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Voice Over Experts Podcast Hits 100 Episodes!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 23, 2009

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Voice Over Experts podcoverJoin host Julie-Ann Dean as she celebrates the 100th episode of the podcast! To hear from fans of the show from around the world, hit "play" on the flash player below.

Be sure to add your comments and thoughts about Voice Over Experts to join in the fun. Thank you for listening and for staying subscribed. Here's to one hundred more!

Download Podcast Episode 100 »

Links From This Show:

Julie-Ann Dean
Don Kettle
Johnny George
Andy Boyns
JC Haze
Morgan Barnhart

Are you a fan of Voice Over Experts?

julie-ann-dean-2009.jpgI want to thank Julie-Ann Dean (pictured left) for being such a wonderful podcast host and for helping us to bring you the brightest and best of what the voice over world has to offer to you each week on the program.

Julie has been part of this podcast from the very beginning and it has been an absolute pleasure to share in this journey with her. Thanks to technology, we have been able to collaborate easily online, with Julie in England and Voices.com in Canada.

If you have anything you'd like to share with Julie specifically, please do leave her a comment.

Are you enjoying the podcast? How has Voice Over Experts become part of your life?

Be sure to leave a comment!

Best wishes,


Stephanie Ciccarelli
Voices.com Co-founder / CMO

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    Hey, Hey, Hey!!! Look's who's 100!

    Thanks so much Stephanie and staff for doing such an awesome job with the site. I always look forward to the podcast and it's one of the features of Voices.com that puts the service in a league of its own. Just one of the many ways Voices.com pays for itself not just in bookings but education.
    Keep 'em comin'!!

    Posted by:

      A sincere THANK YOU and congratulations on all the wonderful success of Voice Over Experts Podcast. This is a fantastic resource for new talent as well as long standing professionals. Keep them coming!

      Posted by:

        I can't possibly let this occasion pass without giving a huge "Thank You" to the many instructors involved who freely give of their time, talent, advice and encouragement. To the novice these podcasts are a godsend...you may not be able to get to Pat Fraley's next workshop or Nancy Wolfson's next teleseminar--but these and other wonderful voice actors are available whenever you need them...thanks to Voices. com. Do yourselves a favor--take full advantage of the great tools that are made available to you through these podcasts. You can only get better!

        Thanks again, Stephanie and Voices.com.

        Posted by:

          you guys seem great!! im trying to break into voiceover work !! This site seems like a great place to learn my craft!! thanks guys :)

          Posted by:

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