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Voicey Awards Finalists for 2009

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 14, 2009

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The Voicey finalists have now been announced!

Find out who they are now.

Best Female Voice Finalists

Wendy Brown
Teri Clark Linden
Amy Taylor
Vanessa Hart
Heather Halley

Best Male Voice Finalists

Dave DeAndrea
Michael Richard Dobson
James Herron
Eric Gusky
Bill Painter

Best New Voice Finalists

Michelle Ann Dunphy
James Clamp
Veronica March
Janice Downes
Matt Josdal

Best Foreign Voice Finalists

Roald Woods
Wuzhi Lu
Julie-Ann Dean
Janpa Serino
Claire Dodin

Best Child Voice Finalists

Grace Taylor
Travis Mustang

Best Teen Voice Finalist

Sophie Neveu

Best Voice Team Finalists

Robert Jadah and Diane Havens
Ken Theriot and Lisa Theriot

Best Personal Branding Finalists

Nickie Jurado
Julie Williams
Doug Turkel
Vicki Amorose
James Clamp

Lifetime Achievement Finalists

Don Morrow
Richard Horvitz
Bill Kates
Rita Pardue
Arroe Collins


I want to congratulate all of our finalists as well as thank everyone who nominated someone or was nominated this year.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our judges for their participation, including Paul Russell, Randy Thomas, Billy Serow, Gary Terzza, Melissa Disney, Bobbin Beam, Kathleen Herles and Mitch Joel.

Best wishes,


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    Congratulations are in order for all finalists. Great work, folks!

    Posted by:

      Congrats and good luck to all the finalists!

      Posted by:

        All of the women/girls voices are not very distinct, so typical. When are you going to get a distinctive original sounding voice that I'll remember? In other words, someone with a voice like mine!

        Posted by:
        • Priss
        • March 15, 2009 12:34 PM

          Congratulations to everyone nominated! I have to admit, I'm a little biased toward Ken Theriot and Lisa Theriot in the Voice Team category. They did a fantastic job on a project I produced this last year for one of our clients, and it makes me feel great to see them acknowledged!

          Posted by:

            Hi Priss,

            Thank you for your comment. I was privy to all of the nomination data and did not see an entry with your name on it. If you're hoping to see more diversity and voice types similar to your own nominated for consideration, the option is (during the nomination period) available to you to self-nominate or be nominated for the category(ies) that you feel you best qualify for. Please keep this information in mind for next year should this interest you.

            Best wishes,


            Posted by:

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