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Travis Mustang Helping to Lead New Generation of Voice Talent


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 17, 2009

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Travis MustangDespite being only 11 years old, Travis Mustang, son of voice over talent Connie Mustang, has demonstrated a number of leadership qualities and a voice full of heart.

Already a member of Voices.com, Voice Over Universe, and the online group Teen Talk V.O. Style, Travis is well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a career voice over talent.

Hear about how one boy is making a big difference in shaping the future of the voice over community.

Travis' Story

I first heard about Travis Mustang and his story through a nomination and his being a finalist in the category of Best Child Voice this year for the 3rd Annual Voicey Awards. I was floored by what I read and I wanted to share what an inspiring person he is and how Travis has embraced more than just the role of performer, but also that of a business man and an industry ambassador, already having tackled stand-up comedy by age 8 and ADR by the age of 9.

In his business, Travis does things that every adult should do to strive towards making their business a success. He practices his craft, takes college courses (reportedly the youngest student they ever had), and professional courses in theatrical arts, singing, and voice over in order to make himself an asset to the Voice Over Community. He has studied privately with M.J. Lallo and is now a member of her voice talent roster.

If that wasn't enough, Travis attends industry conferences, seminars, comes prepared to mixers bringing his own business cards, and has even given a pro-bono talk to a business class of college students at Mount San Antonio College on how to get into the Voice Over business.

Travis' mother, Connie, relates that her son volunteers his time to direct her voice over sessions, reading along, sometimes narrating textbooks that are high school level or higher. His direction helps to ensure that the recordings are perfect before presenting them to Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic's Hollywood office.

Connie Mustang, shares, "This is Travis' business, and it is pleasing to see him take such an active role in running it. He is truly passionate about being a voice artist and plans to make this a life-long career."

By now, you're probably wondering how Travis does it all, and by most accounts, I'd wonder too, but I think what we're looking at here is the exception to the rule, and people who fall into that category are rare and worth watching.

In addition to his voice over career aspirations, contributions to the community and other activities, Travis is also sensitive to the well being of those around him and the challenges people face in their lives.

In this difficult economy, while most boys are out spending their parents' money on expensive wants, Travis is helping his out by providing a means to pay for his own boyish desires while saving for his college education. He also has a heart for people and has volunteered for many projects, including assisting a single mom who was struggling to make ends meet for her and her son.

His mother confided, "Travis has a giving nature and never expects anything in return. He has the same passion with his voice work, although he does get paid, I think the true joy for him is bringing happiness to others through his work."

Do you have a story to share?

If you'd like respond to what you just read or share your own story about a young voice talent in your life, be sure to comment :)

Best wishes,


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    Thank you so much Stephanie for making me sound so good. I feel like Superman! Except I don't have to parade around in underwear. I enjoy being a voice artist, it allows me to help others, while doing something I enjoy.

    Posted by:

      What an inspiring story! Way to go Travis!


      Posted by:

        Travie Mustang I can't believe your famous its Jake from Barnfart. I remember you saying you were going to make it in voice overs... way to go Travis MUSTANG!!

        Posted by:
        • Jake Metzger
        • April 17, 2009 3:50 PM

          Nice story...

          Hard Work + Talent + Training + Support = winning combo...

          Go Travis!

          Posted by:

            What a terrific human interest story! Thanks, Stephanie.

            Posted by:
            • Linda Ristig
            • April 18, 2009 4:26 PM

              He is inspiring! :)

              Posted by:
              • Norm Hayden
              • April 18, 2009 4:27 PM

                Wow, good for him! And at 11! Like Norm said inspiring!

                Posted by:
                • Philip McCabe
                • April 18, 2009 4:27 PM

                  Such a phenomenal inspiration!

                  Posted by:
                  • Seth Adam Sher
                  • April 18, 2009 4:28 PM

                    I am beside myself. Way to go Travis. You are not only an inspiration to kids your own age but to us 50 something kids as well.

                    Posted by:
                    • Daniel Wallace
                    • April 18, 2009 4:29 PM

                      I have started quite a few young people in voiceovers over my years of teaching. Some are with Disney in LA or Florida. Others are all over the U.S. I try to give two voiceover seminars each year just for youngsters. Here in Dallas.

                      Posted by:

                        Thank you Seth and Daniel, he inspires me also. And Bettye, you are awesome! I saw you at the VOICE conference. If we are ever in Dallas, I will make sure we look you up.

                        Posted by:

                          Thanks Jake! When will you be in town so we can hang out? Say hi to Ally, your mom and your dad for me. I miss you guys.

                          To all the other people who commented, thank you for the praise. It is you who inspire me. I love voice over people, they are always friendly, and willing to help, even if you're just a kid.

                          Posted by:

                            I concur with my son, the Voice Over community is one of the greatest perks to being a voice artist. Thank you all for being such great role models for the rest of us. Thanks again Stephanie!

                            Connie Mustang

                            Posted by:

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