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Who Got The Gig? January 2009 Voice Over Jobs Welcome!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 31, 2009

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Calendar January 2009We're just about to leave the month of January behind, but before we do, I wanted to ask you what you've been doing since the new year began.

Has 2009 been good to you so far?

Before you break out the snacks and dive into some serious Super Bowl festivities (if you're watching the big game, that is), I'd love it if you could take a moment to comment and let me know what sort of voiceovers you've been recording this passed month.

Leave a comment and share your stories!

What Kind of VO Work Have You Been Doing This Year?

Today's post is short and sweet... now the floor is yours.

Looking forward to hearing about the work that's kept you going and how 2009 has been treating your voice over business!

Thanks for sharing,


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    Hey Stephanie!

    January got off to a cold start for me weather wise here in Toronto... but, a warm start voiceover-wise!

    I've just completed recording a series of spots for radio and television as the new "voice" of TRUSTCO Bank of Florida. I'm very excited about this project.

    Also, just this week - I was awarded the SILCOTECH Narration project - a project I auditioned for on VOICES.COM. Thanks VOICES!

    And, I hosted a podcast for Deloitte & Touche - "Deloitte Canada Insights" - speaking with economists about the state of our economy here in Canada as well as the U.S.

    January 2009 may be coming to an end... but there's still 11 more months of voice opportunities ahead!

    Thanks for asking! Happy voicing everyone!

    Kristi Stewart

    Posted by:
    • Kristi Stewart
    • January 31, 2009 5:57 PM

      Hello Stephanie and David and to all of my Voice Over friends!

      Well January was a cold and snowy month here in the midwest. Needless to say though I have been busy doing TV imaging for a station in Savannah Georgia (WTOC) for an ongoing show series.
      I also have to say I have had some personal inquiries and private auditions. Well, not much as many of you, but at least I am still moving.
      Oh and I re-did my home studio and this is exciting to me. Sounds great as well! I am going to do my best to market myself with the usual mailings and I'm getting ready to launch a podcast show in March 2009. I hope to get some of you to contribute to it. Well I have to throw a couple more logs on the fire.

      I hope all of you can make 2009 a vocaltastic year.


      Posted by:

        Good Day One and All,

        I'm about half way through my first audio book, and hope to have it completed by early March. I've also been recording new demo material.

        I took the liberty of writing and producing a few commercials for some local folks here in SW Florida and am going to do a little meet and greet with the managers and offer them the 'free' demo as a taste of what I can do for them. That's new ground for me, so I'll let you all know how it goes.

        Blessings to each of you

        Ran Alan Ricard

        Posted by:
        • Ran Alan Ricard
        • February 1, 2009 8:54 AM

          Hi Stephanie,

          I'm pleased to say that besides a few jobs with local studios, I'm proud of those and I appreciate those, I won an audition to voice a couple lines in the character of the great Martin Luther King. It's playing now on youtube in connection with the national day of service. My few seconds of glory can be found if one searches youtube using the words "mark fiore national day of service martin luther king".
          On other fronts I was recently certified in the use of Source-Connect software and I'm immensely excited about that.
          I anticipate a great '09 with Voices.com!


          Posted by:

            Hi, all -

            Well, I am new to voices.com and haven't booked much (well, anything, actually - still learning these ropes) through this site yet - however, VO work is going strong for me through my other venues, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before the voices.com community gets to know me as well. This year so far: my first two imaging/promo jobs: one for a New York (Westchester County) radio station and the other a Connecticut TV local. I also traveled to Boston to voice the biography of Mary Baker Eddy orientation film for the Hall of Ideas, and from my home studio produced several narrations for IT firms e-Learning, a bunch of telephone on-hold messages, couple of TV ads for local cable and a spot for Weight Watchers. And I continue my work as VO coach for Edge Studios in NY and CT. Hope you have a great February! Randye

            Posted by:

              Hi Stephanie!

              Wow! Glad January is over! Yuk! Too cold and too much snow!
              'Twas a little slow for myself in the voiceover makings for January.
              However I have been very busy keeping my pipes up to snuf working for a local radio station in Woodstock since November - decided to move up the dial! It was a good move as well - Great shop!
              I keep busy informing the communities that surround with News, Weather, Sports and Traffic conditions.
              While I am not busy in the news world, I continue auditioning for jobs that come up on Voices.com and also perform occassional 60 sec voiceover spots for a video production company - with this company I have been doing spots for automotive sales, corporate business videos and Bed and Breakfasts!

              Here's to 2009!


              Blair Wilson

              Posted by:

                Hello Stephanie, Laurynda, David and the Voices.com world!
                December went out like a Lion and January out like a Jaguar..will
                February go out like a Ferrari? :)

                I'm humbled as my January dance card was over-flowing with projects. Many were quick turnaround radio and TV VO's, WEB and Internet stuff, Radio Imaging etc, even a late political ad for a mayoral race in Florida.

                Several unique projects came my way in January which I thoroughly enjoyed. These included 65 "a man walks into a bar" jokes for the Apple I-Phone and the opening presentation for the Gold Buckle Awards for Smith Pro Rodeo both as "Sam Elliott".

                I remain very grateful to you for Voices.com. It is indeed a superb, professional service for those of us with a career as a voice actor and those seeking superior talent!

                Best wishes!

                Posted by:

                  2008 ended with a whirlwind of voice over activity, carried through the holidays and is still going strong in 2009 I'm happy to report! The jobs have been varied: from e-learning and corporate narration to radio and tv commercials to phone messaging and IVR.

                  Many of the new clients I've been hearing from have found me via voices.com I have discovered, proof that work not only comes through winning auditions, but also directly from the site!

                  Here's hoping for continued success for us all through 2009 despite the tough economic times many other industries are facing!

                  Posted by:

                    December of 2008 was a better month for me.....as for the first 3 weeks of January I was sick...caught whatever flu bug was going around couldn't audition or do any VO work till the last week of January. I just finished some lines for an E-learning course and am currently working on a sci fi fiction fanasty Audio Book for Drollerie Press through Action Audio. I am being considered for 1 or more voice parts in a feature legnth animated film...so.... so far 2009 has been pretty good to me.
                    I keep up my practicing & am taking extra care of the voice in this cold weather...... I just sent off 3 auditions this past week so there are irons in the fire.

                    Posted by:
                    • Maggie
                    • February 1, 2009 10:54 AM

                      Dear Stephanie and Friends,
                      January has kept me very busy with my regular repeat clients ( mostly with multilingual phone messages), but I also had some exciting new projects: a video dubbing project for Lancôme Ageless Minerale powder into Canadian French and Latin American Spanish. The producers at Underground productions -- a fantastic husband and wife team Karen and Jack Sulzinsky --- and I had to meet a very tight deadline and we worked through the weekend and round the clock to meet it. I really enjoy the creativity and precision required by dubbing. And to make it feel and sound like the translation was the original even when working with challenging product names.
                      These last couple of weeks, I was also hired for the voice of an "abuelita" (a grandma) and a ladybug named Dottie for a new bilingual animated children's series called Minimites. It hopes to teach children good nutrition with both Spanish and English versions and the producers are presenting the pilot to PBS. My fellow actors are also perfectly bilingual and we tape in a Manhattan studio -- its the big time!
                      Third -- I hosted an Obama Bash on inauguration day ( we finally have a President who is cogent, empathetic, and forthright, Yeh!!!!) and two of the women who showed up at my house and we had never met each other turned out to be VO professionals!
                      One young woman who is Cuban -- like me -- wants to collaborate on a film project about the story of a Cuban family split for 50 years because of the revolution. I can't wait!!!
                      I love this business -- never a dull moment, and collaborating with such talented people!
                      February : Bring it on!
                      Good fortune to all!
                      Adela Bolet
                      The voice heard around the world

                      Posted by:

                        My goal in joining voices.com was to augment an ongoing, 5-days-a-week podcast gig that pays me a retainer with smaller projects at higher rates. January brought me the 3rd of what are to be 5 website demo narrations for Link Assistant in Belarus, and a video narration for the Inova healthcare system. I also landed my first audiobook, "Make Millions and Make Change," which I expect to record in February. I've also found a couple networking opportunities locally here in Utah. 2009 is looking better for me than 2008 - how many of our friends in other businesses can say that. Thank you, voices.com!

                        Posted by:

                          Hi Stephanie,

                          The end of 2008 and the start of the new year started out a little slow as is the usual case around the holidays. 2 weeks into the new year though and the voice over workload has exploded. I'm doing a lot of repeat business. Audiobooks, commercials and E-Learning narrations continue to be big for me. Also just picked up a new ad agency.

                          I love being busy - so it's hard for me to deal with any slowdown of work. But when work picks up again and my head is spinning from VO sessions - I always think 'next time I'll appreciate the slower week and consider it a break'.

                          -Jason McCoy

                          Posted by:

                            Alas, the work I thought was coming hasn't materialised and I am back at square one (again). The company I completed the e-learning module I completed back in October is not returning my calls or emails, and considering it took 7 weeks (and a third party) to get payment from him, I think I'll give him a miss. I've done a few auditions and I am looking through other avenues to get work, but it would be an understatement to say that things have been very slow.

                            However, I have all my own equipment now, so I can keep plugging away at it. Here's hoping I get something in February.

                            Posted by:

                              Hi Stephanie & Happy New Year!

                              My VO business has really begun to pick up. I landed two award ceremony voice overs, seven radio spots and one 21-minute voice over for a corporate technical video manual.

                              Michael J. Reagan

                              Posted by:

                                Hi Stephanie and the Voices.com team !

                                2009 has been extremely busy so far- I'm happy to say - a very wide variety of work , I just finished my second audiobook for a UK company, have landed an ongoing promo gig for a film channel on the Dish network, and all the imaging for a Global radio station overseas.In addition to this I have done a few movie trailers, and industrial presentations,including being the voice of the new Orafresh clinics media, and many short film narrations and animations, just about every single one in a different accent!

                                I am now the english language voice of the Dutch animation "Dirk-Jan" , based on the famous comic book of the same name, the voice of Miami Dade's government portal guide the "Portal Wizard" in Caribbean accent, East Indian voice for the Cedarcide company, lots of new spots for my British Butler character "Stephenson" at puppetgreetings.com, several Eastern European characters for short films, A Japanese Mob boss for a video game , a Canadian 70's style NFB narration for a new documentary , three different characters for a prominent stop-motion film in pre-production, the voices of the "Library Skulls" in the new Will Ferrell film "Land of the Lost " coming out in June.
                                My work for CNN continues, and I did the (English in foreign accent)voices of Russian Premier Putin, and several others for a recent documentary special.
                                This weekend I did the new national spots for Bio-oil for Canada, and the US National spots are coming up in the next little while too...
                                I was in the last 3 choices for the new voice of Acura for international, but lost out to a local vo artist in the city it was being cast out of ...next time hopefully!

                                I also did the voice of Pope Urban II for a documentary , and recording another one of my characters for the ongoing online animated series "Supastrikas" this week, as well as narrating a documentary on Cuba.

                                wishing everyone at voices.com continued success, and all the best for 2009!


                                Posted by:

                                  Hello Stephanie and voices.com

                                  I've had quite a busy Jan. The BBC Radio 4 Comedy series 'The Castle' I've been recording aired as did the Cadbury's Creme Egg TV commercial where I play the school teacher egg. His dialogue consists of the word 'Goo' said in various tones and shades! I also did some more 'L'Oreal' TV commercials. I'm the 'science' voice around Jane Fonda and Andie McDowell. I did a lot of promos as well for Discovery and Nat Geo and Sky and the Sci Fi Channel and quite a few narratives for various ad companies (which go into research) including Cuprinol Wood Preserver for McCanns and San Miguel Beer for Saatchis playing a Spanish Restaurant owner. And played an English actor about to win an Oscar for Star TV in Hong Kong which I recorded in my own studio in Shepherd's Bush in West London. I also voiced a small spoof commercial I've made. It'll be up soon on You Tube.
                                  Hope all is good

                                  Posted by:

                                    Hey Stephanie!

                                    I had a great January! Lots of work from agencies and other pay to play sites. I also booked an awesome job on voices.com....a Rinnai television voiceover. THANK YOU VOICES!!!

                                    Posted by:

                                      I did a lot of vo work a while back. Then I got involved in training for GM and had a good career. Most of the union work in Detroit is gone now. Are any of you folks union? I am. How can I utilize you folks to get my career going again?

                                      Posted by:
                                      • Charles W. McGraw
                                      • February 3, 2009 11:18 PM

                                        Wow! It's really great to read all these success stories!

                                        Here's hoping that when this time next year rolls round, I'll be able to add to this file. Right now, I'm still in audition, audition and more audition mode.

                                        Fingers crossed, working hard. We'll see!

                                        Thanks for sharing everyone.

                                        Dorothy Conway
                                        Chicago, IL

                                        Posted by:

                                          A Flash narrative for Genesys Financial; Radio spot for SolarCity (:30 dialogue with Ernest Kinsolving); Narration for a California Waterfowl Association P.R. DVD.

                                          Posted by:
                                          • David Boyll
                                          • February 5, 2009 9:39 AM

                                            It was a great year in 2008 - best ever! I am forever greatfull to God for all his blessings in my voice career.
                                            2009 is headed for more of the same - with recents projects - this week for the Dept of Defense, A huge television advertising campaign in Chicago for Eddie Z's Draperies and lots of automotive in Baltimore, DC, Chicago and outside of Atlanta!
                                            Just doing tons of staying in touch and sending out email marketing - it works! Oh, and just booked a project from Voices.com yesterday!
                                            Thanks for all that you and the staff do for us!

                                            Bob Worthington

                                            Posted by:

                                              Hi Stephanie and V.com Gang,

                                              While I always read these posts I am now happy to participate in this great community. December and January have been great vo months for me as I have booked projects for the Minnesota State Lottery, Gillette, Epson and Alpine Bank(through voices.com)! The auditions provided by you guys are great and keep pouring in so hopefully this streak can continue.

                                              Best of luck to all the great talents on here in '09!

                                              Posted by:

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