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What Are You Thankful For in Your Voice Over Business?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 27, 2008

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Grateful African American Woman

Today (published on Thursday November 27, 2008) is Thanksgiving in the United States.

Have you taken some time out today to think about what you are grateful for?

How about something you are thankful for in your business?

Share your gratitude here with the voice over community at VOX Daily by leaving a comment!

What are you thankful for in your voice over business?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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    I'm thankful for the blind ambition necessary to cut an audition knowing that mine could easily be #153 of 200...and believing that I might get either the gig...or at least fair hearing by the client.

    ...and Jon Stewart, who helps keep me sane at the end of the day.

    Posted by:

      I'm extremely thankful for repeat/loyal clients. I cannot express the importance they have played in my business this year, and years past. Voices.com has been the avenue whereby I first encountered many of them!

      Posted by:

        That's an easy one for me... definitely the people.

        From my wife, family and friends who've helped me with support, advice and feedback along the way, to the fantastic agents, producers, casting directors, engineers, admins and everyone else who makes this business work.

        I would not be in the business I love without them.


        Posted by:

          I am thankful for:

          God's forgiveness and mercy that allows me to pursue this dream.
          My wife and family... biggest fans, toughest critics.
          The Voices.com team... this is an incredible opportunity to reach the world and you have given us each a window into it.
          The folks I've already been blessed to work for/with.

          Each of the people named above have all shown in on way or another that they support my vision.

          THAT is something to be thankful for...

          Posted by:

            Who isn't thankful for this amazing business in which we are fortunate enough to be a part? I can't doing anything else, and thanks to the Internet, our voices can be heard 'round the world!
            The online services have quadrupled my income in just a couple of years and I can only see more and better opportunities ahead. To be able to make a good living doing what you love...to meet people in every corner of the globe...to be completely free from the stresses of office life and time clocks...to be excited about getting up and going to work...that is more than enough to be thankful for. Life is good.

            Posted by:
            • Robin Rowan
            • November 28, 2008 10:35 AM

              I am thankful for having the opportunity to work from the comfort of my home, with clients from all over the world. Business never stop. It is amazing how www.voices.com has helped me a lot with the expansion of my network this year.

              Posted by:

                I am thankful that the instructors encouraged me not to be discouraged if it took time to get into the actual activity of doing Voice Overs. The training showed in an audition this summer for Full Cast Audio. They didn't need my voice just then but the recording is on file and my professionalism was noted, kudos to the teachers!

                Teri Holbert

                Posted by:
                • Teri Holbert
                • November 28, 2008 11:33 AM

                  I am thankful for the voice over community! What a warm and giving bunch of people. I am always amazed by the willingness of strangers to spend time to chat and even help other VO artists in their plight to become active in the industry. I owe many thanks to so many generous individuals. I don’t know if I could name them all but instead I will just try to give of my time and knowledge to as many others as I can. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

                  Greg Hamilton

                  Posted by:
                  • Greg Hamilton
                  • November 28, 2008 11:58 AM

                    I am so thankful for the opportunity that consolidation gave to me over 3 years ago that pushed me into the full time voice actor role. I have had the luck to have lost jobs or jumped off of sinking Titanic's at just the right time.

                    I am thankful for the Internet that has broadened our backyard to include the world. Who would have have thought just 15 years ago that today we would be able to work from the comfort of our home studios and be heard worldwide with clients that look beyond their borders for talent.

                    I am thankful for the wondrous people in our profession who are willing to share their insights and help steer others unselfishly.

                    I am thankful that independent voice actors are able to make themselves a very decent living without having to work for the bean counters of the world who have ruined what many of us enjoyed in our earlier careers - Fun, creative and harmonious radio properties that flourished and entertained the communities we served with zest and pride.

                    And I am thankful for entities like Voices.com, VO Universe, Voiceover board at YahooGroups and others that give us the opportunity to spread our views and network with others from all sides of the VO community and be heard.

                    My warm thoughts and brotherhood love to all in our industry who are responsible for making this a better place for us all to grow and thrive. May God bless you and your family this season.


                    Posted by:

                      I am thankful for my return clients...those that know I take so much pride in my work. I am so thankful for the great instructors I have had in this biz..especially Elaine Clark. I am thankful my husband understands what a passion this is for me.

                      Posted by:

                        Hello, even thou its slower than usual, I feel blessed to know I LOVE what I do. Not many can say they like going to work...

                        Mark Trafford

                        Posted by:
                        • Mark Trafford
                        • December 1, 2008 9:39 AM

                          This is the year that I discovered Voice Coaches. I spent the summer months training with their very supportive staff, and recording my demo. I just received the finished demo. I am so pleased with the quality of the work that went into creating a polished finished product. Thank you Voice Coaches.

                          Kathleen Sheridan

                          Posted by:
                          • Kathleen Sheridan
                          • December 3, 2008 6:43 PM

                            Is this the Mark Trafford from Peterborough Ont who is into old cars?
                            If so contact me please.

                            Posted by:
                            • steve
                            • November 6, 2009 8:42 PM

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