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7 Ways How You Can Sell Your Vision


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 9, 2008

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Dr. Theresa TopicDr. Theresa Topic, former principal of Brescia University College who has recently retired from her post, gave a lecture called "Do You See What I See?".

The goal of this presentation was to help those in positions of leadership align people behind their vision by offering value, attainability and benefits directly related to their participation.

Voice actors can use this information when building a team of service providers around your company to help you succeed and when applying for work.

How Do You Inspire People to Follow Your Vision?

a) You need to find people who are willing to sign on

b) You need a vision with power and strength that will speak to all

1. Believe in the Vision, Understand the Vision, Explain the Vision

You need to sell a vision and keep the end result in sight. As a voice actor, this means to live your vision out and be able to communicate it clearly to those with whom you wish to work with and serve.

2. Do All You Can to Enthuse and Engage Others

This could mean communicating, innovating, making use of word of mouth, cheerleading and being able to articulate your vision.

3. Be Flexible

Understand that the vision must change and evolve as others become involved.

What does that mean?

Simply that if you expand your team to include a secretary, personal assistant, producer, or otherwise, you need to allow the vision to be embracing of view points other than your own. By listening to those you work with and respecting their ideas, you empower them and give them more reasons to feel more closely knit to your vision to help you achieve your goals.

Let It Fly

Dr. Topic detailed an example of how strategic planning was conducted at Brescia to provide a forum for discussion and feedback.

Town Hall Meetings occur at Brescia on a regular schedule giving people including the faculty, staff, students, physical plant workers and others who are involved in the Brescia community the opportunity to congregate and openly discuss how they feel they could make Brescia a better place, asking questions such as "Where should Brescia go?"

A mixed blessing at times (obviously, not all feedback will be positive or applicable), the outcome is certainly worth it, but Dr. Topic also emphasized that you have to say "No" sometimes.

4. Understand Your Role

Although you are the head of your company you have to realize that other voices can be of benefit to you. Your voice alone is not sufficient when it comes to drawing people other than yourself into your vision. These voices might be your teacher, agent, studio engineer, vendors, legal counsel, peers, or family members.

Recognize and Reward Participants

We all appreciate having our work acknowledged. The best way is to track success so that it can be recognized and singled out appropriately. A little recognition goes a long way.

6. Entertain

In order to sell your vision, you'll need to be able to entertain and tell a story that captivates those you intend to gain support or work from. For instance, if you're auditioning and submitting a proposal, you can use that opportunity to paint a story about how you will serve them using elements of your vision to persuade.

7. Keep the Vision in Mind

Keep the end result in sight. People need to see that they are on course and heading toward their goals. This could mean presenting a client with a detailed outline of your workflow should they need it. Keeping in touch and communicating often will be a welcome change for people who need reassurance or are on a tight deadline.

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    Thank you for another POSITIVE Vox Daily.

    Your daily e-mails help bring focus to what I (we) do, and are always enlightening! Even in articles like this one, where it's not directly related to VO... you find 'gems' of inspiration from outisde our little world!

    Thanks again for great thoughts to start my day!

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      Although I'm usually more wordy, for this great article all that I can say is "Thank you Stephanie and Dr. Theresa Topic"!


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