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First Look : Community : Read, Listen and Contribute!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 10, 2008

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Voices.com Community

Want to take a closer look at the New Community area at Voices.com?

I'm pleased to share some information on how you can get involved and be an active part of the vibrant community that all voice over talent can call "home" online at Voices.com.


Did you know that there are many blogs at Voices.com that you can subscribe to by email and take part in for free?

Check out these blogs when you get a moment:

VOX Daily
The Biz
Ask The Voice Cat
Master VO


Similarly, there are hundreds of podcasts for you to listen to! Check out these ones for some good company:

VOX Talk
Voice Over Experts
Voice Casting


Watch some of the voice over industry's hottest videos from experts in the field, celebrities and comedic videos just for laughs.

Popular videos are being added soon (this is kind of the preview) and you're also invited to submit links to your own VO YouTube.com videos to be featured on the blog (family friendly please)!

Videos at Voices.com


Read about the shared experiences of customers including case studies from clients who hire talent and success stories submitted by voice actors who are members of Voices.com.

Visit The Buzz Blog Now

5 Ways You Can Get Involved

Comment on VOX Daily

Did you know that you can add your voice to the conversation that's going on with voice actors from around the world?

You can also subscribe to VOX Daily by email to get updates everyday and read them at your own convenience whether online or off.

Record for VOX Talk

If you have some tips, tales or rants that you'd like to see shared with the voice over community or read news stories to gain experience for your portfolio, contributing to VOX Talk may be the right fit for you.

Email contributions to stephanie@voices.com

Teach a Lesson on Voice Over Experts

Do you coach voice over talent, teach voice acting courses, or interact with voice talent on a regular basis in your job? Are you an industry personality, icon or celebrity voice talent?

The voice over experts podcast gives you an opportunity to enter into the homes of thousands of voice actors who listen to this show on a weekly basis and share your some of your knowledge, experiences in the field and give back to your community in mini recorded lessons that range between 5 to 10 minutes.

Check out the podcast here to see if you'd like to join as a faculty member.

Voice Over Experts Podcast
Voice Coaches Network Information

Email contributions to stephanie@voices.com

Send Us Your News

What have you been up to? Recorded any voice overs lately that you're at liberty to talk about? I'd like to invite you to send your news to me so that I can spread the word for you at Voice Over Times.

If you have something to share, zip me an email here:


Write An Article

Every so often I feature guest bloggers on VOX Daily and you could be one of them! If you'd like to contribute articles that you have written, I'd be happy to publish them for you and help you to grow your audience and introduce you to our voice over community.

Some Interesting Statistics

VOX Daily has been read 256,159 times in the past year.

The most popular article ever was:

Don LaFontaine : The Legend Lives No More


Voice Over Experts has been downloaded 49,678 times. The three most popular episodes with thousands of downloads in the last year were:

1. Anthony Reece : Rate Sheets and Recut Requests

2. Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino : Voice Over Demo Don'ts

3. Pat Fraley : Shameless Hollywood Auditioning Tricks!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I think you'll really love the new community area once it is ready with the launch of the redesigned site.

Also, if you can't wait until then, get going and start contributing now :)

Best wishes,

Stephanie and The Voices.com Team

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