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Can Social Networking Get You Voice Over Jobs?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 24, 2009

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Terry DanielHave you been taking advantage of all some free social networking tools to promote your business and make new connections with prospective customers?

In his debut podcast on Voice Over Experts, Terry Daniel shares insight particular to Twitter and Facebook, detailing how you can generate untold revenue through some good old fashioned networking.

Having gained 15 clients through his social networking efforts this year alone, and as he says, 15 customers he wouldn't have had otherwise, I can assure you that Terry's advice is more than worth listening to, indeed so much that I've decided to share his podcast episode with you in today's VOX Daily.

Getting Voice Over Work Through Social Networking

As mentioned earlier, I'd like to share Terry Daniel's lesson "Getting Voice Over Work Through Social Networking". You'll learn how services like Twitter and Facebook help to extend your brand and connect you with prospective clients. Terry points out that it's not just for teenagers anymore, advocating that social networking is very important for business... and the best part of all, it's free!

I hope you enjoy this podcast and drink in the numerous tips on how you can promote your voice to find voice over work while providing valuable insight and being authentic.

Download Podcast Episode 91 »

To learn more about Terry Daniel, follow these links:

Terry Daniel's Voices.com Website
Terry Daniel on Voice Over Experts

You can subscribe to Voice Over Experts for free and get caught up on all 91 episodes (to date) this summer. Each week a new one is released, so if you found Terry's podcast to be valuable, you'll thoroughly enjoy the series.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

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    Hey Terry - long time since chatting with you on Facebook today - ;-)

    Great stuff about Twitter. Time to work that one a bit more I think! I just converted some static web pages for my voice acting class at City College into a WordPress Blog that has a Category for my personal voiceover musings and will try to keep that interesting according to your expert advice.


    And I too can chaulk up my presence (and more importantly, my contributions) on Facebook and LinkedIn to some great new clients.

    Posted by:

      Well, here's a little story fer ya. I happened to log on to FB one day and noticed that a local Casting Agent had a post stating she was looking for a Spanish speaking female for a VO gig. I posted a message back stating that she should talk with Erika Garcia whom I know via her husband Luis Garcia since he and I used to work at a studio together during VO workshops. Also, I send a message to Erika letting her know about the gig. Well, the two linked up and Erika auditioned for the gig and got it. It turned out it was for the California State Lottery which gives her state wide exposure. To make a short story longer, I have to say that Social Network can lead to a VO gig in the right circumstances. It did for Erika.

      Posted by:
      • Jon Morss
      • June 25, 2009 11:16 AM

        I think at the very least it can make you some contacts. I have had conversations on Facebook with people that I would have never thought I would have had contact with. No jobs yet from it... but if anyone's offering... you know where to find me :)

        Posted by:

          Terry I couldn't agree with you more! Well done my friend! Well done!

          Posted by:

            Top podcast!

            Posted by:

              GREAT ADVICE! THANX!!

              Posted by:

                Great information... and good job.
                Talk about getting exposure online while talking about getting exposure online, neat!

                Posted by:

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