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Selling Homes Online with Voice Over Narration in Virtual Tours


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 26, 2009

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Real Estate for sale onlineHow can a remote destination shown through a virtual tour evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and desire?

Whenever you list something for sale on the Internet, you have to humanize the experience for potential buyers to make what you are selling seem more accessible, meaningful and attractive.

Find out how voice over can add that lovin' feeling and also how voice talent can make selling homes online even easier.

Could Your Voice Move Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars?

The bigger the purchase, the more personable and authentic the sales approach needs to be.

How do you do that online?

Using voice over when showing a property online, for example, adds another dimension to how a prospective buyer identifies with what could be their future home.

Some real estate agencies are already doing this as well as builders. I wouldn't be surprised if there are enterprising homeowners who are selling their home privately and have added voice over narration to their promotional site.

What a great opportunity for you!

Voice talent Ari Ross is a great example of someone who has come to discover how interesting and lucrative this market can be, securing his place in the real estate voice over niche for some time now. Ari has found a way to present his services to real estate brokers and brokerages, catering to their individual needs with custom voice over recordings to help sell properties online.

Real Estate is a universal market. At some point, or at multiple times in our lives, we all will need to move house and find a way to attract potential buyers. Either we will do this for ourselves or enlist the services of other people to help us.

This is where voice over comes in.

What Do Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Home Sellers Need Recorded?

Primarily, you'll find that voice over is needed for:

๏ Virtual tours
๏ Website listings
๏ Sales presentations
๏ Broadcast commercials

Consider how you might be able to grow your business to include these kinds of service offerings to people who promote or sell real estate. You may find that voice over is also needed for similar reasons by builders, interior decorators, and staging companies.

Have You Done Any Voice Over Work for Real Estate?

Looking forward to your reply,


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    I hadn't thought of this area for VO work. Will definitely have to look into it because I know several real estate agents. Good article Stephanie!

    Posted by:
    • Ron Pillow
    • June 26, 2009 2:51 PM

      Sweet! I got my start with this sort of stuff. Internal promos shown to prospective retail tenants. Good suggestion!

      Posted by:
      • Kyle Munley
      • June 26, 2009 2:52 PM

        Early last year, I voiced a project for a real estate company in Beverly Hills. The property used to be owned by Howard Hughes. The link is:


        Once there, please click on:
        - Movie: Property History

        Posted by:

          I am the narrator for several real estate agents and a service that does the editing. I do about 15 real estate narrations per week. Voice talent need to be prepared to deal with the thriftiest people on the planet - Real Estate agents. You're not going to get top dollar for this kind of work, at least not regularly.

          Posted by:

            Hey Stephanie!

            Great Post! I can understand why voice talent would not 'naturally' think of this market as one that would need voiceover, but being the husband of a real estate agent, I can say that - YES - there are several opportunities from tours, commercials, presentations, phone messaging etc...

            Posted by:

              I've done TONS of these. THey tend to be on lower end of budget range, though. However, a lot of them are voiced by non professionals...so it's a good opportunity to sell yourself and raise the quality of the tutorials. The better quality they are, the fewer people who will not hire professionals to voice them, because we'll raise the standard.

              Posted by:
              • Julie Williams
              • June 27, 2009 11:24 AM


                I read your article about moving real estate with your voice. I've been doing this for many years. In fact, more than 15 years or so. As part of my voiceover experience.

                I used to co-host a weekly real estate program which aired on cable television via CORUS entertainment called: For Sale by Owner in Canada. It involved doing a simple voiceover giving the viewer/listener a brief tour of the home for sale. For the most part, the use of stills. It was one avenue used by local real estate brokers.

                Currently, there is a network devoted entirely to this market, called the Real Estate Television (RETV) Network in Canada. I have voiced many segments on the channel as well. But, for the most part, continue to record the interstitials and promos as an imaging voice. RETV, uses several voices - male and female to enhance their product - HOMES and Cottages! It is quite successful.

                I also narrate a weekly television program hosted by Comedian Mike Bullard, called: HOUSECAPADES, which airs on the Fox Network every Sunday. The program gives you an extensive video tour of each home for sale. It allows you "inside" the home, so you can decide for yourself whether it's a home you'd like to bid on. But, Housecapades also promises to buy your home from you, it they are not able to sell it. This program infuses some of Bullard's wit, and educates you about the individual communities in which the houses are for sale - giving you history about the area.

                Those are some of my experiences in which I've lent my voice to sell homes. There's a lot of opportunity out there, and it's a lot of fun!

                Thanks for asking!

                Posted by:

                  I feel so old! Back in the 80's I was doing voiceover work for real estate groups trying to sell new housing developments with tricked out model homes. They would hear me tout the fine features of each room as they wandered through. It was a long term job - where it wasn't unusual for me to be called in to redo one paragraph many years later. This was in a recording studio with a director/client and an engineer - well before home studios.

                  Posted by:

                    Just curious. In California, USA (SF Bay Area) do you know what voice over professionals are charging for their services to realtors?

                    Posted by:
                    • Jane Parrish
                    • June 27, 2009 8:52 PM

                      Hi stephanie,
                      My name is Nicole Candian and I have been a voice artist for over 30 years..
                      I have my own studio and do alot of Real Estate Narration.
                      I specialise in Australian, American and British accent.

                      Posted by:

                        I have a regular client that I voice Radio and TV Commercials as well as PSAs for their various Home Builders. It's been a pretty consistent gig where I get new spots to read quite often. The coolest thing is that they pay promptly which is a huge plus in my book.

                        Posted by:

                          Although, as julie stated, the pay can be on the low end, this can be a reliable and steady stream of work. Some cable companies have a marketplace or real estate channel. One of my first freelance gigs was voicing the listings on one of these channels for a particular Realtor. I haven't done those in years, but this article has definitely got the brain gears turning about contacting some agencies directly for their web material. Thanks for the post!

                          Posted by:

                            Sounds like a great idea. I'm an actor just ordered my 1st mic for VO. I am a Real Estate assoc Broker. So I will give this a go and let you know how it's working out. At minimum I can get some experience.
                            Thanx 4 the post

                            Posted by:
                            • Miles
                            • July 6, 2009 9:09 PM

                              Just completed VO for an Agent in Georgia, plus we have a slide show business, so we produced the slide show and did the VO as well. I loved creating this and the Agent and Seller LOVED it!

                              Thanks for your blog post.


                              Posted by:

                                They say that whatever happens in the US, in terms of marketing, comes to the UK shortly thereafter. This being the case, Voice Overs for our 360 virtual tours may well be the way to go. We will have to look out for suitable voices for our clients.

                                Posted by:

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