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Do You Have a Vision for Your Business?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 8, 2008

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Brescia University College

IWIL Conference

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference for women's leadership offered at Brescia University College first Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL) professional development conference for women on June 19th, 2008, with the inaugural conference program entitled, "When opportunity knocks, are you ready?".

The focus of the stream I was in had to do with leadership and what it means to have a vision.

Do you have a vision for your voice over business? If not, learn more about how you can write one here at VOX Daily.

Three very intelligent women lead the sessions I attended, each successful in their own regard with a wealth of knowledge to share.

Horizon Leadership LogoThe first lecture was presented by Janet Frood of Horizon Leadership Coaching and Consulting called "Creating a Compelling Vision". I'll be highlighting Janet Frood's lecture today.

Janet began her talk by saying that most people want a vision and not many people or organizations have a clear vision.

What is a Vision?

A vision is a written declaration of what your objectives are as a businessperson and justifies why your company exists. A vision is forward thinking and focused.

Here's an example of Brescia's vision:

Brescia University College Logo

Brescia will be the university college of choice for women seeking an inclusive community of learning that combines academic excellence with opportunity for service and leadership.

Gets to the point elegantly, doesn't it?

The Role and Purpose of a Vision is:

- To create common ground
- Make work flow more efficiently
- To assert alignment
- Lets other people know what direction your business is going in
- Distinguishes the role and aspirations of your company
- Provides inspiration
- Answers the question of "Why am I here? What's my purpose?"

A vision should be built upon an inspired foundation and be able to evoke emotions complementary to achieving the goals at hand.

How to Develop a Vision

Go to a quiet place where you can think. Make it a place where you feel comfortable and energized. You'll need to create your own space to feel grounded and at peace -- be sure to develop your vision in that place.

Keep these 3 words in mind when you are brainstorming:

1. Purpose
2. Vision
3. Values

Articulating Your Vision

When you are articulating your vision, use powerful, positive language. Paint yourself a metaphor and imagine all of the possibilities, in other words, think beyond the horizon line.

Answer this question:

"What do I want to create or change in the world?"

Use the answer you come up to flesh out and guide your vision. Remember that visions have to be fully integrated, lived, and breathed or else the vision will not be fulfilled.

Visions Can Change Over Time

Circumstances may cause you to change your vision in the future. You may find that you need to reevaluate basic things like why your company exists and re-identify what makes you unique.

When Do you Know You're Fulfilling your Vision?

You'll know when you are striking a chord and resonating on new levels with those you encounter. If your customers know your vision, for example, like how fans of Apple identify with them, you're doing very well.

Honor your values and make your vision statement a living piece of yourself that can be shared with the world.

Do You Have a Vision?

Share your vision with us here on VOX Daily as a comment!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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