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Voices.com Store : How To Create A Product Step By Step


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 2, 2009

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How to sell your products at Voices.comDid you know that you can sell products in the Voices.com Store?

If you've been looking for another way to advertise your voice for free, this has got to be one of the best ways to do so... listing your products in the Voices.com Store allows you to wow and engage potential customers right at the point of sale!

Want to know more?

Read this step by step guide and learn how to create an attractive voice over product that promotes your services to prospects through the Voices.com Store.

The Opportunity

Did you know that you can sell products in the Voices.com Store as well as in your own store located within your Profile?

Added with the relaunching of the site in November of 2008, the Voices.com Store makes it easier than ever before to be hired based upon work you've already done and gives you the power to control pricing, write your own ad copy and product descriptions as well as provide audio snippets to serve as product samples.

For more information about this innovation and how the entire process works, you can check out this article written for our membership about the Voices.com Store in October 2008.

Moving right along...

What Are Products?

A product is any kind of voice over that you count among your services, for example, :60 radio commercials, or voice mail greetings, movie trailer voice overs, and so on.

When you create a product it will show up immediately in the Recently Added list.

Products are presented individually to the buyers as ready-to-order and are purchasable immediately online at your Voices.com store, facilitated by SurePay, the voice over industry's trusted escrow service.

What Do You Need To Do To Create a Product?

1. Log in to your Voices.com account
2. Select "Products" within your Profile tab
3. Click on the green button to "+ Add Product"

When Creating Products, Be Sure to Include the Following:

๏ Product Title:
A 1-line field for the title or name of the product.

๏ Product Tags:
Select keywords (adjectives) used to describe the product.

๏ Product Language:
The language that the recording will be done in.

๏ Product Category:
Radio, television, business and so on.

๏ Product Demo:
A sample MP3 file used to help demonstrate what will be delivered following purchase.

๏ Product Description:
A large text area used to describe the product, service description, deliverables and other technical or relevant information.

๏ Product Price:
USD price of the product sold.

You can view a good example of a product description in your account while creating your products if you'd like some guidance.

What's Been Working So Far?

From what we've observed:

๏ Products listed in the $100 - $500 range do best
๏ Well detailed products are more useful and attractive to prospective customers
๏ Short voice samples that accurately match product descriptions are necessary

Do you have products in mind that you'd like to sell?

Log in to your account now and start selling!

Best wishes,


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    Hi Stephanie,

    Happy New Year! Here's to much prosperity and health in 2009!

    This sounds like a great idea. How can I see what others are selling? And how legally can one sell a product that has been recorded, if it is the property of the client?

    Maggie Reed

    Posted by:
    • Maggie Reed
    • January 4, 2009 8:16 AM

      Hi Maggie,

      Thank you very much for your greeting and also for your questions. Those are good ones to ask, indeed :) Happy New Year to you, too.

      1. You can see all of the products in the store by visiting this link:


      2. When I said you could get work based upon recordings already made, I was referring to being hired directly from the stock voice sample that the customer hears accompanying your demo and not having to record a custom recording for the client just to secure their business (i.e. no auditioning!). You wouldn't be reselling custom work that you have done for a specific client, however, you would be selling people on the demo that represents what they could expect from your product.

      Also, if you have recorded an audiobook on your own that is in the public domain or that you have the rights to, you could promote that recording and sell it online through your Voices.com store. This could be a great way to make use of voice overs you have already recorded on your own (your property) to stock your store with, for instance, you could have narrated a collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm or any other work published before January 1st, 1923 ( http://www.copylaw.com/new_articles/PublicDomain.html or also see the Wikipedia entry here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain) in the US according to US copyright law. In effect, you could be your own audiobook narrator, publisher and distributor all rolled into one.

      Thanks for your questions and comments!

      Best wishes,


      Posted by:

        Hi, Stephanie! I am new to voices.com and would love to post "products" - I downloaded and printed the "Getting Started" and "Royalty Free Scripts" - so, I would just record some of them as "demos" and post them as a "product" and would be contacted based on those examples? I am sooo anxious to get going!


        Posted by:
        • Hope
        • September 25, 2010 6:12 PM

          Hi Hope,

          Thank you very much for commenting and for your questions! I appreciate your enthusiasm.

          You could certainly record those scripts as samples of your voice. What I recommend that you do is customize them and even change the industries they may represent so that you have a unique commercial built from the framework of the spot. Could be a fun exercise for you :)

          If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

          Best wishes,


          Posted by:

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