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9 VO Hacks to Sound Better and Save Money

Actor, Know Thyself! 3 Things You Should Figure Out

Does Practice Make Perfect? 4 Steps You'll Want to Follow!

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Voice Acting Auditions

What's the #1 Secret Ingredient for Box Office Success?

How To Use Storytelling to Make Science More Accessible

4 Tips to Keep Players from Tapping the Mute Button on Your Casual Game

The Beautiful Narration of Many Beautiful Things

Introverts: Does Auditioning Energize or Drain You?

Want To Be More Authentic in a Role? Here's How!

5 Tips For Doing Business with Northwestern Europeans

5 No-Nos for Voice Actors

How Do You Get into Character?

Want to Act Full-Time? How to Go from Hobbyist to Acting Pro

Find the Right VO Delivery for Any Script, Every Time

Midwest Voice Over Conference May 12-14, 2016

Is Casting an Art or a Science?

How Realistic Are Your Expectations? Excellence vs Perfection

Thinking and Acting Like Your Own Agent

Incomplete: Why Artists Leave Work Undone

Understanding the Role of Voice-Over in Advertising and Beyond

VoiceMatch Update - Accents, Roles and Styles

How To Grow Your Audience? Check Out Disney's Use of Localization

The Secret Behind Animated Characters That Endure

3 Tips For Localizing Your Voice-Over Script

Voice Actors, Want to Stand Out? Use Different Words

How Disney-Pixar's Inside Out Helps Actors with the Creative Process

How Do Dolphins, Bats and Marvel's Daredevil See?

How Has Siri Changed You or the Way You Speak?

5 Tips To Consider For Your Next Voice Over Audition

Why Does Hollywood Make the Films it Does?

Voices.com at VO Atlanta in March 2016

Seeing Green? Promoted Jobs are Now Rush Jobs

How to Craft Clear and Meaningful Artistic Direction

Words, Don't Fail Me Now! Making Artistic Direction Less Ambiguous

3 Tips for Getting the Best Voice-Over Auditions Online

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Out Your Voices.com Profile

Why Voice Actors Need Headshots in Today's Marketplace

4 Cash Flow Tips To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Want to Save Time in the Recording Studio? Use Presets and Session Templates!

Buying a Microphone? 5 Rules You Should Know!

How to Create Commercials People Will Actually Watch

5 Power Tips to Build Your VO Business

Looking for Authentic Wildlife Vocalizations? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Can Help!

Does Your Microphone Help or Hinder You?

What Is Professional Services, How It Works and How It Benefits You

Is Your Brand Ready for the Holiday Season?

Is That Acting Role Right For You? Here Are 3 Ways to Tell

Is Your Profile Headshot Limiting Your Voice Over Opportunities on Voices.com?

How to Effectively Work with a Newcomer in the Voiceover Industry

Mid-Atlantic Voice-Over Conference

3 Reasons Why Your Ads Get Skipped on YouTube

Recording Voice-Overs on the Road

Synesthesia: What "Sound Purple" Really Means

Updating Your Phone System? Read This First!

Cold Reading Gold: Why Thinking Less Can Help Your Acting

Voices Where You Least Expect Them

Why You Might Not Be Booking Work at Voices.com (and what you can do about it)

3 Ways to Do What You Do Well Even Better

Introducing Multi-User Accounts at Voices.com

How To Create Great Fictional Characters

Voices.com Survey On How Voice-Over Impacts Ad Industry

3 Tips on How to Improve Communication

Constructing Languages for Hollywood Films

Voices.com Opens New York Office

Making the Case for a Home Studio

7 Great Ways to Promote Your Voice

Cheap Computers for Voice Pros: A Bad Bargain?

Why You Need A Demo Reel - Now

Google Mobilegeddon Touches Voice, Too

It's Your Choice: Professional Services or Self-Serve?

Movie Sound Effects - a Look Behind the Sound Designer's Curtain

Midwest Voice Over Conference: Get Ready To Learn

ipDTL Opens Doors For Remote Voice Talent

Software Won't Replace Human Translation Anytime Soon

Voices.com Website Now Features Advanced Job Filtering

Q&A With Voice Professional Lauren Holladay

NAB Show Highlights Fast-Changing Industry

Voices.com Prepares Its Own Apple Watch App

Why Do You Work?

Where Does Your Voice Naturally Shine?

How Much Does Honey Really Help?

Finding Free Voice-Over Resources Quickly Online

The Writers and Actors Group in NYC

Using Quora to Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Pivot: An Ed McMahon Lesson from David Goldberg

The Ultimate VO Guide Really Is Ultimate

6 Tips From Voices.com's Talent Pros

3 Tips For How to Pronounce Difficult Names

Getting Ready For VO Atlanta

Two Mics With Game-Changing Appeal For Voice Pros

3 Ways Narrators Can Use Goodreads.com

3 Ways To Protect Your Voice

Using MBTI For Character Development

Let It Go: The Song That Made Frozen

Art Imitating Life: Physicality in Frozen

Walt Disney On Value Proposition

The Making of Frozen: How Disney Creates an Animated Classic

Voices.com Premium Membership Giveaway!

Facebook at Work Speaks to Voice Talent

4 Sounds You Can Create at Home

YouTube Hits The 60 fps Gas Pedal

Toy Story 4 Set for June 2017 Release

Where Does Pixar Find Its Animators?

Feast On Disney's New Short

DreamWorks, Marvel Studios Play Release-Date Bingo

Audition Improvements Feature Helps Talent, Raises Project Quality

London Poppy Day 2014: Using Voice To Honour

Big Hero 6 = Big News For Animation

SpeechMasterPro Helps Pros Speak Better

When Famous Actors Voice Video Games

Why Voice Trumps Music When Calling Customer Service

How Analytics Levels The Playing Field

Press A Button, Silence Someone's Voice

Does Environment Affect Vocal Performance?

Optimus Prime, Sheriff Woody & What Makes A Character Great

Should you Ello?

Do You Dread Public Speaking? Try These Exercises!

Vox Talk wants YOU!

How To Present Yourself As A Native Speaker

Should You Insure Your Voice?

Why Should Radio Stations Hire Freelance Voice Talent?

5 Steps To Building A Great App Preview Video

Bringing Your A-Game and Getting Involved

Vanishing Act: Movie Trailers Are Going Voiceless

Clear Channel Rebranding Reshapes Radio's Future

Apple App Store Video Preview Is A Gamechanger

Don't Ignore Your Vocal Health

Microsoft Buying Minecraft Creator Will Drive Mobile Voice

The 3 Things Voice Pros Can Learn From Sir Jony Ive

Don Pardo's Final Voice Lesson

iPhone 6, 6 Plus & Apple Watch: Studio On The Go for Voice Pros

Apple iWatch Could Drive Voice Over Market

How Localization Unlocks Business Growth Potential

Are You a Self-Made Voice Over Actor?

Slate In Character Or Don't Slate At All

Most Common Languages Other Than English and Spanish Spoken in the US

Who's the Voice on the MLB Perfect Inning App?

Dissolve: The Rest Is History

Raise Your Recording Studio Fashion with VOXTees

3 Simple Steps to Better Communication in Voice-Overs

The 1 Thing It Takes To Be The Right Voice

Voices.com Exhibiting at VOICE 2014

Do You Know Where to Find Children's Voice Acting Jobs?

How To Cast Like Marion Dougherty

Tips for Broadcast Journalists from the World of Voice Acting

Otishia Emmens on Cross-Referencing Your Voice-over Career

Upcoming Changes to Terms of Service

Do You Want to Get into Cartoon Voice Overs?

What's New with the Voices.com iOS App?

Enhancing Your Social Media Marketing with Audio

Does Gender Matter When Casting a Voice Over?

Need Resources for Auditioning and Casting Voice Overs?

Why Add Narration to Your Travel Package Videos?

We're Bringing VOX Talk Back!

Introducing Voices.com Partner Programs!

How Audioguides Can Enhance the Travelers Experience

What is the Most Effective Length for a TV Commercial?

10 Skills to Look for in an Audiobook Narrator

Using a Full Voice-over Cast vs. a Single Narrator for Audiobooks

"The Tale of Benjamin Sawyer" Wins Top Honours in the Rode Short Film Contest

How to Ensure Your Voice is Consistent from Audition to Job

Jay Britton's Innovative Journey into Voice Overs

6 Ways to Get Organized and Increase Productivity

Celebrating Father's Day with Audiobooks

New Awards Ceremony Celebrating All Things Voice Over!

English Version: Spanish Voice Over Talent in the Industry Evolution Spiral

Spanish Voice Over Talent In the Industry Evolution Spiral

How Do Publishers Decide What Books to Turn Into Audiobooks?

Winners of the 2014 Audies Awards

The Evolution of Audiobooks Continued: From Cassette Tapes to Digital Downloads

In Celebration of JIAM: The Evolution of Audiobooks

What Do You Like To Read About?

How Can You Provide Live Direction Remotely?

Celebrating Audiobooks: Are you attending APAC and the Audies?

Are Movie Trailer Voice Overs Becoming Extinct?

Tommy Griffiths 5-Minute Workout for Voice Actors

What Jobs are there for Spanish Speaking Voice Talent?

How to Protect Your Voice During Wildfire Season

Voices.com is Now Available in Spanish!

How To Improvise and Ad Lib as a Voice Actor

Reflections on NAB 2014

The Professional's Guide to Voice Acting

How To Sound Like a Pterodactyl

VO Atlanta 2014 Recap

Landfill Harmonic

What Does Commitment Look Like?

What to Expect at VO Atlanta 2014

Edge Studio Exclusive Event with 3 Top Performing Voice Actors

How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

What Makes a Character Special?

What Do You Notice About Voices?

Introducing VoiceMatch Invitations

3 Tips for Spanish Voice Talent Wanting to Work in the US Market

How To Make Reading Aloud More Exciting

Is Accessible Media Truly Accessible?

Speed Talking Tips

4 of the Most Common Voice Acting New Year's Resolutions

New Promoted Jobs Feature at Voices.com

10 of the Most Influential Voice Actors of All Time

Will You Learn The Gettysburg Address?

How To Help The Philippines

Veterans in Voice Over 3: In Honor of Heroes

How Are Voice Talent Using Twitter?

Website Maintenance Saturday November 9, 2013

Veterans in Voice Over 2: In Honor of Heroes

Veterans in Voice Over: In Honor of Heroes

Does Celebrity Voice Acting in Animation Boost Box Office Sales?

Voice Acting For Dummies at a Library Near You

Deborah Sale-Butler: Fake It Till You Make It

What is a Native Speaker?

Top 10 Most Successful Brand Mascots of All Time

What Can Music Tell You?

7 Tips to Reduce Allergens in the Home

Jerry Buckner is No One Hit Wonder

A Halloween Movie Marathon with Tim Burton

How Do You Know if You Should Audition or Not?

What is an NDA and When Should One Be Issued?

Can Non-Union Work be Converted to Union Work? YES! It can!

Can Non-Union Talent be hired for a Union Production?

How Are You Promoting Your Voice?

5 Stages for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Need Royalty-free Music? Check out YouTube's Latest Offering

3 Tips for Casting Voice Talent in Animation

3 Ways To Spot A Signature Voice

Your Business Has a Story to Tell!

6 Tips for Writing a Stellar Voice Over Script

Are You Attending Voice Over Virtual?

Pirate Talk Takes Over the World on September 19th

Who Won the Round Island Character Voice Over Contest?

Saying Goodbye to an Audio Pioneer

How To Listen For The Perfect Voice

The Working White House

Who Inspired You to Follow Your Dreams?

VO Buzz Weekly on Voice Acting for Dummies

Preserving Argentina's National Language

8 Audio Production Tips for Voice Actors

Voice Over Royalty, June Foray, talks with VO Buzz Weekly

Back to School: Getting into the Routine

A Shellabration with SpongeBob SquarePants

Voice Actors Who Can Perform Animal Noises

Conditions that Affect the Voice

For Whom The Egg Boils

What Will Ben Affleck's Batman Voice Sound Like?

How Pete Gustin Overcame Adversity to Make a Career in Voice Overs

Protecting Your Voice From Wildfire Raspiness

IndieCade: The International Festival of Independent Games

Raising ALS Awareness: A Billion for Bob

Mike Rowe Demonstrates VO Trick in "Adventures in Voiceover"

A Discussion on Gender Specific Vocal Stereotypes

The Voice Over's Kryptonite

Resources For Animation Students

Is the Announcer Coming Back?

When The Words You Speak Are Not Your Own

Victorian Thaumatrope Animation

Round Island's UK Summer Voiceover Competition

Bill Cooper Discusses DIY Recording Booths

Voice Over Times Now Syndicated in Google News Listings

Stop by the Voices.com Booth at SIGGRAPH 2013

Favorite Voice Overs Performed by Real Children

A Voice for Those Who Don't Have One

Google Glass Demo for Paul Shaffer of the Late Show

Canada's First Google Glass Explorer, David Ciccarelli

Science Fiction or Reality? Audio Ads Only You Can Hear

Voice Over Contest from the Creators of "I Know That Voice"

How Will You Be Celebrating Canada Day?

Will "In a World..." Help More Women Break Into Movie Trailer Narrations?

Jim Ross Meskimen on How to Do Impressions

Demand Success: Vocus Conference 2013

Coffee vs Tea Which Do You Prefer?

5 Keys to a Sticky Online Video

Kurt Feldner on the All My Love (for You) Childrens App

J Michael Collins Shares His Voice Over TACO

Voices.com Gets a Modern New Look, Works on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Adriana Sananes on Narrating Audie Nominated "We Are America"

9 Tips To Help You Succeed

A New Website is Coming to Voices.com

Rodney Saulsberry Shares Why You Have to Know When to Stop

Scotty Newlands Talks with Vox Daily About Voice-Overs and His Performance Career

When You're Smiling, the World Smiles Too!

Celebrating Audiobook Month with Going Public...in Shorts!

Animated Films Where Sound Design Reigns Supreme

Bilingual Voice Talent Liz de Nesnera Remembers Her Mother

Should You Get Your Thyroid Checked?

Top 5 Job Posting Categories at Voices.com

Investigate the World of Voiceover LIVE with David Goldberg of Edge Studio

3 Skills Every Voice Actor Working Today Needs To Have

3 Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

VoiceWorld Toronto Thrilled To Announce OIART as Gold Sponsor

VoiceWorld Toronto Pleased To Announce Platinum Sponsor Edge Studio

Got a Short Attention Span?

How An Actor's Essence Shines Through Their Creation

Common Storylines in Animated Films

Pronunciation Guides for Audiobook Narrators

Do You TOOBALOO? A Tool Designed For Reading and Speech.

Voices.com Talent Narrates Vatican II: Inside the Council

Is Your Voice-Over Diet Balanced?

Pat Fraley's Keynote at VoiceWorld Toronto

Customer Service Tips

Starting Your Own Business

Auditioning Tips From Voices.com Project Managers

Will Text-To-Speech Ever Replace Custom Voice-Over Recordings?

Voice Acting For Dummies Book Signing

First Look! Responsive Web Design Coming to Voices.com

The Power of Voice-Over Narrators in Video Production

It's Not About The Voice, It's What You Do With It

How Acting Keeps You Young

Super Bowl 47: Enjoy The Game

Seeing in Stereo

Can You Hear The Mosquito? High Frequency Sound in Action

Voices.com Android App Contest Winner Announced

The Future of Voice-Overs

Sound Too Regional? Accent Reduction Might Be For You

Surround Sound

Voices.com Android App Now Available in Google Play

Voices.com Android App Contest

Before You Get an LA VoiceOver Agent, Start Working Online

The Voices.com Android App Is Coming!

Voices.com Interview With Karen DeBoer

Taking The Plunge as a Voice Actor

The Vow By Kim and Krickitt Carpenter

The Impact of Character Voices in Cartoons

Who Is Your Voice Acting Hero?

Not Looking The Part

Merry Christmas From Voices.com

Radio Can Prepare You For Voice Acting. Here's How!

Cast Your Vote! Voices.com Christmas Decorating Contest

Does Voice-Over Fit You?

International Sound Check Day

Tom Cheek, Former Voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, Wins Frick Award

VoiceWorld Toronto May 3-4, 2013

More Demand For Voice-Overs

How's Your Daily Grind?

How To Be A Great Radio Imaging Voice

What Does The Voice-Over Community Mean To You?

Using iPads in the Classroom and Beyond

Perseverance Pays Off

New Audio Player and Navigation at Voices.com

Abraham Lincoln's Voice

Audio Description Available For Vision Impaired

Let Us Know What You Think of Voices.com's New Home Page

The Voice of Bubbles

The Gig That Keeps On Giving

Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants VeggieTales Voice-Over Dream

Trusting Your Instincts in Online Voice Casting

Voice-Over Scripts: Screens VS Paper

How "Green" Is Your Home Recording Studio

How To Talk Like A Pirate

Take 1. Take 2. Take 3. How Many Takes Are Reasonable?

Neil Young On A Quest To Rescue Audio Quality

Do You Use Double Spaces After Punctuation Marks?

What Is Success And Happiness?

Peter Cullen Celebrates Optimus Prime's New Lease On Life

Satomi Suzuki, Olympic Medalist, Wants To Be A Voice Actress

Voices.com's Summer 2012 Release

A Voice Sounding Not Unlike Sam Elliott

4 Tips For Film Narrators

Do You Have A Facebook Page For Your Business?

Are You Bringing It?

The Gift Of Hearing

Drop Page, Warbucks Continues

We Listened, We're Sorry, Here's What We're Willing To Do

Changes to Voices.com Terms of Service

The Voice Contestant Jesse Campbell

The Importance of Saying Someone's Name Properly

The Power Of Being A Mentor

Narrators North Of 60

One Thousand Gifts, An Attitude of Gratitude

How Being Strong-Willed Can Help You Succeed In Life

What Is Apple Doing With Your Voiceprint?

Je Ne Sais Quois: Getting Voice Work You Can't Explain

What Is A Lingua Franca?

How Friendships Are Born

June Foray Wins Daytime Emmy Award

Llama Llama Red Pajama App Review

Yodeling Pickles And Rubber Chickens

Leaping Lizards! $250,000 That Could Pay It Forward in Voice-overs

VOICE 2012 Day 2: Beverly, Celia And The Super Socials

Pixar Brave Voice Cast

VOICE 2012, The Week That Was

Voice Acting For Dummies, Coming Soon!

Write Your Review Of The Voices.com iPhone App

7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the iPhone

The Voice Is The Mirror Of The Mind

How To Use Your Time Wisely Between Voice-over Gigs

How Have Celebrity Narrators Affected The Audiobook Market?

How To Choose Music For Voice-Over Recordings

How To Audition On The Voices.com iPhone App

How To Use The Voices.com iPhone App As A Voice Talent

Digitizing Culture

How To Hire Voice-over Talent Using Voices.com's iPhone App

Interview With Voices.com iPhone App Developer

SurePay Is Getting Faster!

Weirdest Places Auditions Have Been Recorded

Jake Foushee Represented By Abrams Artists Agency

5 iPhone Microphones Reviewed

Voices.com for iPhone is Pending Approval

Where Is Movie Trailer Voice-Over Going?

The Art Of Translation

Do You Build Time In For Resting Your Voice?

How Many Spoken Languages Are There On Earth?

How To Report Your Voices.com Earnings At Tax Time

Dictionaries Deem "Voice-Over" As Proper Spelling

Winner of the Voices.com Radio Commercial Contest on BOB FM

Voices.com Wins Business of the Year!

The Longest Words Ever Spoken

Voices.com Radio Commercial Contest

Investing In Yourself As A Voice Actor

Ashley Davidson, Employee of the Month

New Voice Acting Resources at Voices.com

How We Built The iPhone App

How Voices.com Helps Talent Navigate The Online Marketplace

Will SAG and AFTRA Merge?

Tips Narrators Can Use From An Audiobook Reviewer Perspective

Sources Of Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

Making It In Voiceover

Meet Voices.com At VOICE 2012

Kelly Matthews, Employee of the Month

How To Achieve Optimal Posture

Singing And Speaking Through Tears

Wild Mississippi Documentary Narrated By Chris Nichter

Creating Opportunities For Your Voice

Angry Birds Interview With Sound Designer, Ari Pulkkinen

How To Get Permission To Record A Copyrighted Book

How Does Your Work Reflect You?

London ABCs App Voiced By Voices.com Talent

How Do Authors Name Fictitious Characters?

MyVoice App Helps People Overcome Speech Challenges

Voices of Influence

What Makes Cereal Mascots So Effective?


How Do You Protect Your Hearing?

The Endangered Sounds List

The Use Of Silence In Audio Recordings

12 Trends of Voice Acting for 2012

Nature's Narrators

Top 10 VOX Daily Posts From 2011

Lin Parkin, Voices.com Employee of the Month

Will The World End In 2012?

Communicating Messages With Talent And Grace

Tips For How To Control Your Voice

Where Did Your Voice Come From?

Translating An Author's Intent and Innermost Thoughts

Applying Creativity In Unusual Ways

So This Is Christmas?

Creative Ways To Use VoiceMatch To Your Advantage

CBC Legend Don Brown Visits Voices.com

Getting Started in the Recording Booth Featuring Dan Friedman

How To Manage Your Time

Homework Assignment Gets Spiffed in the Mix

3 Ways To Get Noticed At Voices.com

Why Are There So Many Languages?

Making Choices

Just Voicing To Amuse Yourself?

Puppy in My Pocket Voiceover Casting Call

Positive Feedback Indicators on Auditions

Andrew Amos, Employee of the Month

Do You Have What It Takes? Discover 5 Voice Director Expectations

How To Price Projects Exceeding 100,000 Words

How To Make VoiceMatch Work For You

Why Winning Auditions Are Seldom Made Public

To Thine Own Self Be True

The 10 Week VO Holiday Challenge

How a Revised VoiceMatch Will Help Talent

The Animation Voice Demo: 6 Key Elements

New Icons at Voices.com

Coming Soon... VoiceMatch

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Voice

Voice Acting in Video Games Workshop at Voices.com

A Casting Director's Tips For Getting The Part

How Character Voices and Accents Can Get You Noticed

Refer a Friend, Get a Free Month at Voices.com

How To Volunteer as a Reader For The Blind and Partially Sighted

Ultimate Dog Tease a Creative Take On Dubbing

Voices.com Presents "Is That My Voice?" During Culture Days

What's Your Most Memorable Voiceover Gig?

6 Ways To Help Prevent Vision Loss

Voices.com Send a Thank You Feature

Harlan Hogan's Porta-Booth Pro Up For an Award

CNIB SENSEsation unGala in London on September 30, 2011

Voices.com Opening A Grand Success

New Profiles Now Live at Voices.com

8 Reasons Why You Should Host a Party For Your Business

The Winner of the Audio Recording Gear Review Contest

The Benefits of Being a Polyglot

Freelancer Tips For Working From Home With Kids

Audio Recording Gear and Software Review Contest at Voices.com

Silencing The Voice Of Your Inner Critic

Voices.com To Ride The Heart & Stroke Big Bike!

Does Your Voice Save Lives?

Improving Your Vision To See Scripts More Clearly

The Sweetest Sounds in the World

Where There's Struggle, There's Life

Recording Artists Are Storytellers

A Narrator's Secret Confession

Voices.com Fall 2011 Preview

VOX Daily Surprise

Voices.com Sponsors CNIB SENSEsation2011 UnGala

Voices On The Radio

Tips For Researching And Developing Characters

Improvements Made To Voices.com's Job Invitation Emails

Never Give Up!

Reaching The On-Demand Generation Through Advertising

13 Things NOT To Do In Your Audition

How Strategic Partnerships Can Get You More VO Work

How To Keep Characters Straight When Reading Multiple Roles

Using Images To Make Voiceovers More Believable

Little Known Facts About E.T.'s Voice

Two Skype Clinics Offered by Edge Studio

Do Voice Talent Retire?

The 7 Most Common Bilingual Voiceover Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The Real King's Speech

The First Commercial VoiceOver Ever?

Can Voiceovers Hinder Business?

Ideas For Protecting Your Voice When Gardening

Theophilus Thistle Tongue Twister

Outsourcing Audio Editing

What Has Losing Your Voice Taught You?

How Your Eyes Help You Interpret A Script

How Do You Talk About Voiceovers?

What's The Best Voice Over Job You've Woken Up To?

Interview with Beatboxing Phenom Mike Tompkins

Voices.com Answers is Live!

How Do You Amplify Your Voice?

Narrating Fairy Tales A Good Niche For Voice Artists

Cool Audio Landmarks and Monuments

How To Research Job Opportunities Before Auditioning

Interview with NASA Prelaunch Voice, Jim Conlan

Fathers Celebrated Around The World

Insights on Corporate Narration from Voice Over London

How To Soundproof Your Home Recording Studio

The Canada Post Lockout And How It May Affect You

Booking Behind The Mic: Why Microphones Are Every Actor's Ally

How Focused Are You?

Voices.com Presents at PodCamp London 2011

Is The Narrator of a TV Show Always the Star?

Why Businesses Should Have A Pro Voice On Their Voicemail

How To Replace or Delete Demos on Voices.com

Yakkin' With Yakko

Mario Teaches Typing 1992

June Is Audiobook Month!

Voices.com Has Moved, New Hours Of Operation

Voices.com Is Moving On Wednesday June 1, 2011

How To Tell If Someone Has Been Hired at Voices.com

Are Cold Reads Really "Cold"?

Polishing and Promoting Your Voices.com Profile

How Testimonials Build Trust Online

Want More People To Hear Your Demo? Here's How!

Making Your Voices.com Profile More Marketable

Why Reading Dr. Seuss is Harder Than You Think

Voices.com Participates At Career Day For High School Students

The Voice (TV Show)

How To Find Public Domain Works To Record

3 Tips for Creating Your Own Buzz

Do You Find Meaning In Your Work

How To Take Care Of Your Voice

How Do You Stay Motivated and Self-Assured In Your Work?

Voices.com Helps Give Talent The Edge Studio Advantage

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding

Dan McKeague Outquacks Them All For Aflac

Oscars Petition Gains Momentum And A Voice!

What Are Voice Over Effects?

How Text-To-Speech Gave Roger Ebert His Voice Back

Weird Al Yankovic Gets Serious About Audiobooks

After The Classes: Where Do I Go From Here?

How To Create Voices Without Audio References

3 Great Animation Voice Acting Resources

Encouraging Words for Today's Working Voice Actor

Dialing It Back: The Business of Corporate Videos

10 Voice Tips for Women to be Heard More

Oscars: Is It Time To Introduce a Voice Over Category?

Voice Over Times: How To Submit Your News

How To Get An Agent Dos and Don'ts

How Much Does Your IVR Know?

Quoting Per Word

Wheel of Fortune's First-Ever Female Announcer, Lora Cain

How To Increase Your Audition To Booking Ratio

How Does Physicality Play Into Voice Work?

Self-Assessment: Is Voice Over The Right Career For You?

20 Marketing Ideas For Voice Over Actors

Sticking Out in a Crowd

The Emotional Voice

How Can Your Child Get Into Voice Overs?

Keep It Simple!

Get Your Own Voices.com Badge!

Living and Working Together: How Do You Make It Work?

Narrating For Local TV

Talking Toys: Who Voices Those Anyway?

How Your Microphone Picks Up The Real You

Voice Over London Workshop March 5, 2011

How To Open .Docx Files

5 Tips For Decluttering Your Studio

Client Experience Report Winter 2011

Winter 2011 Release With New Features

SurePay Payment Schedule 2011

Tips For Getting More Eyeballs (and Ears!) on Your Voice Over Demo

What Does $39 Million in Voice Over Jobs Look Like?

How To Pick the Right Microphone For Your Voice

Top 5 Job Categories Of All Time

Slating, Altering Copy, Watermarking and More

Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Take Your Candle And Go Light Your World!

Who Won Voices.com's Photo Contest? Find Out!

I Dream of VO

The Journey

Why Voices.com's SurePay Service Exists and How it Can Help You

You Could Win an iPad! Enter Voices.com's Photo Contest.

Don't Drop The Copy!

Music in Demos? Let the Debate Begin!

Mixing Voices in Unison

Are There Any Men in Telephony Voice Over?

Making Your Childhood Joy Your Living

Want Your Voice to Stand Out? Smile!

To Pop or Not? Are Pop Filters Necessary?

Golden Voices Show Support For Homeless at Wilshire and San Vicente

Are You Living Up to Your Demos?

A Golden Voice Rises in Columbus, Ohio

12 Intricacies of Voice Acting and Production

Rose Parade Features Announcing for the Blind

What Was Your Favorite Voice Over Job of 2010?

Setting The Stage For Theatre of the Mind

Win a Voices.com Premium Membership!

How Painting Pictures With Words Helps the Blind To See

VOX Daily is 5 Years Old!

How Researching Can Enrich Your Reads

It's Time To Meet The Muppets!

Is Your Business Ready For 2011?

Voices.com Success Manager is Here to Help!

Trends in Children's Voice Casting

VOpedia.com, New Wiki Resource for the Voice Over Community

Kari Wahlgren Returns to Adventures in Odyssey

The Exception To The Rule

10 Benefits of Working From Home-based Recording Studios

TomTom Voice Contest Winner, Alan Medcroft!

What Happens When a Franchise Voice Changes?

Getting Started With Garageband

How Voice Overs Are Used In Digital Media

When Sounding Too Pro Can Lose You The Job

Voice Acting Sure Beats Plastic Surgery!

Should You Edit Breaths Out of Your Audition Reads?

Stop Doing That Voice!

Voices.com to Present at SMArts London

iAudition App Helps You Audition On The Go

Some Tips For Celebrity Voice Matching

Voices.com Webinar Featuring MJ Lallo

The Liabilities of Using Audition Spots on Demos

Building Relationships and Ongoing Business Through Revisions

Makeover Monday a Great Success!

Voices.com a Finalist in the Canadian New Media Awards

Brian Blessed and The Voice of TomTom Contest

Makeover Mondays Starting at Voices.com!

Power User Tips For Getting More Work at Voices.com

How To Stay Awake During Evening Voice Over Sessions

Who Got the Gig?

Another Spin on the Stereotypical Voice Actor Portrait

What Will it Take for ISDN to Die?

A Champion for Spanish Voice Artists Rises to the Challenge

Edge Studio Presents the Voice Over Words-to-Hours Converter

Local Voices Launched at Voices.com

The Local Library as a Source for Audiobook Narration Material

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The Voice of God

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Celebrity Voice Casting: Publicity VS Performance

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VOICE 2010 Diversity Panel Coverage

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Interview with Morgan Freeman Sound A Like, Larry Davis

Diversity... and Parity?

Do Voice Over Pros Love Their Voices? The Answers May Surprise You!

VOICE 2010 Audiobook Panel: Pat Fraley, Hillary Huber and Scott Brick

Invasion of the Headphone Snatchers!

Promo Panel at VOICE 2010

Voice Casting in Feature Films Based Upon Animated Series

PromaxBDA Honors Joe Cipriano with Don LaFontaine Legacy Award

Maurice LaMarche's Take on Voice Acting

How About Some Smurf Justice for June Foray?

3 Interesting Ideas From Presenters at VOICE 2010

8 Elements of Comedy with Pat Fraley

Stay Tuned For Coverage of VOICE 2010

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Voice Over is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

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Client Experience Report from Spring 2010

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A Familiar Voice in the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles

Audio Resource: SurePay Improvements May 2010

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Voice Over Group in London, ON Canada?

Smooth Fruits That Soothe the Throat

Is It Possible to Overvalue Your Voice?

Perceived Value Means Everything

4 Less Than Obvious Reasons Why Authors Hire Narrators

Animators Are Nourished By Voice Actor Performances

Newly Improved SurePay

Why is the Business of Voice Over So Enigmatic?

When You Quote, Remember To Include Editing

A Discussion about Rates

Interview with Melissa Altro, The Voice of Muffy on Arthur

Awesome Voice Over Videos: Ratatouille Voice Cast

Awesome Voice Over Videos: Acoustics 101

Awesome Voice Over Videos: The Santa Sessions

Awesome Voice Over Videos: 5 Men in a Limo

Awesome Voice Over Videos: Voice Talkers

Tips For Doing a Voice Over Session via Skype

What To Do When You're Sick, Vacationing or Unavailable to Record

Think Your Auditions Are in Vain? Read This.

Marc Cashman Shares 12 Top Voice Over Skills

Voice Artist Mike Cooper Narrates Televised Series "Britain at War"

Voices.com To Sponsor and Speak at PodCamp London 2010

101 Audio Pros on Twitter

Jeff and Erin's Epic Wedding Trailer

How Old is Too Old For Voice Over?

iPad for Audio Recording

Voices.com Member Lili Wexu Did Canada Proud in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Interesting Quotes from a Debbie Munro Voice Over Workshop

Leading, Following or Wallowing?

Voice Over Bookings From January 2010 through March 2010

The Announcer Has Left The Building

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How To Become a Successful Voice Over Artist (online course)

Guaranteed Opportunity Doesn't Equal Guaranteed Work

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Just Send It and Forget It: How You Can Let Go of Auditions!

For Such A Time As This

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What Happens When You Book Your "Sick" Voice?

A Word Fitly Spoken

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Voices.com Toronto Mixer 2010

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Voices.com Holding a Toronto Mixer on February 19, 2010

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How Do You Define ROI?

Embrace Your Calling: Linwood Powell, Voice Over Artist

The Story of the Donut Games Jingle

It's Moving Day at Voices.com!

Do You Know What Your Signature Voice Is?

Richard Horvitz Helps You To Break Into Animation

Reciprocate! Clients Want Your Feedback, Too.

Do You Write Voice Casting Notes?

Bringing The Brand!

How To Make People Crave Your Voice

On the Job Training: Voice Over As Education

How To Become Socially Responsible as a Company

Boot Me Up, Scotty! How To Get Your Demos To Load Faster

How To Warm Up Your Voice Like You're an Athlete

Do-It-Yourself Voice Processing

Join Us on Edge Studio's 2010 Voice Over Forecast

Simpsons Celebrating 20 Years and 450th Episode!

Voices.com is Holding a Mixer in Dallas!

The Funniest, Most Ridiculously Bizarre Voice Direction Ever

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10 Things Voice Talent Could Be Doing For a Better 2010

Words To Warm Up By!

How To Get an ISDN Line

VO-BB Video: Twas The Night Before Christmas

Vicki Amorose Encourages You To "Lighten Up, VO Community!"

What Do You Want Audio Recording Engineers To Know?

Does Recording VO For Nonprofits Mean Less Profit For You?

Keys to the Kingdom in 3 Simple Steps

Voice Acting: Committing to Choices

Does the East Coast Have a Jump on the West Coast?

Becoming More Than Just a Voice Over Talent

What's Pre-Life and Why Is It Important in Voice Acting?

I'll Know It When I Hear It

Why Doesn't Voices.com Have an Auditions Rating System?

How Well Do You Know Your Voice?

What Not To Wear in the Recording Studio

How Much Can a Microphone Hear?

What's 2010 Going to Bring For You?

When Should You Ask for a Testimonial?

How Do I Add Testimonials to my Profile at Voices.com?

Giveaway: Sunday Muse's "You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!"

New Teleseminar Series from Voices.com!

Bob Bergen Bringing Animation Weekend to NYC!

Can Success Ever Be Guaranteed in Voice Overs?

Joan Baker Shares How Your Voice Can Make a Difference

What Does it Take to Be a Voiceover Professional?

How To Find The Sweet Spot on a Microphone

3 Recording Engineers Spill The Beans on Top Pet Peeves

How Familiar Are You With The Audio Signal Chain?

Dairy Products and the Voice Over Artist: Friend or Foe?

7 Ways To Please Clients and Get the Gig

Voices.com Launches Teleseminar Series!

Does This Microphone Make My Bottom Sound Big?

Need a Voice Over Agent? Roger King's Tips Will Help!

Location, Location, Location? Does Location Really Matter in VO?

Dana Detrick Gives Advice on Achieving Success at Voices.com

Digital Interactive Gaming Developers DIG Voices.com

Voiceworx in Toronto Creates Great Performances With Heart

Want to be a Spanish Voice Over Artist? Genaro Liriano Tells You How!

Quieres ser un artista de doblaje de voz o Locutor? Genaro Liriano le dice como!

No More Work Agreements! It's Just Become Even Easier to Book Jobs at Voices.com

Client Interview with Jordy Wax of Contrast Films

3 Creative Ways to Use Your Voice on Hallowe'en

Humility and Voice Acting

Sunday Muse Teaches You How To Do Cartoon Voices, Too!

When Opportunity Knocks

Interview with "21 Accents" Star, Amy Walker

Does Font Choice Influence Artistic Interpretation?

How To Keep One's Ego Out of Acting

DB Cooper's "The Big Grunt: finding, trapping and taming exertion sounds"

The Only Constant is Change

Client Experience Report Fall 2009

Chuck Riley Memorial Scholarship For Aspiring Voice Talent

Hear The Bill Interview with Diane Havens

4 Reasons Why Social Networking is So Important!

Charts and Graphs of Job Posting Activity

The Prodigal Trilogy Interview with Jason Hildebrand

Fall '09 Release: New Features at Voices.com

Connecting More Than Just Your Voice in an Audition

Keep On Top of Your Game By Choosing Proper Training Options

How To Learn a Dialect

What, You're Not On Facebook?

Bobbin Beam Leads Reader's Digest Podcast Team for AIRSLA

Holiday Magic 2009 Taking Submissions Now

Just About Everything You Ever Wanted To Know at Voices.com

Bernard Shaw Tribute

5 Mistakes Voice Talent Make and How To Avoid Them

Old School Radio Pictures

Voice Over Experts Podcast Hits 100 Episodes!

Every Now and Then, Miracles Do Happen

Caution! Coffee Mugs Don't Play Nicely in the Home Studio

Let's Hear It For Working Class Voice Over Talent!

Why Do You Rock the Mic?

3 Ways To Get Public Recognition For Your Work at Voices.com

Safe Business Practices For Freelancers

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Job Posting

Important Update to SurePay Service

Clarification On The Status of Job Postings

Voices.com Shines on the PROFIT Hot 50!

Interview with Alicyn Packard of the Mr. Men Show

Voices.com LA Mixer an Awesome Success!

Don LaFontaine Lab Fundraiser Fills Hearts and Building Plans

3 Voice Overs That Meant Something To Me in Los Angeles

How Jack Benny's Estate Sanctioned a Voice Over Demo

An Unorthodox Way To Get Your Voice Back in a Flash

How To Connect Your Commercial Read with an Audience

Don LaFontaine's Legacy Lives On

Tips For Modifying Your Regional Accent

Do You Have Low "Voice" Self-Esteem?

How To Remain Genuine and Pace a Conversational Read

Epic Voice Actors Photo Gallery at LIFE

How To Adjust Your Interpretation To Book Voice Over Work

Stephen King: Audiobooks Are The Written Word's Acid Test

Narrator Lorelei King Teaches You How to Create Believable Characters

15 Things N-O-T To Say In Your Voice Over Cover Letter

Interview with NFL Super Bowl Voice, Ann DeWig (Yes, a woman!)

Voices.com Voice Acting Mixer in Los Angeles September 3rd, 2009

Why Is Practicing So Important?

Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

3 Reasons Why Telephone Voice Over Jobs Rock

Why You Should Have More Than 1 Voice Over Demo

Richard Horvitz to Bring Animation Voice Over To Dallas!

23+ Free Magazines Distributed at AES Conventions

Sharon Feingold Introduces Voice Talent to KIVA

When Voice Acting for Video Games Improves, Gamers (and Actors) Rejoice

Don LaFontaine Reasoned That Voice Over is All in The Read

Ever Have Dreams About Your Work?

How To Work With Independent Audio Theater Producers

Working at Home... With Kids!

95+ Podcast Resources for Voice Actors

Voice Over Experts is Nearing its 100th Episode!

Why Voice Overs Are Necessary at Theme Parks

Roles that Voice Overs Play in Amusement Parks

Who Got the Gig?

More Variety in GPS Voices?

Home Studio Recording Using a Macintosh Computer: Part 1

4 Ways to Increase Your Voice Acting Income

6 Ways To Get Experience in the Business of Voice Acting

Random Acts of Kindness

Changing The World With Your Voice

Crispin Freeman Gives Tips on How to Fix Bad Voice Acting

Auditioning On The Go is Easy With Voices.com

Domain Names For Sale

Voice Casting at the Speed of Sound

Leave a Message After the Beep!

Storytelling Through Spoken Word and Song

Why Are Bass Voices Heard Better at 70 MPH?

Belonging in the Voice Over Industry?

Compelling Reasons To Have an Apprentice or Hire an Assistant

Voice Over Succession: The Elephant in the Room

Casey Kasem Retires! A Top 10 List for a Top 10 Man

Winners of the Voices.com Ultimate Success Story

Bogart-Bacall Syndrome: A Performer's Reward For Speaking Too Low

Vocal Health : Missing Those Good Vibrations? Thyroplasty May Help

Vocal Health: The Dangers of Whispering For Your Voice

Vocal Health: Vocal Cords, Our Precious Gift!

Vocal Health : Why Rest Is Sometimes The Best Medicine

Selling Homes Online with Voice Over Narration in Virtual Tours

Joan Baker Seminar "Secrets of Voice-Over Success" in NYC!

Can Social Networking Get You Voice Over Jobs?

How Low Will You Go?

Franchises and Conventions Give Voice Actors Exposure in Community

When Is It Time To Record a New Voice Over Demo? 10 Indicators!

East Coast VS West Coast: Glimpse into the Voiceover Agency and Casting World

Getting Started in Voice Overs: What To Do and in Which Order?

How Much Should Voice Talent Know About Audio Production?

The Ultimate Success Story Contest at Voices.com

The Last Lecture: An Interview with Narrator Erik Singer

Audiobook and Author Tea Coverage from BookExpo America 2009

June is Audiobook Month!

Voices.com Spring '09 Release

Client Experience Report 2009

Spotlight on Katherine Kellgren, Audie Award-Winning Narrator

Winners at the 2009 Audies in NYC

A Look at Some of the 2009 Audie Nominees

Announcing Sports Most Exciting Moments

From Mickey Mouse to Porky Pig, Character Voice Caretakers

Voice For Hire Book Signing and Workshop

Where's The Strangest Place You Got Inspired To Create a Voice?

Hollywood's New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks, and Voice?

Star Trek Voices Play Red Hot Role in Film's Success

Voyages of Star Trek Computer Voice Majel Barrett Roddenberry

How To Prevent a Cold From Becoming a Really Crappy Cold

When and Why NDAs are Used in Voice Over Contracts

Should You Bring Cookies To Recording Sessions?

Disney World Monorail Voices

Surprising and Interesting Places a Voiceover Career Has Led To

Voice Coaches Expo Expert Panel Discussion 2009

Rodney Saulsberry Wows and Inspires at Voice Coaches Expo

Voices.com Speaks at Voice Coaches Expo 2009, Shares Power Tips

Building Your Home Recording Studio? Advice from Sweetwater Sound

The Evolution of Voice Over in Multimedia by Dan Dinsmore

Doing It By The Audiobook With Full Cast Audio's Dan Bostick

How To Make Traditional Self-Marketing Work in a Virtual World

Who Are The Voices in Your Neighborhood? The People That You Hear Each Day!

Production in Voice Over Auditions: How Complex Does it Need to Be?

Adam Caplan Shares Experiences Working With Don LaFontaine

Reflections of a Voice Talent Volunteer Reading in Schools

Saturday Giveaway Through Twitter - Tweet Me Your Pitch!

How Do You Keep Your Voice Healthy for Podcasting? Vocal Health Session at PodCamp London

Photo Shoot! Tips For How to Have an Awesome Head Shot Session

Shelley Baldiga's Voice Reaches People Through Information Therapy

Edoardo Ballerini Shares Tips With Environmentally Aware Actors

Gwyneth Paltrow Narrates "Brown Bear & Friends"

Travis Mustang Helping to Lead New Generation of Voice Talent

Ever Been Scared by a Voice Over?

Batman's Voice : An Exploration of Bruce Wayne's Vocal Alter-Ego

Hidden Features: Get Free Publicity by Writing an Article

Hidden Features: Add a client list and testimonials to your profile

Got Any Burning Questions for Clients Using Voices.com?

Statistics Don't Lie: Introducing Voices.com's New Home Page

Hidden Features: Selling Products in the Store

Hidden Features: Internal Messaging at Voices.com

Hidden Features: Getting to the top of the Search Engine

Hidden Features: Fixed Prices and Budget Ranges Explained

What Happens When Your VO Education Starts to Conflict?

Want To Be Paid More for Voice Over Work?

Meet The Voices.com Team: We're Here to Help!

Ben Burtt and Sound Design for Wall-E

Developing an Amateur Tradition in Voice Over

London Chamber of Commerce's 26th Annual Business Achievement Awards

3rd Annual Voicey Awards Live on VOX Daily

Horton Hears A Who! Narrated By Dustin Hoffman

Voice Coaches Expo "Technology + You = Opportunity" on May 2, 2009

How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

Fireproofing Your Business Relationships

4 Fibs of Marketing: The Worst Advice Ever Given

Voices.com Partners With VoodooVox In-Call Media

Voicey Awards Finalists for 2009

Voiceover Work! What Have You Been Breathing Life Into?


iPod Shuffle That Speaks To You

Editor-in-Voice: Do You Rework Sloppy Copy?

Marc Cashman Invites You To Color Your Words

Winning Slogan in the Voices.com Slogan Contest

Top 10 Finalists in the Voices.com Slogan Contest

Funny Slogans - 20 Tag Lines for Voices.com That Made Us Laugh

Contest For Voices.com's New Slogan; 1-Year Premium Membership Prize and More!

How To Pitch For Publicity Without Being a Pain in the Butt

Looking Out For #1: You've Got a Friend

Paul Harvey Tribute; Off To Finish The Rest of the Story

Kathleen Herles, Original Voice of Dora Chats with Voices.com

Original "Dora" Voice To Judge Best Child Voice for 2009 Voicey Awards

Voice For Hire Book Giveaway

Voice For Hire Book Review

Hi Fi for Wi Fi: How to Achieve High Fidelity When Podcasting

Coverage of PodCamp Toronto 2009 / #pcto09

Harlan Hogan To Give Free Teleseminar on Recording Voice Overs at Home / On the Road

Connie Zimet Medical Fund Needs Your Help

51st Grammy Awards Announcer Heather Halley Chats with Voices.com

Bettye Zoller Shares Experiences in the Celebrity Voice Over Arena

Jump Start Audiobook Narration Work with Classics in the Public Domain

Voices.com Sponsors PodCamp Toronto 2009

Dave Fennoy Shares Most Meaningful Voice Over Experience

Google's Pulling the Plug on Google Audio Ads

Can Voice Artists Be Held Responsible For What's Read in a Script?

Don Morrow Voice Over Workshop in Stamford, CT

The Tricky Business of Getting an Agent During a Recession

How To Get Some Link Love

Interview with Silvana Lombardini on Spanish Voice Overs

Spanish Interview with Voice Over Coach Silvana Lombardini

1,850 Laid Off At Clear Channel, Layoffs in Broadcast and Beyond To Trigger Boom in Voice Over Market?

Voice Artists, What Would You Do For The Perfect Take?

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Producers Respond To Open Letter on Voice Over Demos

Not Getting Work? Consider A Voice Over Demo Review

Who Got The Gig? January 2009 Voice Over Jobs Welcome!

Voice Acting : Everybody Starts Somewhere

Confirmed Voicey Judges for 2009 Thus Far

What Would You Want People To Hear?

How To Become A Voice Actor Fresh Out of High School

Cher Narrates The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen

Pat Fraley and Brad Garrett to Co-Present at the Annie Awards

"Dinosaur Secrets" Narrator Mike Cooper Shares Jurassic Experiences in Narration

New Award Criteria for 3rd Annual Voiceys in 2009

Melissa Disney Wants You To... Vote For The Cat!!!

Nominations for the 3rd Annual Voicey Awards Now Open!

Global Warming : The Signs and the Science Narrated by Alanis Morissette

Career Change? How Your Past Education Can Help Your Future in Voice Overs

AFTRA Announces New Audiobook Agreement With Audible.com

What's This Industry Called? Voice Over, Voice-Over or Voiceover?

If I Don't Believe in My Own Voice...

Pixar Cars Shake 'N Go King

Saturday Giveaway : Better Than Before CD from Rodney Saulsberry

Hillary Huber Talks About Announcing at the People's Choice Awards

Butt Out! Medical Reasons Why Voice Actors Should Not Smoke

Do More Voice Actors Drink Tea or Coffee?

What Would Your Union Do?

Read-Along Fun With Curious George (TM)

Voices.com Store : How To Create A Product Step By Step

Pat Fraley Shares Good News For The Voice Over Community in 2009

Can Bad Writing Suck The Joy Out of Voice Over Work?

Report on the Voice Over Industry : 2009

Voice Acting's Toughest Legal Questions Answered By David Canton

New Column on VOX Daily for Voice Over Product Reviews

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Video Games Untouched By Economic Crisis?

Voices.com Is Planning a Conference

What Do To When Artistic Direction Is Lacking in a Voice Over Script

How To Interpret Punctuation Marks When Voice Acting (!)

3 Reasons Why 1 Size Doesn't Fit All For Voice Overs

New Media and Voice Over : Have The Unions Figured It Out?

Recorded Any Audiobooks Lately? Opportunity For Some Publicity!

Saturday Giveaway : Julie Williams' How To Make Money in Voice-Overs Digital Player

It's Like Jaws in Space, or, The Power of a Good Metaphor

What's The 1 Thing You Never Do Before Hitting "Record"?

Voice Acting? It's All Character Work!

Voices.com Nominated for Business of the Year through London Chamber of Commerce

The 2008 New York Voice Over Mixer!

How Many Irons In The Fire Do You Have?

5 Smart and Practical Reasons To Use SurePay

How To Make Sure You're Getting Job Notifications at the All-New Voices.com

It's A Small (Voice Over) World After All

You Gotta Have Friends in Voice Over

Voiceover Helps Sisters Spread Christmas Cheer

November Voice Over Jobs Roundup

What Are You Thankful For in Your Voice Over Business?

Top 100 Lists : What They Are and How They Work

19 Ways to Create a Profile Picture

Known Issues : Working Through The Transition

All-New Voices.com User Guides

We're Live!

All-New Voices.com : Overview and Preparation for Members

Perception : Big Shoes and Big Change

Voice Acting : A Critical Component of Characterization

Giving Back to Your Community

Saturday Giveaway : Acting : Make It Your Business

Philip Banks Teaches You How To Get and Treat Prospects

Writing Spots For Your Voice Over Demo

Ever Had An Out-Of-Voice Experience?

In A World Where Women Narrate Movie Trailers

Do Senior Voices Face Fewer Auditions and Less Choices?

Saturday Giveaway : You Can Bank on Your Voice

Auditioning : 8 Ways You Can Benefit By Putting Your Voice Out There

7 Ways Reading Aloud Improves and Enriches Your Life

3 Things You May Not Know About Audition Scripts

Vote! Is Your Voice Being Heard?

New York Voice Over Mixer 2008

Saturday Giveaway : Seat on a Teleseminar With Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino

October Voice Over Gig Roundup

Andy Serkis Judges Best Gollum on Richard and Judy Show

Not Getting the Gig

What's Your Favorite Voice Over Video on YouTube?

Does Your Personality Match Your Signature Voice?

Saturday Giveaway : Premium Membership to All-New Voices.com

Getting Voice Over Gigs In Today's Economy

Sick? 22 Ways To Get and Stay Healthy During Cold Season

What Inspired You To Be a Voice Actor?

My Precious! Matt Cowlrick To Voice Impression of Gollum For Andy Serkis on TV

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Saturday Giveaway : Traditional Medicinals Prize Package

What's on Your VO Horizon?

Jeff Gelder's Holiday Magic 2008 CD Call For Participants

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Business's Greatest Ally and Worst Critic

Have You Noticed A Difference in Dora The Explorer's Voice?

Does Your Studio Have a Nickname?

Saturday Giveaway : Julie Williams' Proven Voice-Over Techniques

Who Got the Gig? Leave A Comment!

First Look : Community : Read, Listen and Contribute!

First Look : Approval of Files and Release of Payment

First Look : Finalizing Business Terms

First Look : Auditioning at Voices.com

First Look : Jobs for Voice Over Talent

Saturday Giveaway : Promo & Movie Trailer Voice Over Coaching Session from David Alden

Kathryn Klvana Shows You How To Voice Political Spots

First Look : Voices.com Search Engine & Directory

First Look : Voices.com Store

First Look : New Profiles at Voices.com

First Look : All-New Voices.com Home Page

Saturday Giveaway : Voice For Hire

Don Morrow Movie Trailer Workshop, November 1st in Sacramento

Joan Baker Voice Over Immersion Classes for Fall 2008 / Winter 2009

Bettye Zoller Workshops : Go Big in Dallas and Houston

Pat Fraley Workshops : Ultimate Video Game Voice Over Event in LA & Pat Comes to The Great Van!

Elaine Clark and Harlan Hogan Team Up in Washington, DC

Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino : Teleseminar November 12; Radio Autopsy

Rodney Saulsberry : Commercial Intensive Voice-Over Tele-Class

Vital Signs : How To Lose The Dreaded Radio Voice

Vital Signs : Voice Over At The Speed of Ad Copy

Vital Signs : Analog VS Digital And The Implications Therein

Vital Signs : Has The Internet Changed The Way You Interpret Copy?

Saturday Giveaway : How To Make Money in Voice-Overs Even If You're Not in NY or LA

Who Got The Gig? Is Your Voice for Hire?

Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe to Release New Book : Voice For Hire

Voices Heard / Faces Unseen : The Credit Debate

There's No Better Time To Go Platinum and Here's Why

Beau Weaver Gives You a Tour of His Studio ~ Video

Do Workshops Get You Work In Voice Overs?

Saturday Giveaway : Publicity Campaign from Voices.com

Who Got the Gig? Rise and Shine!

Export Promo Videos Are Hot According to Market World

You Can Help Bring Audio Theater To The Troops

Dressing Up The Booth : Where Does Your Studio Take You?

Projects & Milestones

Saturday Giveaway : VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-over Actor

Book Review : VO : Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor

What Does Work Mean To You?

3 Reasons To Use Pro Voice Overs (even if people think they can do it themselves)

In A World Without Don LaFontaine : Where Do We Go From Here?

Don LaFontaine : The Legend Lives No More

Undercover Voice Actor: How Do You Handle Non Disclosure Agreements?

Saturday Giveaway : There's Money Where Your Mouth is: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Voice-Overs

Bring It! Who Got the Gig?

Self-Direction a Must for Freelance Voice Actors

Marc Cashman Shares How You Can Give Depth to Words

Interview with Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Josh Keaton

Will SAG and AFTRA Merge? It Could Happen and Here's How

Do You Have Products to Sell? Good, You'll Love This!

Saturday Giveaway : Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief Spray

Who Got the Gig? Up, Up and Away!

Pat Fraley Workshop Coverage : The Subtle

Pat Fraley Workshop Coverage : The Serious

Pat Fraley Workshop Coverage : The Silly

Are You Left-Handed or Right-Handed?

Saturday Giveaway : Secrets of Voice-Over Success

Did You Rock The Mic This Week? Comment!

Midwest Voice Conference : Neurological Diseases Associated with Voice Disorders

Midwest Voice Conference : Rhinology and The Voice

Midwest Voice Conference : Pharyngeal Voice : Description and Application to Pop Music Styles

Midwest Voice Conference : Do Singers Need to Be Fat?

Midwest Voice Conference : Diagnostic Evaluation and Medical Treatment of Adult Patients with GERD

Midwest Voice Conference : Current Methods in Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Midwest Voice Conference Coverage Begins Today!

Call for Voices.com Redesign Focus Group

Saturday Giveaway : Word of Mouth

Going For The Gold on Who Got the Gig

A Little ADR Goes a Long Way

10 Signs That You May Need To Update Your Voice Over Demo...

The New Saturday Giveaway at VOX Daily : Step Up to the Mic

Gigs Anyone? Add Your Most Recent Voice Over Jobs Now!

Let's Get It Started in Here: Share Your Blog Ideas

Meet Me in Chicago at the Midwest Voice Conference August 9, 2008

SoCal Earthquake as Reported by Looney Tunes Voice Artist Bob Bergen

The Silly, The Serious, and The Subtle

Who Got the Gig? Hallelujah!

Platinum Membership Going Strong

The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

Plan Your Marketing Budget

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Who Got the Gig? Did You Round Up Some Voice Over Work?

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Winners Announced from the Dueling Narrators Contest

10 Guinness World Records that Relate to Voice Overs

Midwest Voice Conference in Chicago on August 9, 2008

Dueling Narrators!

iPhone : Hello, Beautiful!

I Booked, I Voiced, I Celebrated!

How To Make Magic and Lead Inspired Teams

7 Ways How You Can Sell Your Vision

Do You Have a Vision for Your Business?

Financial Core VS Union : The Real Deal

Who's That Voice?

Who Got the Gig?

Getting Back to Our Roots

Platinum Membership to be Exclusive to 100 Voice Actors at Voices.com

24 Hour Guarantee

Voice Acting Over the Summer is Business As Usual

Beauty is in the Ear of the Beholder : Don't Sell Yourself Short!

John Grossman Interviewed, Voice of Valley Forge National Historical Park

There's Something Extremely Satisfying About a Job Well Done

Know of any Talking Toys With Great Voice Overs?

Pat Fraley : Voice of The Mentor

Fly Like An Eagle!

The Mystery of Flight 777 : Presented by a Voice Actor Who Lived To Tell the Tale

How To Use "Templates" To Save Time

International Dialects of English Archive

Interview with "Carnival Games" Nintendo Wii Voice Actor Charlie Bennett

Where's Your Voice At This Week?

Buy Now Packages Designed to Make Selling Your Voice Easier

Celebrity Interview with Growling Voice of The Incredible Hulk, J.D. Hall

Voices.com Developer Program & Web Service API

Are You Paying it Forward?

What Can We Do to Really Knock Your Socks Off?

Dream Voice Acting Roles

Got Voice?

Tips For Looking After Your Voice

Voice Acting in Today's Industry : Are you Ready for it?

Interview with Vanessa Hart, Narrator of "Growing Up Ethnic in America"

Looking For Who Voiced What? IMDb is for Actors, Voices.com is for Voice Actors.

Does Recording in a Car Make For Better Quality Audio?

Excellent Adventures in Voice Acting

A Perfect Cup of Tea Among Other Things

Voice Over Experts Has Reached a Golden Milestone!

Prince Caspian Voice Cast and Voice Acting Review

Grand Theft Audio? Videogame Voice Actors Making Some (Unpaid) Noise

Did Bright Ideas Get You the Gig?

Interview with the Voice of London Transit Liz Raphael Helgesen

Need Help De-stressing? Try this Tongue Twister

Book Review : Word of Mouth: A Guide to Commercial Voice-over Excellence, 3rd Edition

Muppets Rickrolled : What Would Jim Henson Have Thought of This?


3 Words That Should Be Eliminated From Voice Acting Jargon

Need to Outsource Voice Overs?

Giggles Be Gone! 4 Tips for Stifling Laughter

Interview with the Voice of Dilbert Dan Roberts

Who Got The Gig?

Rapid Fire Experts Panel Discussion at Voice Coaches Conference

When Preparation Meets Opportunity, You Get Luck

Abrams Artists Agency is Big League VO

Sweetwater Sound Drills Down Basics of Home Recording for Voice Actors

13 REs of Self-Marketing for Voice Actors

Game On : Gaming Voiceovers

Secret Playbook for Marketing on Voices.com

Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo and Conference Mixer

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3 Basic Fundamentals for Business Success in Voice Acting

Voice Over Times has a New Design

Interview with POYKPAC's Voice Talkers

Who Got the Gig? April Showers, Anyone?

IVONA : Text-to-Speech Making Headway?

NYC's Z100 Dave Foxx Shares Tips and Tricks to Produce Imaging and Promos

Voice Talkers : Living the Dream of a Voice Actor

How To Get a Job Doing Voice Overs

Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo on May 3rd, 2008

What's Going on with SAG and AFTRA?

Who Got the Gig? Tell me what's a happenin'!

Voice Over Study Opportunities Coming to a City Near You

TV Ads: Oldest and Largest TV Commercial Library

Online Job Application Tips for Freelancers

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Spring '08 Release in Review : A Profitable Season for Voice Talent

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Cool Website Themes Coming Soon to Voices.com

Does your Voice Feel Like Something the Cat Dragged In? Try these 12 tips

100 Most Often Mispronounced Words in English

US Regional Accents - Where do you fit in?

Bee Movie Voice Acting Review

Who Got This Gig? Voicing Mr. Church... Mr. Thomas Hayden Church!

4 Ways To Ensure Promotional Excellence Online

Case Studies : Clients Talk Shop about Hiring Voice Actors at Voices.com

Blogging and Citizen Journalism Etiquette : Images

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VOX Daily Formatting Revisited

LOST "Via Domus" Videogame

Pat Fraley ADR and Looping Training Event, March 8-9 in LA

Deb Munro Canadian Voice Over Workshops for March 2008

How's your batting average?

Randy Thomas Voices Oscars for Seventh Time

Voice Coaches Network at Voices.com

Important Update: New Features, Benefits & Pricing at Voices.com

2nd Annual Voicey Awards February 21, 2008

Meet Reed Rudy

Narration in Film and Documentaries a Must

Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé Workshop in Florida this April

Study Opportunities with Bettye Zoller Spring / Summer 2008

Creating a Visual Identity for Your Voices.com Website

Happy Valentine's Day from Voices.com

Branding 101 for Voice Talent

2008 Voicey Awards Finalists Announced

Why YOU NEED ME as Your Voice

Do you read VOX Daily? Leave a Comment!

Conflict of Interest : Will Arnett Out, Val Kilmer In for KITT Voice on Knight Rider

3 Terms You Should Know For Better Breathing

Does Talking Get You Hired?

If you want to do voice acting for video games, PLAY THE GAMES

"Voiceover : Beyond the Booth" class opening soon at NYU this February

5 Ways to Tell if Your Voice Acting Has Hit a Glass Ceiling

Interview with AFTRA Voice Actress Denise Dal Vera

How Do I Get Started in Voice Acting?

Test and Improve Your Vocabulary at FreeRice.com

Entertainer's Secret Study Presented by Voices.com

Want some Audiobook Narration Practice? Try LibriVox.

How to Get on the Top 100 Favorites list at Voices.com

Do Voice Actors Play the Video Games they Star in?

Open Invitation to Get On the Voice Over Times Blogroll

Winter '08 Updates at Voices.com

Sunday Muse to Teach Kids at Teen Voice Acting Workshop in Toronto

Voices.com Wins Silver Medal at Frost & Sullivan : 1to1 Impact Awards

Official Winner of the Unofficial NBC Nightly News

High School Broadcasting : The Future is Now

Exotic Locales for Voice Over Workshops

Self Assessment Quiz for Voice Actors

How is the WGA Strike Affecting You?

Hulu.com Serves as TV Fix During the Writers Strike

Movie Trailer Voice Actor Don LaFontaine On The Mend!

2008 Voicey Award Nominations Open!

Running Metrics : Are You Returning Profit to Yourself?

Winner of the Voice Over New Year's Resolutions Contest Announced

A New Year with Great Expectations

Market Research : Report on the Voice Over Industry 2007

3 Tips That Will Make You Happier and More Productive

Top Voice Acting Stories of 2007

Unofficial Contest to Find a New Announcer for NBC Nightly News at audio'connell

Voice Actor Janice Downes Shares Her Amazing Experiences with SurePay

What everyone needs to know about Voice Over work on the Internet

Voice Acting in Second Life : Interview with Voicedude Reinoir

CBC Radio One - Tech New Year's Resolutions on Spark! January 2nd, 2008

Is Your Voice Acting Business Winter-Proof?

Voice Over Times Online Industry News and Trade Publication

Items of Interest While Sitting in the Dentist's Chair

Disney and Warner Bros. Characters Summoned to Testify in Court?

Update From Don LaFontaine

Caryn Clark's Voice Saves Energy via a YouTube Video

Audible's Best Audiobooks of 2007

Bob Souer Narrates Biblical Podcast

Your New Year's Resolutions Could Make You a Famous Voice Actor!

Equity : The UK's Entertainment Trade Union

ACTRA : Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists

History of the Screen Actors Guild


Marc Cashman Opens Private One-on-One Voice Coaching

Political Voice Overs Web Page Now Available!

Ideal Voicey Award Prizes?

9 Legendary Cartoon Voices from Mental Floss

What American Accent Do You Have?

Voice Casting How-To ~ New Podcast!

My Voices.com Profile App at Facebook

Ugo's Top 11 Voice Actors List

James Bond Voice Actor

Does Your Bark Match Your Bite?

Tips for Auditioning In Your Home Studio

Dan Aykroyd Winery Brands With Microphone

What's Your Favorite Audiobook?

Book Review : Step Up to the Mic

Socrates Was No Dummy

The Voice of Golf David Cook

British Animation Awards : Best Character Voice Performance - New Category!

Break Into Voice Over Teleseminar Wednesday Night with Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino

A dangerous, perhaps deadly, email to SAG, AFTRA and Writers Guild of America members

Remembrance Day : Lest We Forget

Writers Speak Out : Hollywood's a Union Town

Defiant Digital Productions Blogcast

Get With the Voices.com Crew on Facebook

Accidentally Heard Yourself Anywhere?

Marketing Tip : Work That Gift of Gab!

Got a Funny Story To Tell?

Writers Strike in Hollywood Imminent

Marketing Tip : Direct Online Traffic

Getting Paid to Talk

Holiday Magic for Sick Kids in Hospitals

Marketing Tip : The Power of Names

Do you have any old recordings of your voice?

Voice Talent Evacuated because of Southern CA Fires

What Do Gamers and Voice Actors Have in Common?

Internet Marketing for Voice Actors

How to Blog

Jerry Seinfeld Gets Some Buzz in Bee Movie

Studio Etiquette? What's that?

Will You Be My Friend? : A Guide to Social Networking

Video Game Voice Actors Want Bigger Piece of the Pie

Say How? A Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

DisneyPedia : Junglemania Voice, Brandon Hunt

BBC Could Axe Hundreds of Jobs

Voice Acting Trends

How Do Radio Stations Get Their Call Letters?

June Foray Birthday Bash

Transformers and Road Stories

What Attracted You To Radio?


iTunes Customer Reviews

Voice Overs for Tourism

Voice Types : Which Fach are You?

The Hottest Microphones on the Planet

Couple Days Without VOX Daily?

Dialects For the "Foreign Market"

Simpsons Tribute Podcast Now Out!

10 Mistakes That Cost People Work at Voices.com

Children's Cartoon Voice Acting Workshops in Toronto

Fall '07 Release from Voices.com - Beta Testers Wanted

Politics in Political Voice Overs?

The Prince of Whales?

Political Ads for the 2008 US Election

Multiracial Voices : What's Your Sound?

Get the Skinny on The Audiobook Market

Last Chance to Vote for the Simpsons Sound Alikes

Website Referrals : Where Do You Send Your Clients To?

What Kept Your Summer Kickin'?

Celebrity Voice Actors VS Pro Voice Actors Debate

CNN drops Reuters as Main News Source

Marvel's Ultimate Voice Talent Search

Vocal Behaviors

Vox Studio Software - Do you dig it?

Johnna Gottlieb's "The Business of Voiceover" at NYU

Trailers, Promos, and Rodney Saulsberry, oh my!

Sacramento, Keep Your Voices Primed!

Break Into Voice Over Teleseminar Tonight

The Simpsons - Vote Now!

Dallas Workshop with Bettye Zoller

Jason McCoy Wins 1st Place in Voices.com 60 Second Pitch Contest

The Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Over Talent

Transformers @ BotCon

Line Reads and Kids

How to Use SurePay at Voices.com

Joe Cipriano Interview Series in Full Swing on VOX Talk

Simpsons Sound Alike Challenge

Any Tips for Voice Actors Tackling On-Camera Work?

Workshop Survey for Voice Actors

Code of Ethics

Voice of the Carolina Hurricanes Chuck Kaiton

In-store Advertising

Brush With Greatness?

Simon Cowell and Fearne Cotton Voice RSPCA Ad

Get a Taste of Voice Over Experts!

Jesse Springer Interview with Joe Cipriano on VOX Talk

Review : Walking the Labyrinth

Simpsons Movie

Pierce Brosnan gives voice to Thomas the Tank Engine

VOX Daily : We Want Your Feedback!

60 Second Pitch Winners Announced!

Summer '07 Goes Live Today

Meet the Industry : Clients Who Hire Voice Actors

Meet the Industry : Voice Over Marketplaces

Meet the Industry : Unions

Meet the Industry : Casting Directors

Meet the Industry : Voice Talent Agents

Meet the Industry : Audio Engineers

Meet the Industry : Voice Over Coaches and Instructors

Meet the Industry : Voice Actors

Meet the Voice Over Industry

60 Second Pitch Finalists

Julie Williams Workshop at Voices.com Fun

Summer '07 Release at Voices.com

Australian Voice Overs : Interview with Tim Stackpool

Christian Buesen : Der Sprecher

Worldly Voices : German Voices

Worldly Voices : Russian Voices

Cantonese Voice Overs : Interview with Liow Shi Suen

Worldly Voices : Chinese Voices

Andre Clermont : French Canadian Voice

Worldly Voices : French Voices

Jorge Velasco : Spanish Voice Talent Interview

Worldly Voices : Spanish Voices

New Library at Voices.com

10 Cool Things You Can Do as a Voice Actor

All In The Family : An Interview with Bob Souer

Voice Acting While Pregnant : 10 Things You Should Be Aware Of

Bonnie Gillespie's Advice on Taking your Kids to Auditions

Julie Williams Proven Voice-Over Techniques Review Opportunity

Bobbin Beam's Do it Yourself Home Recording Sound Booth

60 Second Pitch Contest @ Voices.com

Small Business Week : 6 Ways to Become Your Own #1 Fan

Small Business Week : 10 Ways to Build Credibility

Small Business Week : Your Online Storefront

Small Business Week : The Business Plan

The Voice Actor's Resource List

Review : The Gypsy's Guide to Professional Home Recording

OIART - Interview with Bob Breen

Audio Production Schools

Contest to Win Podcasting Gear Worth $335

7 Steps to Take Before Making a Voice Over Demo

What To Look for in a Voice Over Coach

Are you a Voice Coach? Get on Voice Over Experts!

Summer Voice Acting Classes

What's in Your iTunes?

Interview : Darbi Worley of the Everything Acting Podcast

24 Sources of Podcast Statistics, Podcasting Market Research and Broadcasting Industry Analysis

Free Small Business Podcasting Kit

Why Start Podcasting?

Voice Casting : Host of Voice Over Experts

New Podcast : Voice Over Experts

How To Browse, Listen, and Subscribe to Podcasts

Podcasting Week 2007

Technorati : The Blog Search Engine

del.icio.us : Let the World Know Your Tastes

Facebook : Get Connected

MySpace : Get Friends and Build Links

StumbleUpon : Stumble Your Way to New Websites!

Digg : How to Digg a Page

iPhone TV Commercial Voice

Voices.com on CNN.com

Voices.com Webinars Are Here!

Subscribing to VOX Daily is Easy and Free!

Voice-Over Whirlwind Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Shrek the Third Interview : Kari Wahlgren

Shrek the Third

Why You Need a Business Card

VO Star Ben Patrick Johnson Video Interview

Going Green and Branding Your Web Presence

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Experts Panel

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Voices.com

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Overit Media

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Billy Serow

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Albany Ad Club

Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Jay Silverman

Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo

Audie Award Winners in New York

The Art of Narration VS Veracity of Interpretation

Content VS Narrator : Why Do You Choose An Audiobook?

Hillary Huber Nominated for Audie Award

The Audies 2007

Voices.com VS voice123 on Jobs

Mic & Me Workshop in Toronto - Register Here

New Video from Voices.com

SurePay Update : Success!

Official Voices.com User Guide Now Available!

Mic & Me Workshop Coming to Toronto - Updated

The Value of Good Health

5 Men In A Limo Video

New Feedback System to Go Live

Dr. Seuss Books Are Excellent Teachers

Voices.com Client Webinar

New Feedback System - How It Works

Using Brand Names in Your Voice Over Demo?

Ever Had Your Demo Critiqued?

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Keep Those Features Rollin'!

Advanced Recording Techniques

Linda Torgeson, Voice of MSP International Airport

Keeping Hydrated and Moisturized for Voice Over Recording Sessions

Choosing Your Business Partners Wisely

Batteries Not Included : How About Editing Copy?

Fallout 3 to Feature Liam Neeson

Rodney Saulsberry on YouTube

Social Media : Blogs, Blogs, Blogs!

Break Into Voice Over Teleseminar Monday Night!

The Voice of Deadwood Invites You To South Dakota

The Difference Between Audio Engineers and VO Talent

Voicerank Updates at Voices.com

How To Build a Portfolio Without Giving Your Voice Away For Free

Who is Locking out Female Voice Talent?

Stanley Cup Promos Starring David Boreanaz VO

Spring '07 Release - Feedback Updates

Spring '07 Release - SurePay

Spring '07 Release - Leads Updates

Spring '07 Release - Profile Updates

Calling Beta Testers for Spring '07 Release

Increased Security with VeriSign and SSL

Voices You Know On TV

Scheduled Maintenance and the Next Generation of Voices.com

How Do You Negotiate When You Receive a Job Offer?

How Do You Accept Payment?

Have You Ever Been Stiffed?

How Do You Know You've Won The Job?

How Do You Deliver Digital Audio Files?

Voices.com Under Attack

Interview: Voice Acting in Video Games

VOICE Conference : DB Cooper

Bob Bergen in NYC - Animation Weekend!

VOICE 2007 : Bob Bergen

VOICE Conference: MJ Lallo

VOICE 2007 : Don LaFontaine

Speaking Effective English with Bettye Zoller

VOICE Conference : Bettye Zoller

Debbie Munro on VOICE 2007

Rodney Saulsberry Workshops

VOICE Conference : Gregory Best

3rd iPod Shuffle Winner at VOICE 2007

VOICE Conference : James Alburger and Penny Abshire

VOICE Conference : Pat Fraley

Headshot Debate - Join In!

VOICE Conference : Chris Wagner

VOICE 2007 : What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Celebrity Actors VS Professional Narrators

New Videos! Want to see them?

VOICE Conference : Frank Frederick

VOICE Conference : Connie Terwilliger Part II

VOICE Conference : Connie Terwilliger

6 Hour Flight with iPod in Tow

VOICE Conference : Rodney Saulsberry

Meeting Derek Partridge

iPod Shuffle Winner at Voices.com

The VOICE Conference!

Voice Over Blogosphere

5 Voice Over Roles : Which are you?

We Work with Voice Over Agents To Get the Job Done

Dutch Voice Talents in the US

What If Life Had a Soundtrack?

Adam Fox of Defiant Digital Announces Podcast Production Services

Public Relations for Voice Talents

Union VS Non-union : Have Your Say

Spanish Voices For The Simpsons Threaten Boycott

Ralph Hass on YouTube!

Canadian Voice Over Coaches, Stand Up!

Post Session Rewards, Anyone?

Education and Voice Over Demos

Voice Over in the Google Era

Voice Actors United Chat Group

New Job Viewing Filters!

Updated Your Commercial Demo Lately?

Worm Poop and Voice Overs

How Do You Get Into Character?

Voices.com Presents at the Canadian Venture Forum

British Voice Overs

Why We Do What We Do

Voices.com VS voice123

Local Search: How To Optimize Your Website

VOICE Conference Early Bird Date Extended

Oscars Behind the Scenes

Verbum Domini Joins SQPN

Dallas VO Workshops for March 2007 at VoicesVoices

Earphones Award for Marc Cashman

PodCamp Toronto: How to make your podcast more listenable

Oscars with Don and Gina

Throw Out The Announcer!

Voicey Award Winners!

Voicey Awards - Tonight!

Which Mic Captures Your Talents?

Mimicry VS Imitation

PodCamp Toronto

2007 Voicey Award Finalists

Why you should be blogging

Podcasting Advertising to hit $400 Million in 2011

VOX Talk Podcast

34th Annie Awards Winners

Why North Americans Hire British Voice Talents

Garfield & Friends: Hide Your Lasagna!

VO Workshops with Bettye this February

Voicey Awards Official Website Launched

Robert Jacobs, Second-Generation Broadcaster

Narrow Casters in India Break Radio Barriers

Super Bowl Commercials on MySpace

Voicey Awards

What happened?!

Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino

Book Review: You Can Bank on Your Voice

Help brand our new campaign!

Wikipedia cited by Judges. Hmmm...

SAG Recognizes Voice Over Pros

Voices 3 is Coming!

DigiDesign Reel Tape Suite

Do Radio Personalities Go Too Far?

Best Vocal Warm Ups that Work Wonders

How to make money from Podcasting

Quoting for Podcasts

Dry Mouth Problems when Recording?

Meet us at VOICE 2007

Gotta love FeedBurner

Previously On 24

Break Into Voice Over

From Blog to Pod From The World's Fastest Talker

Getting Involved at Voices.com

ACTRA Strike Update - Cross Country Checkup!

Charlotte's Web

John Tesh says: If you can imagine it, you can voice it

Global Warming: A Planetary Emergency

ACTRA Strike 2007

What were your Favorite Jobs of 2006?

Radio Celebrates 100 Years

New Podcast! VOX Talk by Voices.com

Making Non-union Jobs Union Jobs

Rodney Saulsberry's Promo and Trailer Teleclass

Voices Gets Lit Between the Ears!

Top 10 VOX Daily Posts for 2006

New Commercial Scripts for Radio and Television

The Voiceover Dynamic Duo of Jessica Gee-George and Grant George

Search Engines

Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Message via Podcast

Philip Bennefall, Swedish Voice Actor, Partners with Voices.com

Voices.com Commercial Scripts ~ Updated

Joe Barbera, Cartoonist, 1911 - 2006

Santa Claus VO Session Gone Bad

We Three Kings, Hollywood Style

Voices For A Change

Fred Cusick: Voice of the Boston Bruins

Time is running out!

Helping Those in Need

Voices.com Got TechCrunched

Christmas Specials

Holiday Goodies

Snow Day at Voices.com

Tips on Finding Agency Representation

Joe Cipriano Shares Voiceover Secrets

Princesses of Podcasting

The Collaborative Nature of Animated Acting

Voices.com and Tele-classes

Happy Feet Stomps All Over Casino Royale

Anime Cons

Voices.com on MySpace

Affiliates Needed for the Pilot Program - Interested?

Ad Man Meets Voice Girl

Voices for Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Master VO Blog

QuickStart Ends on Thursday!

Affiliate Program at Voices.com

The ABCs of Voiceover

The Importance of Comments on Blogs

Sara Mendes da Costa : The Voice of Time

Is Voiceover really for you? Read this first.

Website Completeness

Voice of Authority

Some Lighter Fare: Frank and Gordon

Seekers VS Clients

Top 100 Movers and Shakers

Avi Melman's Voice-Over Podcast

Transformers Audition Reflection - Updated

New Movie Trailer, Podcast, and Narration and Documentary Categories at Voices.com

Brian Haymond, EA Sports' NFL Head Coach” voice, Renews contract with Voices.com

Diction for Childrens Programs

Election Voice Overs

November Voice Acting Workshops

Ralph Hass Shoots and Scores as TV Imaging Voice of the Buffalo Sabres, the NHL's Top Team

Alicia Keys Guest Stars on The BackYardigans

Save and Share: Get Clients Promoting your Voice

Ask The Voice Cat

New Color Themes For Your Voices Website

Policy Development - Get in now!

Watermark Bank at Voices.com

When Bryan Cox Transforms his Voice, Hollywood Listens

Best of the Best Web 2.0 Web Sites

The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies

Press Release Packages are Here!

Getting Started in VO, Part II

Meet Ad Man and Voice Girl

Something to Consider

Loads of Room for Your Voice Demos at Voices.com!

Want Your Voice to Live Forever?

Trish McTaggart, Australian Voice-over Talent

Getting Started in Voiceovers: My Take

Anna Russell, 1911-2006

Voice Over Faux Pas

How to get your name in Google & Yahoo!

Get Your Voice Featured at Voices.com

Rosetta Project

ADR and Looping Master Event

Pat Fraley's ADR Adventure at Disney

Need to Take a Break?

Garth Collins, NASA and Microsoft Vista Narrator, Joins Voices.com

Robots Movie dubbed in Bahasa Malay

June Foray starring in the Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd Podcast

The Business of Voiceovers: Strictly Business!

October 2006 Voice Over Workshops

What's in an Accent?

Google and YouTube... Buyout?

Congrats To Our New Moderators

VOX Daily is now accepting Article submissions

Voices.com Coming out of Web 2.0 Beta Phase

Why People Choose Voices.com

Second-hand recording studio equipment

Food Commercials and Voice-overs

VoiceOverTimes Moderators Needed

How to Accept PayPal Payments at Voices.com

Musings in a Hair Salon

Voice Marketer

Getting Started in Voice Overs

Garland Thompson, Podcaster and Voice Actor, Joins Voices.com

Foodfight IBM Voice Audition

Want to know about Voices.com Jobs?

Podcasting for Businesses

SEO Promotion at Voices.com

Halifax actress keeps Christopher Reeve film swinging

Annie Award Nominations Are Now Open

Custom MP3 Demos Validate Studio Quality

Case Study - Voices.com Telephone Job Posting

Hollywood and Videogames

Too busy to signup with Voices.com?

Why Change the Name to Voices.com?

Antonio Banderas Voice Career and Nasonex Bee

It's Official, The New Site Has Launched!

Voice123 New Voice Over Category

Bob North Voice Talent Teams up with Voices.com

Voice Actor Blogs on the Rise

Accent on Dialects Masters Event

Cleaning the Instrument

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, Dies

Voice Acting Book Club

September Workshop Calendar

Firefox Web Browser

Ideas for Audition Templates

Make Millions With Your Voice

4 Things you should double check at Voices.com

Have a Blog?

Primetime Voices on Entertainment Tonight

Voice Actors: Invisible Celebrities

New San Diego Voice Acting Group

ISDN Debate

Colin Farrell wants to be a voice actor

New Search Results at Voices.com

LibriVox: An Audio Homage to the Written Word

Search Engine Ranking Tool

Kids Animation VO Workshop coming to San Diego

Beli Sullivan Storyteller

Adding Tags to your VO Demos at Voices.com

My Dog Tulip Voice Actors

Will You Recommend Voices.com?

Joy Lyn Shaw Voice Artist

Videogame Voice Acting: Battle for Residuals

Exclusive Preview of Voices.com

Voice Actor Boot Camp

VOX Daily Blog: Subscribe for Benefits!

Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress and Survivor” raves about Voices.com

STAR TREK: Legacy - Voiceovers Announced

Peter Prins, Comedic Voice Actor, joins Voices.com

Digital Living for Grandparents

IVRs: Getting to the heart of it all

Sound Alikes: Not your Average Job Description

Ogg Vorbis, The Open Source File Format

AAC Format: Will it replace MP3?

September Leach, Voice Over Artist, Partners with Voices.com

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf: Opera's Sleeping Beauty

How To Identify and Treat Physical Tension in Performers

Karen Hutton, Commercial Voice Talent, Returns to Voices.com

What Clients Really Want: Answers to the Million Dollar Question

Women in Technology: Where are you?

Ratatouille Voice Cast Announced

Want to Sound Great? Try Voice Styling.

Microphones: The First Step in the Signal Chain

August Workshop Calendar

Voice Talent Stefanie Dell'Aringa Partners with Voices.com

Bob Worthington, Voice Actor, Finds Work at Voices.com

Physical Tension: How to Identify and Correct it

Narrator Janis Panizza Releases Legendary Audiobook

Old Dominion Productions, LLC celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

From Singer to Voice Talent: Making the Transition

Dutch Voice-over Talent Dita Jansen Joins Voices.com

Audacity Recording Software

Voice Actor Rick Reid Turns Ears at Voices.com

Diane Burket, Voice Talent Extraordinaire Joins Voices.com

Ilari Hoevenaars Voice Talent: A Dutch Delight for your Ears!

Voice Actor James Hrkach – An Unparalleled Canadian Voice

Nancy Cartwright wants to know who you are!

Voice Artist Laurence Fuller Rises to Excellence

Women in Animation Workshop

Need PR? Meet the Press!

Shrek the Third Voice Actors Announced

Vocal Health Clinic at the London Health Sciences Centre

Armando Talavera wins iPod nano

Business Cards and Websites

Top Ten Features to REMOVE from Voices.com

Top Ten Feature Requests for Voices.com

Podcast Commentary in Israel

Former CHUM Employees: There is Hope at Voices.com

Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

New Voices.com Standard Rates Sheet!

The Psychology Behind Custom Demos

Italy Wins 2006 FIFA World Cup!

Bell Canada Mystery 519 Voice

Quoting for Audio Books

Bob Bergen's 2007 Voiceover Cruise - Update - Canceled

How do you keep your Voice Healthy?

Ever wonder what Porky the Pig is really like?

Kari Wahlgren, voice actor, Chats with Voices.com

Non-union Standard Rates: Help Set the Industry Benchmark

What is the Guest Membership?

The Essentials of Billing

July 2006 VO Calendar

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