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Did Bright Ideas Get You the Gig?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 23, 2008

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Dollar sign in light bulb

It's all about strategy!

Did your grey matter help you to secure work this week?

Let us know by leaving a comment on this week's edition of "Who Got the Gig!".

What kind of voice over work have you been recording this week?

No doubt many of you saw fit to get as much work done as possible before the Memorial Day Weekend in the United States.

Whether you did the voice work during the past seven days or got to see your voice overs in action recently, we want to hear from you and celebrate :)

Leave a comment!

Best wishes,


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    Among the other work I booked this week, there were two jobs through Voices.com. One was a trailer for a documentary that will be released later this year. The other was a narration for an informational video for the Protestant Reformed Churches.

    Thank you for the on-going opportunities to work in this wonderful voiceover business.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Hey Stephanie!

      Like Bob, among other jobs I recorded this week, the big one was a 3600 word French narration for a Canadian relief organization. This was a client that I had originally gotten though Voices.com last year and that came back for more recordings! Love that!

      Thanks for all you do!



      Posted by:

        Hi Stephanie!

        Wow! I wish every week could be like this past week--four new clients from 3 web sites! I voiced four political spots for an agency in New Mexico, real estate videos for a company in Sacramento, California (on-going work), a :60 health care radio spot for an agency in Pennsylvania, and three TV spots for a health care system in Miami! Not just that, but lots of new online training narration from my best client CitiMortgage, and actually, a little LOCAL web site narration from an agency here in Florida.

        I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Posted by:
        • Robin Rowan
        • May 24, 2008 1:35 PM

          I'm trying to think of any recent jobs that resulted from a bright idea!

          I delivered a bunch of files this week for a regular client (monthly retainer) that I initially got by using the detail-side of my brain rather than the creative side. Large corporation with an RGQ that was pages long. My time in-house at a major defense contractor as a producer/writer/talent prepared me to follow the format to the letter which allowed their procurement department to check off all the right boxes.

          Connie Terwilliger

          Posted by:

            Hmmmm.....bright ideas? Well, once in awhile inspiration strikes - like a new marketing angle, getting in touch with someone from the past, or getting in touch with someone new! Mostly, work seems to come from just plugging away doing the things that are necessary on a consistent basis. Auditioning, keeping demos current - updating often, marketing, keeping in touch with previous clients, making sure technical things are attended to and upgraded - learning new things all the time.

            Work this week ran the gambit from narrations for major corporations to a huge e-learning narration for an ongoing client to last minute phone patch commercials to on hold messaging with music - right up until the close of business on Friday. Seems like I'm always busier right before a holiday or any vacation I have planned! Who knows what next week will bring? That's part of the fun and angst of this business.

            Posted by:


              I landed one new Voice over job thru VOICES.COM this past week BUT 3 Last week!!
              I'm hoping for good things THIS WEEK!

              JOE MC MILLAN

              Posted by:

                I'm suprised how the week has been AFTER the holiday...

                In addition to adding another radio station imaging client, and updating tags for a large market radio campaign from my studio... had the pleasure of old fashioned travel to two other studios... a regional tv campaign for a travel agency, and IVR prompts for a pharmaceutical company's world headquarters.

                A Voices.com client I did work for a few years ago recently contacted me to update his Insurance Company's web narration.

                Very grateful to all the wonderful clients I've met via Voices.com!

                Posted by:

                  Hi Stephanie,

                  I was hired for an ISDN-session of more than one hour, recording the prompts for Motorola's new handsfree set speech menu. The company that hired me is located in the USA. It was funny - sitting in my soundbooth and talking to the sound engineer and 4 guys from Motorola via ISDN - all of them calling in from a different location - while doing the German voiceovers and listening to the directions in American English. It was a nice session.. ;-)

                  Greetings from Munich, Germany

                  Doris Lauerwald

                  Posted by:

                    Hi Stephanie;

                    Well TWO more jobs this Past week booked Thru VOICES.COM, and it was a short week! Plus I've Landed at NUMBER 7 on the FAVORITES LIST.

                    7 is my Lucky number!

                    JOE MC MILLAN

                    Posted by:

                      Just finished a national commercial for Toyota yesterday. Looking forward to big things to continue throughout the week. Hasta!

                      Posted by:
                      • B.Z.
                      • June 3, 2008 10:55 AM


                        Another GREAT WEEK!

                        2 more JOBS booked thru VOICES.COM. One thru the website and one directly contacting me Because of my VOICES.COM WEBSITE.

                        Plus Other Voice-over work from Past clients.

                        I've been able to JUST do Voice-over work ONLY for the Past couple of months!
                        working from my Home Studio.

                        No GAS worries! Commuting! It's been SUPER!

                        PLUS I'm Now NUMBER 6 on the VOICES.COM FAVORITES LIST!

                        It's an Exciting Time for me!!

                        JOE MC MILLAN

                        Posted by:

                          Hi Stephanie!

                          I've spent the past 2 weeks just trying to catch-up with Joe Mc Millan!!! (LOL)

                          And I'm just happy to be breaking into the TOP 100.

                          LOOK OUT JOE... I'm comin!


                          Posted by:
                          • JC Haze
                          • June 7, 2008 2:48 PM

                            Hi Stephanie!

                            Just landed a great package of spots for a cluster of 10 radio stations! Awesome!
                            The 10, 15, and 30 sec spots will run throughout each of the 14 days - morning, noon, evening and overnight!

                            Gonna be busy!

                            This is because of networking with the right people at the right time!!

                            My director says he is quite impressed with the talent I provide where I have showcased my stuff on Voices.com!

                            P.S. Liked your article on Pay-It-Forward. A young aspiring voice artist was looking for scripts and says he searched everywhere - so I referred him to Voices.com and sent him some of my own scripts - he was more than grateful.

                            Also "Rodney Saulsberry" and his books and Podcasts are very helpful - Thanks Rodney!

                            Keep up the great work at Voices.com! Your company is constantly developing new and innovative ideas for voiceover artists and their clients - thank you so much Voices.com!


                            Blair Wilson

                            Posted by:

                              Hi Stephanie!
                              I'm a voice-over oldie but a Voices newbie. In the last two weeks I did a series of promo demos for a new show on Fox next season. I'm so excited about that - I have been trying to break the promo market. Yay!

                              I also did a scratch track for a movie to be shown in the new the Grammy's museum opening in LA in December - hopefully recording the rest soon! I was the announcer at the Grammy's this year so I had a bit of an "in" :).

                              I do the Jenny Craig campaign and that is still happily humming along and I just did some branding work for a radio station in San Diego.

                              I'm off to Promax next week in New York - hopefully I can meet some new people and see a lot of cool stuff! Seth Macfarlane is the keynote speaker and I am a "Family Guy" fan - so excited!!

                              Happy Voicing everybody! AND Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.

                              Rebecca Riedy

                              Posted by:

                                Did a Japanese voiceover the other day. Just got a call this morning for another project. This time using my best RP British accent! (ha, ha)

                                It's all good!


                                Posted by:

                                  Hi Stephanie,

                                  Last week I booked the Weroc Anthem, LA DOT, Toyota/Scion, and a tv spot for an electronics warehouse in Los Angeles. Voices.com is great!!

                                  I'm looking for my first cartoon gig, Disneyland here I come!!!

                                  Best Wishes,
                                  ~Michael Robles

                                  Posted by:

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