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Just About Everything You Ever Wanted To Know at Voices.com


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 29, 2009

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Two women working at a computerWhen you have a question about using Voices.com, auditioning, business tips for voice talent, or technology, where do you go first?

If you are new to Voices.com or perhaps haven't visited our Help section before, you'd be surprised just how much is available to you in terms of assistance, strategy, and valuable insight!

Using the Voices.com Help section is almost like having one of our customer care representatives with you whenever you need us... even during the wee hours of the morning!

In today's VOX Daily, I'll be introducing you to the many wonderful resources that are literally a click away from this very article, here at Voices.com.

Help is Closer Than You Think!

If there's one thing we love to do, it's helping people. Whether it's connecting you with people to work with or connecting you with information, we're here to ensure you have the proper tools to achieve your goals.

When you visit our Help section, you'll see a list of topics that you can choose from relative to what you are seeking.

You can find:

• Frequently Asked Questions where you can tap into our knowledge base and find a quick answer.
• Browse over +2500 articles organized by subject.
• Download the Official Voices.com User Guide and gain access to tip sheets and tutorials.
• A plethora of information about Getting Started in Voice Overs... a complete guide to getting started in the industry!
• A Self Assessment Tool. Take our survey to see if you've got what it takes to be a pro.
• Voice Over Rates where you can view a voice over rate sheet, organized by category.
Music and Sound Effects! Download royalty-free music and sound effects from our library, all for free.

Many of these links connect you with other resources too, specifically our blogs, podcasts, and videos.

If you haven't visited any of these great (and absolutely free!) voice acting resources before, I strongly encourage you to check them out, especially the Voice Over Experts podcast.

As you may know, we recently celebrated our 100th episode, bringing you tips and tricks of the trade along with pearls of wisdom from top voice over instructors from all over the world.

I'd like to think that what we offer in terms of helpful guides, articles, podcasts and so on makes a difference in your business and in your life :)

You may already have been familiar with these resources, and that being the case, I'd love to learn more about how you are using them.

What Is Your Favorite Resource at Voices.com and Why?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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    Good Morning,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the wisdom it is great to have a site to go to for help. I find my self reading the e-mail's. They are a blessing to have and I just wanted to say Thank You.

    Khalile Thomas

    Posted by:
    • Khalile Thomas
    • September 30, 2009 8:57 AM

      Thank you for the reminder, Stephanie. I've made it my business in my conversations with other voice actors to tell them that the resources available at Voices.com are a MAJOR lynchpin in my career developement. Last night I was knee-deep in developing new demos with the help of the late Bernard Shaw from the recent podcast. Use what's in your hand already to it's greatest potential. Not only can you save money...but you can start and maintain a career!

      Posted by:

        Another helpful post, Stephanie. Thanks for the articles link. And I'll add that phone support is very friendly if you do require their assistance :)

        Posted by:

          The resources at voices.com are fabulous - we recommend them to all students at Voice One. The self-assessment tool should be mandatory for every person who is considering entering the business.

          Posted by:
          • Dave Menashe
          • October 1, 2009 11:36 PM

            I always recommend Voices.com's many resources to my students. I also always tell them to join.

            Posted by:

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