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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 18, 2008

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We're pleased to present you with the results of our Voices.com Q2 Client Experience Report for 2008.

By providing quarterly documentation to our community members, we are able to share how Voices.com has progressed and reveal detailed reports consisting of significant information regarding the experiences of clients (buyers of voice over services) who use the service to hire voice talent at Voices.com.


• Voices.com now serves 92,736 people.
• The number of job postings at Voices.com has increased by 130% from this time last year.
• The number of voice talent hired at Voices.com has increased by 548% from this time last year.


Clients increasingly depend upon polished voice-over demos, custom auditions and quick turn around to complete their projects in a timely manner.

New conferences, educational resources and marketing opportunities are paving the way for motivated voice talent to use this time wisely and leap-frog their slower to adapt colleagues.

Voice Over Demo is Still King

The voice-over demo continues to be the single most important factor in obtaining work. Other factors include the need for an authentic accent or regional dialect, response time on the job posting, proposed turn around time on completing the work, or the client has worked with a voice talent on previous projects and opted to work with them again.

Want to Learn More?

For case studies and more download the Voices.com Client Experience Report now!

Best wishes,

David, Laurynda and the Voices.com Team

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    Thank you so much for posting this. I just finished reading it and found it very informative. Keep up the excellent work!

    Posted by:

      Very interesting! I was especially interested in the graphs titled "How Many Auditions Do You Review?" and "What Was Your Last Payment Method?".

      The answers to the first indicate that showing the number of responses already received on the lead might be of some value to the talent in determining whether to audition.

      The second shows us, among other things, that no matter what, sometimes no one is hired for that particular job from those responding to the leads.

      Posted by:

        P.S. the message that came up actually said "Form not found".

        Posted by:

          Hi Paul,

          Thanks for letting me know. I've dropped another copy on the server and you can now download the PDF.



          Posted by:

            I'm just curious...

            Your business really seems to be booming. What about the pay rate for talent booking through your site? Are their rates going up or down? Are clients of your site making more oney per spot or less? Are your voice seekers hiring more talent but spending less money? Are your voice seekers hiring more union talent or less? For those of us trying desperate to make a living at this, I wish you would post thise numbers as well.


            Posted by:
            • Budd
            • April 14, 2009 5:57 PM

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