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I Booked, I Voiced, I Celebrated!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 11, 2008

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What kind of voice over work have you been recording in your studio this week?

In this edition of Who Got the Gig, I want to hear about your victories this past week, particularly if you got work that challenged you but didn't get you down.

Share your stories with the VOX Daily family.

Feeling victorious?

Leave a comment letting me know about what you voiced this week!

Enjoy your weekend,



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    Landed voice over work for a client in "BERMUDA"
    this week, plus More returning Clients
    that had found me on VOICES.COM
    AND moved up to NUMBER 2 on THE FAVORITES LIST
    Hope to make NUMBER ONE SOON!


    Posted by:


      Landed an easy gig with Dick Terhune with Captain Mercury Productions for "Classic Audi". He was even able to use my audition for the final cut; no extra recording! Thanks Voices.com!

      -September Day Leach

      Posted by:
      • September Day Leach
      • July 11, 2008 11:14 AM

        Was hired to record some intros / outros / and segue segments for a heavy metal podcaster's show! It pays to have a complete signature when you post in forums, even if they aren't VO related forums!

        Posted by:
        • Wayne Henderson
        • July 11, 2008 12:58 PM

          I, raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, got my first British gig. I voiced the animated promo for Balloon Dog, a British advertising agency. My liaison was a British gentlemen in New York. I don't think he knew I wasn't British until the very end when he had to call my studio line to pronounce a French word in the copy for me. So a little British and a little French. A little scary but lots of fun. Also mixed in their music bed with "to the second" timing. Also, strangely fun. Two other repeat clients from Voices.com. Thank you voices.com Here's to July rockin' - Cheers

          Posted by:

            I provided two voices for Run Factory 2, a video game coming out at Christmas for the Nintendo DS!

            Posted by:
            • Josh Snyder
            • July 11, 2008 4:35 PM

              After eighteen months I've just done my first job. I've rehearsed, sent out showreels, sat in front of my computer, willing the mail icon to appear.

              It wasn't a huge deal- just a Voice of God spot for an awards ceremony. But it gave me a real sense of achievement. Now I'm looking for the next job...

              Posted by:

                Hey Stephanie
                This week's narration was a rush call for an action sport pilot called The Ultimate Ride. The pilot stars Shaun White, Snowboarding and Skateboarding World Champion. We did the pilot this week for the pitch to Red Bull and HBO. The trailer doesn't have any of the VO on it but shows some incredible footage.
                Visit www.theultimateride.tv

                The Ultimate Ride is an unprecedented documentary television and DVD series focused on today’s elite action sports stars as they take on exotic new missions and battle to stay on top of their dangerous professions.

                Shot in vibrant high definition, and accentuated by a progressively scored and placed soundtrack, The Ultimate Ride reaches for the highest standards of visuals, sound, editing and untold stories of the riders who are changing the game.

                The series will spotlight more of this amazing breed of explorers and unlock the spirit, joys, fears and glories of action and adventure sports. Emmy award-winning producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, designers and acclaimed musicians head up this beautiful and emotional production of the definitive ride of their lives.

                Posted by:

                  Hey Stephanie,

                  I got hired for the Florida Sunshine Shuttle IVR project. Also was asked to do a demo for a major insurance company interactive website. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Here's to next week!

                  Robin Wolf
                  Robin Tower Productions

                  Posted by:
                  • Robin Wolf
                  • July 12, 2008 1:37 PM

                    This has been a great week. I landed a role on Canada's #1 Sitcom, "Corner Gas" Just one role, one episode but it really was a cool speaking part...yes over 5 lines. Also got a two Audio Book deal...they're self defense books. I figure by the time I'm done these I might be able defend myself ...from politicians even clergy.

                    Posted by:
                    • Bryan Cox
                    • July 12, 2008 3:29 PM

                      From an exasperated & exhausted women dealing with drugs and crime in her neighbborhood in TV & Radio spots...to a hopeful State Housing Authority powerpoint presentation..

                      In between an upbeat,smart " close to home vacation destination-New Jersey" radio campaign and finally soothing affirmations for a client in Bermuda. Good timing with a Hurricane on the way!

                      Good clients, great work and all thanks to Voices.com!

                      Posted by:

                        It was a great week for getting new clients. Picked up a client who needs 10 (:30 dry) spots per week. I've also been shortlisted for two long audiobook projects - hopefully they will both come through.

                        The quality of leads VOICES.COM has brought me is unbelievable.



                        Posted by:

                          Hi everybody!

                          Congratulations on your recent gigs :) Those all sound very exciting.

                          @Joe: I'm very pleased to hear that you're getting so much work. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

                          @September: Way to go! Great to hear that you've been able to network with other talent on the site to create work opportunities :)

                          @Wayne: Heavy metal podcast?! See just how vast this market is? Thank you also for including the tip about signatures in forums. They do work :)

                          @Vanessa: I'm always impressed when someone can adapt their voice to sound convincingly like a native dialect when it is a bird of a different feather. A challenge here and there is a great benefit and keeps us on our toes. It sounds like you had quite the adventure with this project!

                          @Josh: Super ;) I'll keep my eye out for it.

                          @Ian: Bravo! Give this man a round of applause :) That job is nothing to sneeze at... you got it which means:

                          1) You were the right voice for the job
                          2) You gave many people memories on their special night
                          3) There's a great likelihood that you'll be hired again for subsequent gigs

                          As many people will tell you, the first job is always the hardest to get, and you got it! Keep going Ian, they're out there waiting for you.

                          @Eddie: Magnificent news! I'm sure you had a great time recording for this. It sounds quite interesting. I hope that people find this comment and look for the voice of "The Ultimate Ride". Thank you for sharing :)

                          @Robin: That's fabulous! We've got our fingers crossed for you here, too.

                          @Bryan: A huge congrats to you my fellow Canuck! I was so happy to hear about your news. Please let me know when the episode you are in airs and I'll make sure that I'm watching for my friend on Corner Gas :)

                          @Kellie: Wow lady, that's quite the mixed bag! Variety is the spice of life and I'm glad you got a good dose of it.

                          @Jason: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Congrats on the gigs and let me know what happens with the audio books.

                          Does anyone else want to share their news?



                          Posted by:

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