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Need to Outsource Voice Overs?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 14, 2008

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Voice-overs at Voices.com

Do you have a voice over that you need recorded but can't do yourself?

When your clients make voice over requests that you can't personally fulfill, there's always the option to hire someone else to record the voice over for you, and you'll find that someone at Voices.com.

Want to know more about outsourcing VO?

Outsourcing Voice Overs

Ever had a client ask you to hire someone else (another voice actor) to work with you on a job?

You may encounter voice acting jobs that will require that you enlist the services of a talent of the opposite gender, a talent with contrasting texture in their voice, a different language, vocal style or voice age.

There's a Job for Every Voice and a Voice for Every Job

Sometimes you'll be offered a job that your voice is not at all suited to, or perhaps, you're simply too busy to take the project on.

Whatever your reasons, you can always find the voice that you are looking for at Voices.com, the voice over marketplace.

Getting the Job Done Right

You need the right voice that meets your budget and you need it fast!

There are 3 ways that you can find a voice over talent to record your project:

1. Post a Job
2. Browse the Featured Talent Directory
3. Use the Voices.com Search Engine

Posting a Voice Over Job at Voices.com

I personally recommend posting a voice over job (I've posted about 5 jobs to hire talent) because you'll receive a more than adequate number of proposals from a variety of voice actors who meet your hiring criteria with the ability to easily compare proposals, demos and price quotes.

Also, something unique to this experience is that you guaranteed to find the best voice for your project and can ensure that you are satisfied with the voice over before making payment by using the Voices.com SurePay Escrow service. SurePay is convenient and protects both the buyer (customer hiring talent) and the seller (voice actor who records the voice over), making for worry-free outsourcing and a smooth hiring experience.

Browsing the Featured Talent Directory

If you're ready to rock and need to find a voice for a specific to a particular kind of voice over, let's say telephone voices, radio commercial voices, or narrators for audiobooks, business presentations, voices for podcasts, character voice actors and so on, you'll find everything you're looking for in the Featured Talent Directory linked off of the Voices.com home page and search engine.

Search the Voices.com Talent Search Engine

You know how you can use search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! to find what you are looking for? Voices.com has a voice search engine that helps you to sort talent listings and makes it easier to find the kind of voice or voices you need to complete your project.

You can search by simply by keyword and gender or take advantage of the advanced search options that include factors such as language, location, skills, age, and union status.

The Next Time You Need a Voice...

The team at Voices.com looks forward to serving you!

Be sure to let your colleagues and business associates know about this fast, easy to use (and best of all... free!) web service for outsourcing voice overs.

Voices.com is home to a diverse talent pool spanning the globe and we're proud to say that clients who have hired at Voices.com relate that talent who are listed here are the best in the business. With a 94% client satisfaction rate and the added comfort of SurePay Escrow for purchasing, you know you're in good hands and at the right place.

Best wishes,

Stephanie and The Voices.com Team

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    As an alternate solution, might I suggest just giving the work to me?

    Operators are standing by...

    Posted by:

      This is interesting. This is the first time that I've heard of outsourcing voice overs. And the voice search engine? That would be really awesome.

      Posted by:

        This is cool! Outsourcing has truly changed the way businesses work. It has provided small service providers to reach out to bigger companies and small businesses are given the opportunity to have access to high quality service.

        Posted by:

          That has always been our problem in the past, where to find people with good voices to dub for our corporate videos. Thank you for the information!

          Posted by:

            We never thought that even voice-overs are being outsourced as well. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this to us.


            Posted by:

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