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Why Voice Overs Are Necessary at Theme Parks

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 3, 2009

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boy-riding-on-carousel.jpgVoice overs may be good fun, didactic, and so on for those visiting a theme or amusement park, but have you ever considered what the benefits are to the park owners?

There are are number of practical reasons why voice overs are used in addition to entertaining, educating and protecting people who visit the park.

If you're a theme park owner or operate rides at an amusement park, I'm sure this article will resonate with you!

Today, we'll take a closer look at why voice overs are useful, if not entirely necessary, at parks meant to amuse the public.


One of the greatest (and practical) benefits of having voice overs on rides is that once the voice over has been recorded, it is at the ready and doesn't need to be updated unless something at the park, or that specific ride, changes.

The voice that is heard from start to finish is the same and results in a uniform experience for those operating the rides and for the riders who frequent them.


The convenience a voice over provides is immeasurable because not only is its performance consistent, the park doesn't need to rely on a staff member to make those announcements before, during, or after each ride. The staff can focus on keeping people safe and providing the service they are meant to deliver on, trusting the voice over to do its job, whether it is to entertain, teach, or instruct.

Imagine how tired someone's voice would be having to provide live announce all day, and at an uncomfortable vocal level, attempting to be heard over music, boisterous screaming, and the general ambiance of a park! Even when amplified, it would be rather difficult to maintain the same level of enthusiasm let alone ensure that the voice was in optimum health and could sustain the demands placed upon its performance. Another ready benefit is that if you aren't relying on live sound, less technical complications related to audio may occur.


From a corporate point of view, a voice over represents the brand, so it is wise that the right voice for the job is selected to both do its duty as well as embody the essence of the park or company it represents.

Business sensibilities and branding aside, voice over has become commonplace and people are accustomed to hearing voice overs in public places so it is no surprise that they would be employed in parks.

When you are waiting in line, boarding, experiencing, or getting off of a ride the expectation is that a voice over will accompany some, if not all, of those stages.

The voice over provides a perfect symmetry that brings an experience full circle.

When you greet someone, do you not say hello, and then when it is time to part, do you not say goodbye? Similarly, parks want to give their patrons a personal encounter while riding at and visiting their attractions.

The voice over should serve as an ambassador, purposefully extending graciousness of spirit and connecting the company on a deeper level with their customers.

Have You Served as a Voice at a Theme Park or Attraction?

Leave a comment and let me know how much of what I've said rang true for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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