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Audiobook and Author Tea Coverage from BookExpo America 2009


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 9, 2009

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Woman leaning on a book with cup of teaOne of the most influential women in the audiobook industry, Robin Whitten, founder and editor of AudioFile Magazine, moderated a panel discussion at BookExpo America called, "The Heard Word: BEA's Audiobook & Author Tea", hosted by the Audio Publishers Association.

Hear some wisdom and sentiments from television personality Kathie Lee Gifford, author Lisa Scottoline and narrator Katherine Kellgren.

Top Anecdotes and Observances from the Panel:

Kathie Lee Gifford: "When someone recognizes me for my voice without even seeing me, I know they have spent time with me." Kathie Lee went on to say, paraphrased, that is is such a privilege to be in her readers' and listeners' company, and to be part of their lives. Being real is also very important. During a session, Kathie Lee's voice broke when talking about her father (who has passed away), and after several takes, decided to leave that raw emotion in to stay true to what her audience would expect of her.

Lisa Scottoline: "Words are the soundtrack of our lives. Your life is defined by the meaningful moments in your life with words spoken such as 'I love you', 'Will you marry me?', 'I do', 'It's a boy!', 'You got the job', and even things that are painful to hear, such as 'It's terminal', or 'It's time to say good-bye.'"

Katherine Kellgren: Paraphrased: "Researching (the script, time period, characters, dialects, etc.) is very important. Sometimes you get requests or encounter material that may be unfamiliar to you, like being asked to laugh like a snorting camel and all the direction you get is, 'Oh, ha ha!' After searching all over the Internet for what was needed, looking for relevant Pachyderm noises, I came across a website where there were a number of recordings of this obscure sound for purchase that I could study, incorporating my interpretation of the sound into the read."

To learn more about each of the panelists, check out the links below:

๏ Kathie Lee Gifford, author of Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg (Random House Audio)
๏ Lisa Scottoline, author of Look Again (Macmillan Audio)
๏ Katherine Kellgren, narrator of the Odyssey Honor and Audie Award-winning audiobook Curse of the Blue Tattoo (Listen & Live Audio)

Do You Have Any Narration Tips or Anecdotes to Share?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Hi Stephanie,

    I just came across your post and thought your readers might be interested in listening to a podcast I produced from this event: http://bookexpocast.com/2009/06/04/2009-heard-word/


    Posted by:
    • Jeremy
    • August 25, 2009 11:32 AM

      Hi Jeremy,

      How exciting! Thank you for letting me know about your podcast of this event and also for sharing it with our audience.

      Perhaps we'll see you next year at BEA's Audiobook and Author Tea?

      Best wishes,

      Stephanie Ciccarelli
      Co-founder of Voices.com

      Posted by:

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