laugh here:


        I also did a third website narration for entrepeneur Andrew Filipowski.


        Posted by:

          Lets see. First time poster in this area. Hmm. What did I do this week? I did another National product launch for Furuno Navagation Systems. I did some imaging for KOST radio, KZLA, KKOW and a few others. I did a promo for a John Tesh cruise. I did some bumpers and intros for everydayjoy.com as well as iRadioNYC.com. Some phone prompts for TX utilities. A trade show video for TurboTag. Animation stuff for Nest Entertainment in Dallas...and I think that was it. It was a busy week...thank goodness~

          Posted by:

            It's been a slow start for me this year after a myriad of life-changing events. I look at life and work differently now, and VO is what I enjoy most, allowing me plenty of time to actually have a life. One of my goals for 2008 is to transition into doing VO full-time. I did secure a few this week:
            - Imaging for Class Heat Music Group (based in Atlanta)
            - Intros for CD series for Covenant Community Church (NC)
            - Just for me - working on new website, imaging, logo, and promotional items for VO business.

            This is good. Have an awesome day!

            Posted by:

              Hello Steph,

              Just signed on to work with RED CLAY managment to do all voice work and production for all of their up and coming artists, such as all of their radio, tv, and internet promotional ads. We along with Joeyadams.net are getting ready to launch www.wakingupwithandy.com. Andy Deason is a new, hot, funny, topical comedian/poet/songwriter, look out he will be the next BIGGGGGGG YouTube sensation. I will be doing all of Andy's production and voice work along with my management duties, oh and I am still doing a ton of commercials and image work. check out lousvoice.com

              Lou Christian

              Posted by:

                Shoutin' out from Southern California, where the weather has been superb this week.
                One of the world's largest spa manufacturers contacted me directly from my website at Voices.com early this year and has kept my voiceover business "hopping" ever since with a series of sales and e-learning training narrations, and the client says there are more to come. Woo-hoo!
                Other voice over work this week came in from the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, The Hilton Charlotte University Hotel & Resort, Cartersville Medical Center, and Lamborghini Las Vegas.
                To maintain steady vo work is truly a blessing. I am grateful. Have a wonderful weekend!
                All the Best,
                Bobbin Beam

                Posted by:

                  Hey Stephanie,

                  Well, this week I did some ADR work for the anime series "Bleach" airing on Cartoon Network.

                  First time voicing for that one, and a really fun group of people. Hope to do more for them in the future.

                  Oh, and the weather is nice in LA too ;-)

                  Posted by:

                    I haven't landed that much work
                    BUT I've been working hard!
                    and somebody must like me cause
                    I just landed at Number 10
                    on the favorites list
                    so clients may(I hope)
                    use me in the future!
                    Joe Mc Millan

                    Posted by:

                      Earlier this month, I voiced my first gig, a national commercial advocating e-prescribing for Medicare patients for Single Malt Media. I was contacted directly by the client after they heard my demo on Voices.com. I voiced the gig at my local studio, Nakamoto Productions in Sacramento. Ray Nakamoto, the studio owner, has been my coach for several months now and he recently began acting as my manager. He has such a kind heart and amazing spirit and he's an awesome producer.

                      The crazy thing about this gig was that it made me face my biggest fear as Voice Actor. You may have heard the commercial for, I think, Humera, a prescription drug for RA. In it, the voice actor must voice the word "death" as one of the possible side effects. What a word to voice! You have to say it clearly, and without hitting it too dramatically. I'd said over and over to myself, "Please, don't let me get the word 'death' or 'die' in my first few gigs, I don't know how I'll hit it without sounding too over the top!"

                      Well, ask, and ye shall receive. My first gig and the script is ALL about death. I had to say the word "die" not once, but twice(!), and without either throwing it away or making it sound over the top.

                      It all turned out beautifully in the end. A half hour in the booth in Sacramento with the clients in Virginia patched into the studio through the phone and we were finished, and everyone was happy, especially me! I love this job!

                      Thank you, Voices.com, I really love you guys, and I can't wait to meet you all at Voice 2008!

                      Posted by:

                        Helloooo there! Its a sunny 70 in Minneapolis and lovin it! (Usually I am running off to L.A. to save me from the cold!) What a great Idea having people list their jobs! I work full time in VO and session work and have been doing well.

                        Via the voices.com site I have recently done:

                        -Ear Candy & KidRadio.com
                        -Sporty's w/ Michael Clarke Duncan
                        -Columbia Water & Light
                        -A host of real estate spots that have been on going for over a year.
                        -The Starnet Awards
                        -Flickering Mind... and more!

                        I also have a host of work through my agents like playing Catwoman for Technicolor in the Dark Kahn Video Game, Doing the Kiyoseki Styler infomercial for the US and UK, 2 Roundy's spots, Hydrolyze and more! I feel really Lucky to be doing something I love for a living.

                        Thanks for the opportunity to participate and have a tremendous day!

                        Posted by:

                          Good Golly Miss Molly!

                          I'm so happy to hear about the latest and greatest that you've been up to. Thanks for popping by Elisa and Patty. I hope to read more about what you have been recording later this week on the next edition of Who Got the Gig :)



                          Posted by:

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