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When Opportunity Knocks


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

October 27, 2009

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Woman holding the earthHave you received opportunities only to turn them down because you're not giving yourself enough credit?

Many people find it difficult to identify the value or beauty in within themselves that others can plainly see.

Opportunity can come knocking when you least expect it... opportunities also present themselves to you for a reason.

Are you seizing the day? If not, let this VOX Daily article convince you otherwise!

Are You Ready? Opportunity May Be Knocking!

I've run into a number of people over the years who fail to realize their own uniqueness.

When I am interested in a story or a tidbit pertaining to someone's career, I tend to ask them for an interview in order to learn more about that specific aspect of their life so that I may share their story with others and acknowledge their success.

On occasion, a person I've requested an interview with will decline the opportunity or downplay their achievement because they feel that:

๏ Their story isn't important enough
๏ Their achievement is small in comparison to the accomplishments of others
๏ Their career hasn't yet hit the perceived height deserving of media coverage

Some people, creative people in particular, can be so hard on themselves! Receiving compliments can be difficult for artists too, because by nature, we are our own worst critics.

Perhaps you or someone you know has even turned down job opportunities because they felt undeserving!


If there is anything you can take from what I'm sharing today, I hope it is this:

When opportunity comes knocking, answer it with a joyful heart! The person asking you values who you are, is interested in what you do, and wants to let others know about your achievements. If you doubt yourself or your talent, you may have lost your chance to touch countless others and receive recognition where recognition is due.

If a blogger, journalist, casting director, or a customer can see something special in you, let them shine light upon your talent.

Regardless of how insignificant you may think an achievement is, it is worth celebrating!

When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Answer?

I'd love to hear about your experiences! Has opportunity knocked at your door and how you did you respond to its invitation?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Dear Stephanie,

    I thought this was a wonderful article and very soulful. Its almost like reading my voice over horoscope. Ive been doing voices on microphone since I was 16 and would receive small compliments now and then. I would answer phones at counter jobs sounding like a machine or an old time radio commercial. Then I started to go to Universal Studios Hollywood on the weekends.

    A friend of mine had a older friend there who was doing the Tech Support for the electronic systems. Really nice guy. My friend always got front of the line tickets to the rides so we didn't have to wait. I’ve heard all those theme spiel queue -line recordings about not standing on the hand rails and boarding the boat, for years. So I started to mimic those voices with accuracy. I would receive compliments, "Hey you sound just like recording at that ride man! How did you make your voice sound like that?" Then I starting reading books and learning about the career money that could be made in Voice Over.

    "Hollywood's best kept secret they would say." All the commercials you see are different voice actors talking. Every piece of media you probably will "pay attention to" has a voice over actor behind it.

    You know every profession has the one goal. That once you reach there your on the top then you retire with a bang. Movies will never die only get more elaborate in time. I don't take any gig that comes across my plate. Pick your one niche VO style and go with that.Then you can..... Deliver extreme customer service, and guarantee a superb ear blasting product, and make some money.

    Best Regards,

    Brent Allen
    V.O. Actor and Fan of Voices.com

    Posted by:
    • Brent Allen
    • October 28, 2009 4:51 AM

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