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Fall '09 Release: New Features at Voices.com


By David Ciccarelli

October 8, 2009

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Voices.com Fall '09 Release

What's been updated, improved upon, and added to make your experience at Voices.com even better?

Find out in our most recent release of the site!

Fall Feature Releases

We're excited to share some information about how we've been working harder to serve you better.

In fact, you may notice some improvements in this posting that you've been hoping to see implemented at Voices.com.

As always, we are open to and value your feedback. Check out these updates with our thanks!

Talent Changes

Text Changes in Talent Account

Instead of "Open" under jobs the tab has been renamed "Hiring" which is more in line with what the folder contains, simply put, jobs that are hiring talent.

Addition of Key Job Details Now Present on the Audition Submission Page

This includes key information such as the project title, language, age, union affiliation and budget.

Ratings in the Search Results

Ratings in the form of stars are now present in our search engine which presents a more appealing image. If you'd like to see what this looks like, visit https://www.voices.com/talents/search.

Language Order

The order of languages has been updated so that all dialects of English are at the top of the language list.

The order is now :

๏ English (North American)
๏ English (British)
๏ English (Irish)
๏ English (Scottish)
๏ English (South African)
๏ English (Australian)
๏ English (New Zealand)
๏ English ~ which represents all fluent speakers regardless of accent

Demo Details

Demo Details now showcase the language, age and category assigned to the demo by talent, for example, https://www.voices.com/demo_detail/40966.

Age Range Needs To Be Associated With All Demos


When you upload a demo, be sure to associate an age range with your demo or it will not be presented in a refined search query that includes AGE RANGE as a filter. To make sure that you are appearing in the search engine for queries that include Age Range, log in and edit your demos, adding the most appropriate Age Range to each one. Only one age can be associated with a given demo.

For Clients

Audition Response Counter

Clients now have a counter that shows the total new responses received in the last 24 hours. This is visible in the Activity box at the top of the My Account page.

More Specified Budgets

When clients are posting a job, from the budget drop down list "Other" has been renamed to "Specify" so that clients know they may specify a fixed budget amount.

Option to Invite More Talent

Clients now have the option to invite more talent from their Quote List, viewable here https://www.voices.com/jobs/request_quote.

Scenario: A Client has selected a few talent from search engine or Favorites and clicks "Request Quote." On the next screen they see a link that says "Invite More Talent," returning them to the search engine where they can select more talent and continue doing so until they have the desired amount of talent on their list.

Modifications to Job Responses

When a client clicks on a talent's name, they can expand or close a response. This is indicated by a plus or negative sign beside submitters name - example + LPasma or - L Pasma.

Have Any Feedback or Feature Requests?

Have something you'd like to add to the list?

We invite you to share your ideas and thoughts here:


Kind regards,

Laurynda Pasma
Product Development Manager, Voices.com

David Ciccarelli
CEO, Voices.com

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    Very nice - thank you!

    I also noticed that you added a "Title" field to the Templates - much easier...

    Thanks again,

    Posted by:

      ... one question:

      If the seeker looks for "English", does that match all of the English dialects you listed?

      The reason I ask is that I'd hate to not come up in a search because I have "English" selected, and the seeker looked for "English (North American)".

      Hope this makes sense...

      Posted by:

        To Joe - thank you for your comments. The Title function to the templates has been in place for sometime and is not really a recent feature.

        As for English. The generic English option is available for clients to use when seeking talent who speak English fluently but are not specifying a particular accent. Clients tend to use this when posting jobs, not necessarily when using the Search Engine.

        If a client wants to hear from the following types of talents - North American, British and Australian talent they may post their job under English to encompass everyone in one posting rather than having to post 3 separate jobs.

        If you speak English, regardless of accent, then you should have this selected as one of your Other languages in your profile and have at least one demo assigned to that language as well to improve your exposure as well as your audition opportunities.

        I hope that this helps to clarify the existence of the generic English option in jobs and our search engine.

        Posted by:
        • Laurynda Pasma - Product Manager
        • October 9, 2009 10:57 AM

          That's what I love about Voices.com. Always seeking to get better, always striving for excellence. Great example in the VO business world!

          Posted by:

            Thanks, Stephanie. My favorite is the addition of Job Details showing on the Audition Submission Page. It used to really aggravate me when I was typing up my proposal letter (or modifying a template) to forget something and have to back out and redo. I Love it! Thank you everyone who worked on it.

            Posted by:
            • Susan D Smart
            • October 9, 2009 12:15 PM

              Yes, I agree, Adding the details to the Audition page is the one thing that has streamlined my auditioning process. I used to have to copy my proposal, go back and check the details, and then paste it back into the proposal box...now..just scroll down and check. Excellent!!

              Posted by:
              • John McCann
              • October 12, 2009 6:11 PM

                Nice improvements to an already great system. Thanks!

                Posted by:
                • Dave
                • October 13, 2009 12:02 PM


                  Thanks for the 'mass' style email response newsletter and such, however it didn't do much to address my initial suggestion/question.

                  Is it possible to send out a friendly reminder to clients to update the SELECTED box once they've actually chosen talent?


                  Stone Amada
                  West Coast Vox
                  Vancouver BC, Canada

                  Posted by:

                    Hi Stone,

                    I'm glad you received the newsletter :)

                    I also received your email and have not yet had a chance to reply. My apologies.

                    To answer your question, clients who have not chosen a talent by their deadline are followed up with by members of our team to learn more about why they have not proceeded through SurePay. I've touched on this before and I think you'll find this article linked below quite helpful in explaining our process.


                    Best wishes,


                    Posted by:

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