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Interview with the Voice of London Transit Liz Raphael Helgesen


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 22, 2008

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Liz-Raphael-Helgesen.jpgNoticed anything different lately when taking a bus ride in London, Ontario Canada?

According to some people I've spoken with, riding the bus in London has never been so exciting, or for that matter, sensationally sonorous.

Who's calling the stops?

Meet London Transit's new voice, Passion Fruit Productions' Liz Raphael Helgesen.

VOX: How many prompts did you need to record for London Transit's voice overs?

LIZ RAPHAEL HELGESEN: We recorded about 1,000 prompts, mostly street names and monuments that define various stops.

VOX: Did you have a favorite prompt when recording? Any street names that stuck out to you as unique?

LIZ: I liked 1st Hussars Museum. While researching its pronunciation, I became fascinated with the museum™s collection of military history. Also interesting is that it is located in the Old Middlesex County Jail, another historic London Landmark.

VOX: How long did it take you to complete the project?

LIZ: We recorded several lists of prompts over a couple of months.

VOX: Where did you record the voice overs?

LIZ: My own recording studios, Passion Fruit Productions in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

VOX: You are a voice on the move, literally, recording VO for mobile technology (T-Mobile to name one), automobile navigation and now public transit. Is there anything you find particularly satisfying about this kind of voice over?

LIZ: In our mobile, time-pressed society, people are constantly rushing around to get where they need to go. I am grateful that my voice can give people all over the world peace of mind and point them in the right direction.

Are you a voice "on the move", too?

Leave a comment and let us know where your voice is heard!

Best wishes,


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    Hi Liz and Stephanie,

    Thanks for the article - interesting!

    The next time on the rocket of my home town here in London, Ontario I'll think of all the prompts and work that went into making our transit system more efficient for its riders.

    The article also makes me think of Harlan Hogan's brilliant idea of the travelling voiceover artist that was on a previous blog of voices.com

    I see through the grapevine many people are jumping on the band wagon contructing the infamous "Porta Booth".

    This gentleman:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV5Rl-IK-eo
    went as far as producing a step by step video of how versatile the Porta Booth really is!

    I was so intrigued I went out and bought the materials and made exactly like it and it really makes a difference in sound quality - better yet - the cost was minimal!


    Blair Wilson

    Posted by:


      I had the delight of meeting Liz when I took part in a Marice Tobias workshop in Atlanta in October 2007. In addition to being a wonderfully talented voice artist, she's also a wonderfully nice person.

      Be well,

      Posted by:

        I always wanted to know who the voice was! I know all the quotes

        "13 Wellington, Southbound to University Hospital, the University of Western Ontario, St Josephs Hospital, Downtown and White Oaks Mall"

        Posted by:
        • Claire S
        • February 26, 2009 4:58 PM

          I could almost hear her voice in my head as I read Clair's quote. :)

          Who did the Richmond at Broughdale voice? Because it's completely different than all the other ones. Makes my ears perk up every time.

          Posted by:
          • Phronk
          • November 17, 2009 4:03 PM

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