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24 Hour Guarantee

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 29, 2008

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GuaranteeI'd like to share something with you that we've just created!

At Voices.com, we've instituted a new guarantee for clients (buyers of voice over services) that is both simple and powerful.

Want to learn more?

Our 24-Hour Guarantee

We guarantee that by posting your voice over job at Voices.com you'll receive responses from qualified voice actors within 24 hours of your job posting being approved. Literally, within 24 hours, you could be smooth sailing down the road to project completion!

Tackle Tight Deadlines

Need to hear some voices and have a tight deadline? What if you could streamline the hiring process to such a degree that everything you needed to do to find a voice was done and over within 24 hours? At Voices.com, we offer more than just a run of the mill solution to you help you meet your goals... our company is proud to present a guarantee that we stand behind 100%.

$100.00 Credit

If you don't receive any responses to your job posting within 24 hours of it being approved by our team, we'll give you a $100 credit to put toward the hiring of a voice talent at Voices.com.

We can confidently give you this guarantee because we have the best freelance voice actors in the world, from all over the world, promoting their services at our voice over marketplace ready to work for you.


To get the fine print out of the way, this is what you need to know in order to qualify for the guarantee:

1. Your job must meet our Job Posting Guidelines (Download 1-Page PDF).
2. The language of the script must be in either English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.
3. Your job must be posted as a public job posting available to all eligible members of the site, not just one person.

By using our quick and easy outsourcing service, and with the assurance of our guarantee, you'll be getting responses in record time that are within your budget in 24 hours or less.

Now that's service ;)

Do you have a guarantee? I'd love to hear about it!

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Best wishes,


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    An excellent idea and I suspect you'll never have to give anyone that $100.00 credit.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Kudos, Stephanie!

      Satisfaction Guaranteed is my motto, too whenever working with clients. Such a guarantee solidifies the comfort level of the customer and is definitely part of the formula for running a successful business.

      All the Best,
      Bobbin Beam

      Posted by:

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