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First Look : Voices.com Search Engine & Directory


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 2, 2008

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There's a new search engine in town.

Want to learn more?

Search in the Header


Searching takes center stage. Anyone can search for voice talent by keyword using the search box at the top of every page on the entire site.

Search on the Home Page


Going with the greater emphasis of the search engine, we've added the search box to the home page with the gender and language pull down options. For those looking for voice talent who speak a language other than English, finding those pros from around the globe is never more than a click away.

Advanced Search


There are some new fields which will help clients get to the results their looking for. Members of SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA and Equity will be happy to know that we're placing a union affiliation field on the advanced search page. We hope this encourages even more union activity.

Voice talent who perform a variety of characters typically identified by age will be pleased to learn that we're also adding the "Voice Age" field. Considering that voice-overs for cartoons, animation, videogames and character-driven ads are on the rise, this was a no-brainer.

Search Results


We're most proud of the new search results page. It's cleaner and more interactive. How so? Well, clients have new options that I think they'll find extremely useful.

Invitation List


Another innovation is the Invitation List, a list of selected voice talent the client wants to request quotes from by inviting them to a private job posting.

Every time a box is checked beside the voice talent's listing in the results, their name will be added to the Invitation List. Once they've created a list they are pleased with, the client simply clicks "Request a Quote" and they'll be presented with a job posting form where they'll enter their project requirements and attach the script.

When you're invited to a private job, you'll receive a different type of email notification, plus we'll make this obvious on the audition form when you go to reply.

Refine Search Criteria

Once a search is performed, visitors often want to tweak or refine their search query in an effort to get better results. We've accommodated for these actions by providing the same search fields along the left-hand sidebar.

Filter by Category

Clients can even target specific genres of voice-over simply by selecting the appropriate category, again from the sidebar. A good example of this would be if the client is looking for a "funny" voice talent, and then realizes they want to listen to only "television" demos. In this example, the client wouldn't be seeing the funny cartoon demos or the funny videogame voices; just the funny television demos as they wanted.

One thing I do know is that this is something you'll have to try to really grasp just how cool this new feature is!



The directory is located on the home page, on the side of the advanced search page as well as a dedicated section that will replace the Featured Talent Directory.

At first glance, you'll notice that television commercials and tv station imaging have been merged into the Television category and the radio commercials and radio station imaging categories have been merged into a single Radio category.

Overall, the directory looks the same with some minor modifications to the icons and labeling of categories.

Directory Results

The directory results have been completely overhauled to operate more like the search results.

As you can see, we faced quite the challenge.

Clients wanted more information about the voice talent listed in the directory. Plus, they wanted to search within the directory. In addition, we wanted to provide more interactive tools, such as viewing location, feedback, voice description as well as provide an option for the client to request a quote from you specifically -- all within the directory.

Here's a screenshot of the Cartoon category with the invitation list and two voice talents selected from this page of results.


Questions? Comments?

Like what you see? Or perhaps you have a question about how something works in more detail. Let's talk. Add your question or comment below.

Best wishes,

Stephanie, David and The Voices.com Team

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    It looks like you guys are really working hard on this!
    Thanks for all you do!



    Posted by:

      Hey guys...

      I think the search engine looks like it will work out well, and I too especially like the way the search results look. I imagine this is where key words and tags might get us more looks. Nice work guys!


      Posted by:

        This looks great! Anytime a website can be more easily navigated, it helps out all users. Good job! When will this launch, or has it already?

        Posted by:
        • Kim Stinson
        • October 4, 2008 7:28 PM

          Hi Liz, Tom and Kim,

          Thank you for commenting :)

          To answer your question Kim, no, the improvements aren't live yet but they will be relatively soon. I can't give you an exact date but know that we are in final stages and testing is just around the corner. Once we've been able to do that we'll make an announcement here on the blog and by email that the new site is ready.

          Best wishes,


          Posted by:

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