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Going For The Gold on Who Got the Gig

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 8, 2008

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Gold Medal

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

With the Olympic Games starting today in Beijing, I thought it fitting to give this edition of our weekly feature "Who Got the Gig" some citius, altius, and fortius!

What kind of voice overs got you going faster, soaring higher, and voicing stronger?

Share your gigs by leaving a comment and let the games begin!

Taking First Place

It's a great feeling to be recognized as the right person for the job and finishing first has its own rewards.

Did you take the gold this week?

Comment to let me know!

Best wishes,



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    I'm not a big fan of IVR/PBX Prompts gigs. It takes too much time to record and edit. However, I just finished with a large Prompt job. After English to Spanish translation, recording and editing 1.700 audio files, I made some $eriou$ bucks to buy some studio toys ;)

    And of course, this is a recurring client I found about a year ago thanks to Voices.com!

    Posted by:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I landed a job yesterday for "Perfect Princess Cut Diamonds", a national television campaign. It took weeks for them to finally decide on a voice, but Angela with Dphilms Imaging Services (the producers of the project) was really pulling for me and even had a portion of the spot produced with my voice to help sell me to the client. I've never worked with dphilms before but it's nice to have someone in your corner... I hope to work with them again in the future.

      I asked if they could just pay me with one of the diamond rings... (it's really a stunning looking cut and I'm sure my wife would enjoy it)... no word yet.... but I'm not holding my breath. I asked something similar on a job I did for Bertram Yachts a while back... no luck there either. :)

      Posted by:
      • Dave DeAndrea
      • August 9, 2008 10:49 AM

        Ok, let's see...diamond gig, huge prompt gig...depression?

        Don't think I'm going to win the citius, altius, and fortius contest with this one!!

        Perusing the table of contents:

        Symptoms of Depression...
        Psychotic Depression...
        Anti-Depressant Drugs Don't Cure Depression...

        YIKES!! Have done a couple of oddball audio books, but this one might take the cake! Wait, there was that one last year about cake decorating that gave me major munchies...!!

        Posted by:

          Hi Stephanie,

          I landed a job with RN FILMS this week and it could be something on a regular basis!
          Plus returning Clients!

          AND FINALLY!!!! HIT NUMBER ONE!! ON THE VOICES.COM FAVORITES LIST!!! its a Hard position to hold on to BUT I will try!

          JOE MC MILLAN

          Posted by:

            Just did
            *another VO for national infomercial for Glamour Eyes,
            *Voiced an online legal software site that I can't say more about because I signed confidentiality agreement.
            *Phone system

            And YIKES! In the... "fell off the balance beam" department... I was offered VO in a Billy Graham TV special to air nationally in September(I did one last Dec.) I took too long to respond to email while at VOICE 2008... and they ended up having to use someone else! How I WISH I'd takent time to check email...cos they they had a free voice booth there at VOICE 2008! But I blew it!

            Posted by:

              Scored a web series narration through Voices.com called The SpotLab. It follows up and coming directors creating their reel on their own money in 3 months to be critiqued by the major ad agencies. It's a great series that shows what goes on in the director's mind and all the "stuff" they have to control. Good info so you as a talent can make their job and yours easier. There's about 5 episodes up currently.

              Posted by:

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