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Meet Me in Chicago at the Midwest Voice Conference August 9, 2008


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 30, 2008

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Diagram of the vocal organs

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember that I wrote an article about the Midwest Voice Conference, but what I didn't say at the time is that I will also be there!

In this article, I've detailed the conference program so that you have a chance to learn more about what you can expect from this one-day event on Saturday August 9, 2008 in Chicago.

Will you be coming?

Let me know by adding a comment so that we can meet up :)

Conference Program

8:00 am Coffee, Continental Breakfast, On-Site Registration

8:30 am Introduction and Welcome by Dr. Steven Sims

8:45 am œCurrent Methods in Singing Voice Rehabilitation by Karen Wicklund, DM, MHS CF-SLP, Chicago Center for Professional Voice, Associate Professor of Voice and Musical Theater Voice at Western Michigan University

9:15am œReflux Disease: A Prospective from ˜Below™ the UES by Jay Goldstein, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Vice Head for Clinical Affairs, Department of Medicine

9:45 am Presentation on Obesity by Carlos Galvani, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Associate Professor of Surgery, Bariatric Surgery

10:15 am Break

10:30 am Presentation on Voice Training by Randy Buescher, Your True Voice Studios, Vocal Therapist

11:00 am Presentation on Allergies and Sinus Disease by Stephanie Joe, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology

11:30 am Presentation on Neurological Diseases (Parkinson™s Disease, Stroke, ALS, & Spasmodic Dysphonia) by Arlene Barr, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Associate Professor of Neurology

12:00 pm "Finding Your Authentic Singing Voice," by Lyndia Johnson, Executive Director/Voice Coach, Sterling Voice Coaching, Ltd.

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Presentation by Steven Sims, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago Institute for Voice Care, Director

2:00 pm Hands-On Workshops

3:45 pm Wrap-Up/Conclusion

Conference Objectives

Principles of Speaking Voice Restorative Therapy

๏ Learn basic principals of abdominal breathing to support voice production
๏ Understand the role of head resonance in amplifying voice and reducing the work of speaking
๏ Learn about the role of voice/ rest/conservation of the voice/general voice care: vocal hygiene guidelines

Common Medical Diagnoses that affect the Voice: Allergies, Post-Nasal Drip, LPR, Hormone Related, Colds

๏ Learn about how allergies create drainage that irritates the vocal folds
๏ Learn how acid reflux is more than heartburn and can harm the vocal folds
๏ Learn about how estrogen, progesterone and testosterone affect the voice and how disorders with the hormones produce voice changes
๏ Learn how to support your immune system and fight a cold

People who would benefit from this conference include:

๏ Actors
๏ Singers
๏ Radio hosts
๏ Clergy
๏ Telemarketers
๏ Politicians
๏ Teachers
๏ Lawyers
๏ Coaches
๏ Aerobics Instructors
๏ Receptionists
๏ Sales People
๏ Homemakers
๏ Brokers

The fee to attend is $35.

Conference Date, Time and Location:

Saturday August 9, 2008
8am - 4pm

UIC College of Medicine
Research Building
@ Moss Auditorium
909 S. Wolcott St.
Chicago, IL 60612

Click here to fill out the form to register.

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,


©iStockphoto.com/Mark Strozier

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    See ya at the conference Stephanie.


    http://www.voiceoftemptation.biz/ under construction and coming soon.

    Posted by:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for commenting and I look forward to meeting you at the Midwest Voice Conference!

      Best wishes,


      Posted by:

        Hi Stephanie.

        I see many items on this agenda I'd like to attend, but getting to Chicago will not be an option for me at this time.

        Will you be recording any sections as podcasts?

        Michael Mangum
        Wenatchee Big Band Vocalist
        Life Coach
        Motivational Speaker
        Aspiring voice-over talent

        Posted by:
        • Michael Mangum
        • July 31, 2008 10:43 AM

          Hi Michael,

          Thank you for commenting and I hope you are well.

          I will be covering the conference on VOX Daily so you'll definitely get a taste of what was going on and will also suggest that they consider making an audio recording of the conference. That may be something they have already thought of but I'll follow up to see.



          Posted by:

            Hi Stephanie

            Wow - that sounds like a great conference - I love all things medical!!!!

            Looking forward to hearing all that you learn - take good notes.

            Here's a request - is there any way you can put your email title in your subject line? I save many of your emails because they have such good resources but it is impossible to sort through them to find what I am looking for because I need to open them to see what is in them.

            Warm regards,

            Have fun!

            Posted by:
            • Marti Krane
            • July 31, 2008 8:39 PM

              Hi Marti,

              Thank you for writing in :) I hope all is well with you.

              With regard to article names in titles, the people at FeedBurner (a Google company that delivers the blog subscriptions) have said that it is not possible to have the articles in the subject line, just the name of the blog.

              Hopefully they will add that feature in the future as we've asked and I'm sure others have too.



              Posted by:

                I'd love to go to the conference, but will probably be working Saturday in St. Louis. Have a great time!

                Posted by:


                  This conference sounds so-o-o interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing what you've learned--especially about the basic principles of abdominal breathing and the role of head resonance in amplifying voice. Any info you can share with us--books, podcasts, notes, etc is all appreciated.

                  Thanks for all you do!

                  Kathy Broderick

                  Posted by:

                    Hello all,
                    Check out www.ChicagoVoiceDoc.com for general information

                    Posted by:

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