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Hidden Features: Selling Products in the Store


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 8, 2009

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How to sell your products at Voices.comThe Voices.com Store is an exciting feature that gives members of Voices.com the opportunity to be hired straight off product samples instead of cutting custom demos.

I had the opportunity to learn more about how voice talent are using their stores and thought you'd be interested in what's going on!

Hear about some experiences had by voice talent who have sold products in their Voices.com Stores and discover how easy it is to create and list your own products.

Success May Be in "Store" For You!

Yesterday I took a few minutes to follow up with some voice talent who had sold products in the Voices.com Store and asked them about their experiences.

Melanie Wood, James Herron and Melanie Haynes were quick to respond and shared their experiences with clients and the process.

Selling My Product on Voices.com was Quick and Easy

Selling my product on Voices.com was very quick and easy. I received an email stating that my product had been sold (IVR & on hold message). When I went to my page the script was there waiting for me. Within a few hours the client had their completed product and the funds were released to me! :)

The Client was very happy and left great feedback!

Warm Regards
Melanie Wood

The One-Stop-Shopping Feature Was Good For Business

Smith Pro Rodeos contracted me through the Voices.com Store. They were looking for a "Sam Elliott" sounding Voice Over for a special "opening presentation: for a rodeo event to viewed on the 'jumbo-tron". Smith Pro Rodeos, is the preeminent professional rodeo producer and in reviewing my "Sam Elliott" demo in the store of Voices.com I was selected for the project.

I voiced the exciting opening event film presentation for the Super Bowl of rodeos The Gold Buckle Award. The client was very cordial and professional and sincerely believe the ease of the Voices.com one stop shopping feature for this client (who does not have a regular need for VO talent) made it a particularly easy business experience.

Thank you,
James Herron

Saves Both Client and Talent a Great Deal of Time

Being hired and paid via SurePay from my Store on voices.com is one of the easiest and most streamlined ways to do business! It saves both the client and talent a great deal of time.

Melanie Haynes

How Can You Stock Your Shelves at Voices.com?

1. Log in to your Voices.com account
2. Select "Products" within your Profile tab
3. Click on the green button to "+ Add Product"

When Creating Products, Be Sure to Include the Following:

๏ Product Title:
A 1-line field for the title or name of the product.

๏ Product Tags:
Select keywords (adjectives) used to describe the product.

๏ Product Language:
The language that the recording will be done in.

๏ Product Category:
Radio, television, business and so on.

๏ Product Demo:
A sample MP3 file used to help demonstrate what will be delivered following purchase.

๏ Product Description:
A large text area used to describe the product, service description, deliverables and other technical or relevant information.

๏ Product Price:
USD price of the product sold.

You can view a good example of a product description in your account while creating your products if you'd like some guidance.

For more information and ideas, read this article I wrote earlier about how to create a product and make use of your Voices.com Store.

Have You Created a Product Yet?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    I'm sorry Stephanie, but I'm still not clear on what a product is. Is it a generic spot? A donut? I produce podcasts. Would that be a product? How about some examples so i can get a grip on this concept? Much appreciated!

    Posted by:

      Hi Cal,

      Thank you for your comment and question!

      A product is literally any voice over service you provide, such as recording a commercial (local, regional, national - those would all be different products at different price points / durations) or say you record short stories up to 1000 words or something of the like and have a price for doing that.

      You could have a radio imaging package that is sold as a product.

      Does that help?



      Posted by:


        I just joined Voices.com. After reading the above, I am still not clear on the difference between a demo and a product.

        Is there some place on the Voices.com website where I can see examples of products?


        Posted by:
        • Joel
        • October 6, 2009 11:11 AM

          I'm new to voices.com as well, and still finding my way around. Click this link to visit the store: http://www.voices.com/store/

          Posted by:

            If we were to use some commercials we have done in the past in radio, wouldn't we need permission to use that as a product? Also, I am writing a series of stories, sci-fi spoof, some of which I have produced but not yet released. Would it qualify to use segments to show my talent?

            Posted by:
            • John Ihrig
            • December 12, 2010 9:43 AM

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