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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 16, 2008

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Football game

Oh Friday, you couldn't have come a moment too soon!

What's been going on in your voice over business this week?

Leave a comment to join the conversation!

Ba ba ba booyah!

Any nice plays in your audio recording studio?

I'd love to hear about the kind of voice over work you recorded this week. Don't be shy... there's nothing wrong with dropping names if you are able.

Have a great long weekend for those celebrating! It's Victoria Day here in Canada on Monday.

Best wishes,


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    Hi - wonder if anyone can offer some advice to me. I've just started doing a long term e-learning project for a client. He said my read was great but complained that my voice was 'popping' at the mike. Its the first time I've had this comment and I'd like to see what I can do to prevent it. Any ideas? Also he said my audition quality was not great (probably why I haven't picked up any jobs from voices.com). I'm using a Snowball dual condenser mic and recording on Audacity. Has anyone used this with good results?

    Posted by:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for commenting and I hope I can help.

      One trick for preventing popping is to smile while you are recording. This is a trick I learned from Pat Fraley. If you are smiling, you don't get explosive plosives when saying words that start with b's and p's.

      Are you using a pop filter?

      Looking forward to hearing from everybody about their VO work and also feel free to chime in with tips :)


      Posted by:

        Hi Stephanie
        I landed 3 Great jobs this week
        thru VOICES.COM!!
        A Speedway in Florida!
        a Church Presentation
        and a Sports Video Narration
        it was a GREAT WEEK!
        Joe Mc Millan

        Posted by:

          Hi Michelle,

          I've garned a few tips over the years re popping P's or bursting B's. One is to "pull your P's"... you just pull your chin in slightly as you say the word that begins with a p or a b. Also works on Ts and Ds! The second tip is to turn your head away from the mic just a smidge as you begin the p and b words. Lastly, maintain a consisent distance from the mic, especially when working on long-ish copy. Typically, the rule of thumb is to have your mouth about a hand's width away from the microphone. And, as Stephanie mentioned, use a pop filter. It makes a big difference.

          Best of success to you,

          David Alden

          Posted by:

            Hi Michelle,

            I too use a pop filter over my condenser and dynamic mics always.

            Not only does it help eliminate popping P's, but it protects the transducer of the mics from moisture damage while performing.

            Watch TV and see how News Reporters use their mic techniques while interviewing people in the news - the mic is always out of 'direct' contact with the interviewee.


            Not a bad week when one can report doing voiceover!

            I did a 60 sec spot and wrote the script for an Auto Sales Gig this week for a video production company - Both the client and the company say they are very pleased and look forward to sending more work my way!

            Thanks Voices.com and everyone for your countless tips in performing voiceovers!


            Blair Wilson

            Posted by:

              Hi Michelle,

              For me a pop filter is mandatory. I started out putting one of my wife's stockings over a bent coat hanger. Now I use a metal screen pop filter from Studio Projects - just for the looks (to match my microphone). I didn't want to admit I actually believed it would sound better than a nylon - but it really does!

              Also, I listened to your voices.com demos. I didn't hear any popping, but I think the quality problem your client is referring to is that you aren't using an expander/compressor - aka dynamics processor. This would filter out the background noise (like the fan in your computer) and pulls back the volume when you get too loud or too close to the mic, and can do some "de-essing" and pop control. I have an "el-cheapo" Behringer Composer Pro-Xl, but most professional recording software will also do a pretty good job of processing, if you can figure it out. I was too impatient to learn the specifics so I got the hardware.

              I know the cost of all this starts to add up, but in my case it was worth it. The week after I started using the dynamics processor I got enough work to more than pay for it. And, just hearing my voice at the improved quality level gave me a real confidence boost.


              Posted by:

                I just went to L.A. two weeks ago for an audiobook workshop with Pat Fraley and Hillary Huber. It was GREAT! Each participant came away with his/her own audiobook demo, and I'm already starting to make some promising contacts.

                --Allen Ellis

                Posted by:

                  Hi all!

                  In the cartoon voice over world, I've been voicing many roles on a Korean Animated series, "Z- Squad," (to air in the Fall) as well as a part on "Arthur," and "Willa's Wildlife" (airing on Discovery Kids in Sept/08).

                  That's all for now!


                  Posted by:


                    About that popping! It's amazing what mics can pick up in a room - even though we may mentally delete certain background noise! I always thought that pop filters of any kind take away from the hi end of a mic's response - so I rarely used one. But now that I prefer not to use headfones when I record, which would be the first place to hear popping, I have one of those round screens that attach to the mic stand via a gooseneck. Seems to not take away as much hi end as one of those cushy sleeve type filters that you put over the mic. Would definately suggest some type of compression on your mic to even up your sound...and don't forget to "normalize" the track before you send it.

                    As far as work goes - this week I finished up an on line course for a construction company in England. Info about their policies, safety first, etc. Some of it got pretty bogged down in corporate administrative chain of command stuff. The challenge is for me to sound like I am the voice of understanding for this corporation when sometimes even I wasn't sure what I was explaining!


                    Posted by:

                      This has been a great week thanks to Voices.com.

                      My goal is to build solid professional relationships with Voices.com clients. It is wonderful to have repeat business from a client who is now a regular. I've voiced six e-learning presentations for Bill Judge and Associates. They are great folks! Also, landed an audiobook deal for a detective novel. I love mysteries and now I'm reading the role of a detective. What fun!

                      Thanks to Voices.com (now I sound like a commercial--but it's true!!!) What an interesting way to network and connect with businesses.

                      Rita Pardue, Owner
                      Angel Wings Productions
                      Los Angeles, CA

                      Posted by:

                        Hello Everyone,

                        I only have been a member of voices.com for a couple of months, and have been auditioning for that long. There's one thing that is keeping me from submitting more auditions. English is my second language and most of the times I feel that my Spanish accent is a big handicap and I just delete the lead instead of submitting the audition. I am in the works of getting better demos than the ones I have on my voices.com web site. I finally was contacted a week ago by someone whom I audition for in Spanish. I submitted the audition and my quote and they replied saying my voice was perfect, and asking if I had access to any premises for recording. I answered them explaining that I had a home studio, but if they wanted me to use a more professional studio I could do that, but I was going to have to re-quote them. Then they said it was okay to record from my house, but to adjust my quote to doing the recording from my house. I then explained to them that the quote I had submitted was based on recording from my house. I also explained to them that if they were going to hire me for the job, they needed to go the surepay system and submit 50% of my fees. That was the end of it. They have not contacted me ever since then. Where did I screw up. Thank you in advance for any and all the advice you can give me.

                        Posted by:
                        • Freddy Piedrahita
                        • May 18, 2008 8:25 PM

                          Good morning Stephanie,

                          Busy week in our padded room. VO for the CMA Nashville,finished VO for the upcoming Billy Graham national TV special that airs in a couple of weeks, radio spots for HillSong United's upcoming US Tour for Integrity Music and Mossy Oak's Obsession Revealed airing on Outdoor Channel.

                          God is Good!

                          -Pete Bunch
                          Greensboro NC USA

                          Posted by:

                            Hi Freddy,

                            Thank you for commenting and it is nice to meet you!

                            With regard to SurePay, the client needs to make a full deposit for the work that is to be done (full meaning the sum you quoted through Voices.com).

                            Here's a very brief summary of what goes on when you get a job offer through Voices.com:

                            1. A client gives you a job offer
                            2. You accept the offer
                            3. The client is then directed to make a deposit into a neutral bank account (SurePay Escrow)
                            4. Once the deposit is made you are notified to start recording
                            5. You upload the finished work
                            6. The client listens to it and if satisfied approves the files
                            7. When the files are approved by the client their deposit (your payment) is released
                            8. Voices.com then sends the released funds to your PayPal account

                            With regard to your professional fee, if it is within the budget range the client specified in the job posting, there shouldn't be a problem with them considering the quote. They like your voice and what you can do for them.

                            I don't think you screwed anything up. You were forthright and quoted a professional fee for the job.

                            Some clients are only concerned with the bottom line. It would appear from what you said that the client was making their final decision based upon price.

                            I think you've given me a great idea for a future article Freddy. This is a hot topic to be sure.

                            Best wishes,


                            Posted by:

                              Hi everyone,

                              Congrats on the gigs this week! I'm very happy to hear from you all and hope that this discussion continues on. Today is a holiday for many of you and I hope you're having a great time.

                              There are a couple of great questions that came up and I'll be following those with articles to be featured on VOX Daily in the near future.

                              Best wishes,


                              Posted by:

                                Hi, Stephanie,

                                Thought I'd let you know that I'm (indirectly) making progress! I found out Friday that my company, Silk Voice Studio dba Sandre Moore, has been named as a semi-finalist for a Small Business Grant from IdeaCafe.com!

                                My business was chosen from 700 entries worldwide, and IdeaCafe will announce the winner online on June 24. I wanted to let you and everyone at Voices.com know that I think one reason my new business has come as far as it has is the help and encouragement I've received from everyone at Voices.com.

                                If I receive the grant, the money, of course, will be invested in a new mic and the rest of the equipment I need to finish my home studio.

                                Thanks, again, everybody who has helped me come this far with so much information about being a professional voice talent.


                                Posted by:
                                • Sandre'
                                • May 19, 2008 11:40 AM

                                  Hello everyone,

                                  I've always used a pop filter and agree with all the techniques suggested here for dealing the plosives. As an experiment, hold a tissue a few inches from your mouth and read some copy. Experiment with turning your head slightly and pulling some the noisy consonants so they don't rattle the tissue as much. It's mostly all about our words sailing on a bed of air and where and how we direct that air. I've found it helped me out.

                                  A quick spot for Jurgo Games and a big one for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for the next few months!!


                                  Posted by:

                                    Hi Stephanie,

                                    I booked a job with a hospital in Texas that required translation from English to Spanish last week. This week I'm headed to LA to record a "How to cut hair" instructional video in Spanish and English.

                                    Voices.com is sweet!!

                                    Thank you and Best wishes,

                                    ~Michael Robles

                                    Posted by:

                                      Hello everyone!

                                      Its only Wednesday but its been a productive week in VO for me. Had a session with Playhouse Disney Asia on Monday for promos for the network, then did a few in store commercials for Walmart's Network. Voiced two character scripts for American Comedy Network and today did a 30 page narration for an Accounting and Auditing Firm.

                                      In reference to Voices.com, today a past client contacted me again to do another script which has more than paid for my subscription to this site, by 10 times! Yeah Voices.com!

                                      Thanks guys...everyone be productive and well!


                                      Posted by:

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