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Voice For Hire Book Signing and Workshop


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 25, 2009

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Randy Thomas and Peter RofeRandy Thomas and Peter Rofe, co-authors of "Voice For Hire", are having a book signing and workshop hosted by the Washington, DC-Baltimore AFTRA/SAG Conservatory on Saturday, June 13th 2009.

Learn some interesting things, be directed by top talent and get your own complimentary autographed copy of Voice For Hire.

Opportunity to Train With Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé

Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé will discuss voice over technique, microphone technique, terminology, script breakdown, and marketing strategies. Each student will be worked with individually to explore the rhythms and pacing of commercial copy, resulting in a real, intuitive "read".

Specifically, learn how to get to the next level as you explore:

♣ Marketing savvy, and how the secrets of branding can help set you apart and attract big paychecks.
♣ New ways to land big-time gigs.
♣ Strategies to grow your voiceover work to a sustainable income
(and give up your day job).
♣ The art of attracting agents in this increasingly competitive business.
♣ The current state of the voiceover industry, where it's headed . . . and more.

Discover how to:

♣ Enhance your copy interpretation skills.
♣ Understand the secret to booking more auditions.
♣ Learn how to be seen as a top-notch talent with a bankable range of reads.
♣ Build a bigger client base with the home studio of your dreams.

To attend this event, you must be a member of AFTRA and/or SAG in good standing and must register and pay for this seminar in advance. The cost is just $50.00 (prepaid), and your registration fee includes the seminar and an autographed copy of their new book, Voice for Hire: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voiceovers.


Topic: "How to Become Successful in the Voiceover Industry"
Who: Randy Thomas and Peter Rofé
When: Saturday June 13, 2009 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (one night only)
Where: St. John's Episcopal Church, 6701 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland

To make your reservation and receive your PayPal payment instructions, please contact Carolyn Bell at Carolyn@carolynbell.com or (703) 914-2769. 

Have you read Voice For Hire?

Comment if you have found Randy and Peter's book to be of use or inspiration to you!

Best wishes,


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    Have already had the pleasure of reading Randy & Peter's book last fall. It's easy-to-read, full of interesting topics and wonderful insights into many successful VO artists. Another must-have book to add to your collection.

    Thanks for signing mine too Randy.

    "Break a Lip!"


    Posted by:

      That was an awesome book!! I wish they'd come to Seattle.

      Posted by:
      • Stephen Stoutenburg
      • May 26, 2009 10:29 AM

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