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Hidden Features: Add a client list and testimonials to your profile

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 14, 2009

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Trustworthy young manDo you have any client testimonials on your website?

If you've ever been hired because someone read about how you served one of your clients, you know the value of adding testimonials and the instant credibility they can instill for prospective customers.

Were you nodding your head in agreement (or at least agreeing) with what I just said? If so, I have some great news for you!


Part of your profile at Voices.com was created to feature success stories, or testimonials, from clients you've worked with in the past. This part of your profile is aptly called "Feedback".

When people visit your Voices.com profile, they can toggle between your main profile page, your demos, your store, and feedback.

Difference Between Feedback Ratings and References

At Voices.com, you can receive feedback ratings from clients you've done business with using SurePay, AND you can also add references and testimonials that share experiences you've had with your own clients outside of Voices.com.

This is particularly useful for those of you who have been hired by a client on Voices.com but then decided to conduct business off the site, which leads me to...

Why can't all clients give me a Feedback Rating?

Many people ask us how they can receive feedback ratings from clients who hired them at Voices.com but did not use SurePay. They did, in fact, get the job at Voices.com and the client is happy to confirm, so shouldn't that count?

While it is great news that some members get work that they attribute to a relationship established at Voices.com, we can't track and verify the entire process and transaction if they chose to do business outside of our SurePay payment service. For these reasons, only transactions that we can verify through SurePay are included in the Feedback Ratings.

Include Testimonials to Build Even More Trust

Considering that you likely have testimonials from clients (or could attain them), including these success stories in your Feedback section of your profile is not only encouraged, it's strongly recommended. After all, the most important element of doing business online is trust.

You can add references (testimonials) and a brief client list here:



I took a look around the site to find a few great examples that you could model your Feedback page after.

All of these professionals have included testimonials, references and a list of clients they have done work for in the past:

Bob Souer
Randye Kaye
Mike Cooper

Looks really great, doesn't it?

As I said earlier, this is a particularly good feature for those of you who haven't been paid using SurePay. Even if you have, why not give people another reason (or many) to hire you by taking a few minutes to quickly update your profile?

To add some testimonials to your Feedback page, click here:

Add references, testimonials and my client list now

I'd love to see your completed Feedback pages! Comment to let me know and include the URL.

Best wishes,



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    I'm glad I saw this VD. The feedbacks given as examples were super!

    I didn't have any information in my Feedback section. Thanks to you, that situation has now been rectified! Per your suggestion, I included the feedback page URL w/ my comment.

    If we all follow this advice, I think we will be very busy indeed. The only way is up! Good luck to all the 'v.com members'!


    Posted by:


      As usual, wonderfully done and well timed! This article reminded me that it's been a while since I've updated that page.

      ...now if I could just get clients to read that page... :-)


      Posted by:

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