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Auditioning On The Go is Easy With Voices.com


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 22, 2009

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Julie Williams auditioning on the goDo you ever find yourself auditioning from a hotel room, at a relative's or when you're on the go?

Julie Williams, pictured here, sent me an interesting email about her experience using the Voices.com website while on the road and away from her recording studio.

Find out more about her experience today on VOX Daily.

Julie's Voices.com Auditioning Story

Hi Stephanie,

It's SO EASY to audition on the go with Voices.com!

I was in Seattle getting ready to ride my bike from Seattle to Portland, Friday 7/10 and before going to meet my team, I voiced some auditions from Voices.com with my Blue Snowball, into Adobe Audition. On this particular trip I didn't bring the Harlan Hogan Porta Booth because I only brought a carry on bag. But I normally use that, too. It's so easy to audition on the go with Voices.com!

Julie Williams
Voice-Over Chocolate

What Have Your "On The Go" Auditioning Experiences Been Like?

Looking forward to hearing your story!

Best wishes,


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    I built a little "go-booth" a-la Harlan's. Sometimes I'll use it, and always take my usb (Samson C01U) whenever I go for short trips. It's very convenient. When on longer trips, I'll take my regular Neumann mic, M-Box and set up shop in the biggest closet, and first fill it with clothes or hang blankets around me. One must always be ready!

    Posted by:

      My MBox, 416 & MacBook Pro (which mirrors my G5 in terms of mission critical software like Pro Tools/plug-ins, FTP client, Zip program etc.). I do this because, let's say I have to do a pick up, tag or a whole new broadcast quality spot, since my MacBook is mirrored and all the plug-ins etc are identical, I can offer the same sounding audio no matter what. The 416 is great because it doesn't draw in all the extra room noises! 416 has small case, MBox is small and I always take my laptop anyway. That's my story. Oh, I agree with Bobbin, I drag the comforter off the bed and hang it in the nearest closet. The ironing board in hotel rooms works good for placing your laptop etc because it's padded!!

      Posted by:

        Nothing special as far as equipment. Senn 416, MicPort Pro and a laptop. When I am traveling and staying in a hotel...I like to do everything at the same time (if possible) in the backseat of a car....one of the best places to record in my opinion. Nothing special other than perhaps the MicPort Pro...however...I have been using that AT HOME too... I love it....the RACK has been getting some rest as I am loving the sound I get from the MicPort Pro. I know a few others that are using it exclusively as well.

        On the tech side, I use ProTools when I have my Mac.... and Adobe audition if I have my PC laptop.

        Mike Elmore

        Posted by:

          Much like Mike - fast & easy - AT4050, micport pro & laptop w/AA 1.5- the micport pro is AWESOME. I bought one as soon as I read Frank Fredrick's review. In a hotel I usually "pleat" a blanket on the wall in front of me and, of course, turn the AC off.

          Oh yeah - my audio machine took a lightning hit a few weeks ago & i used the micport pro & laptop exclusively in my studio for a good while - no complaints from anybody.


          Posted by:
          • Todd Ellis
          • July 23, 2009 10:34 AM

            Same thing happened to me, my iMac is fried and recording equipment! I was so close to finally completing my home studio. Back to square 1. Note to all: buy the most expensive, well made surge protector you can get.

            Posted by:
            • Lois Noble
            • July 23, 2009 10:54 AM

              Pretty much the same here.

              Senn 416, MicPortPro, laptop and a Harlan Hogan's Porta-Both... Great setup that works even @ home!

              Posted by:

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